START SMART by Pam Schiller $39.00

Building Brain Power in the Early Years

Start Smart offer simple, straightforward ways to boost brain power with active exploration, sensory exploration, laughter, music etc. All the chapters describe how and why the brain develops and explain how you can use the activities to give your children the best foundation for future learning.

Did you that emotions boost our memory? Or that small muscle exercises help the brain develop? The quality, quantity and consistency of stimulation will determine, to a large extent, the number of brain synapses, that are formed and how those connections will function. This is true for both cognitive and emotional development and the effect is lifelong. 140 pages; large size softcover; many illustrations and diagrams

by Theo Gimbel

Revised & Updated edition of this popular book by Theo Gimbel,
European Colour Therapy pioneer, researcher and expert. A complete and practical guide to colour therapy, its origins and applications. Includes numerous experiments and exercises. Large size format.


How To Read a Tissue Mineral Analysis DVD
(66 minutes)
This lecture logically details the analysis of TMA so that practitioners in Nutritional Medicine can understand the finer points of this science. It explains ratios; toxin effects, and has details of the many faces of Copper overload. A must for the library of any health practitioner.





by Eugene Kennedy & Sara Charles

The Basic Guide for Non-Professional Counsellors

An indispensable resource that sets forth the basic rules of sound, effective counselling in such areas as anxiety, neurosis, depression, obsession, marriage, death, suicide, drugs etc. This new and completely revised edition brings this already popular book up-to-date with the medical and psychological advances of the past ten years and continues with all the essential tools they need to respond to people’s problems with intelligence and compassion.

by C. Freeman with G. Dennison $41.00

Using Brain Gym with Children who have Special Needs
This remarkable and thought provoking book provides a journal of Gail Freeman's 2 year experience as teacher with children labelled as severely disabled. She shares with us the adaptations of the Brain Gym method that she used successfully to meet the needs and draw out the gifts of 11 children who had varied challenges from deafness to mental retardation. In the book Cecilia also identifies the key elements for determining the developmental priorities of each child as well as how to create a safe environment for the whole group. The heartfelt stories invite us to examine our own fear and frustration which we experience as we assume the role of responsible parent or educator.

by Peter Jackson-Maine

With over 100 iris photographs and many other full colour pictures this book explains how the colours and markings of the eye reveal particular personality tendencies and physical weaknesses. It also details the dietary, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle changes for the different iris types and offers guidance on various therapeutic activities.

by Tsao Hsueh-Lien & Bruce Thornton
Out of Print

The Chinese Energy Map of Acu Points
and their Associated Blockages

This great reference indexes Acu Points and their associated diseases and disorders. Look up the acu point and find the blockage, symptoms, physical or emotional, related to it. This is greatly sought after information as many texts do not reference acu points in this way. There are also diagrams showing the location of the meridians and the points including secondary vessels and original Chinese drawings. In addition, at the back of the book is a reverse reference giving he disease/imbalance in alphabetical order with the associated acu points possibly involved.


Covers each Bach Flower Essence giving positive & negative state and comprehensive description of psychological/emotional aspects, plus possible imbalances, classical uses, complimentary essences and supportive measures.



THE TISSUE SALTS by Mark Wells $17.00
For each cell salt this book covers general description, symptoms appearing in body type, Mind, Teeth, Gut, Eyes, Respiratory system etc. plus supportive measures, related disciplines and keywords. At the back there is a list of symptoms and the tissue salts for them






RESET Wall Chart: $22.00
A2 Laminated Wall Chart with 24 Full Colour photographs of the RESET TMJ Corrections.

Tempararily Out of print

Please note: Chart not availability separately




by Carol Harris

An Easy to Follow Introduction to NLP

This easy to follow book explains clearly what NLP is, describes its history and its structure, and gives you the most direct applications of NLP - personal growth, social relationships and business.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is now recognised as a powerful technique for maximising your potential. If focuses on the workings of the mind (neuro), how we communicate our experiences (Linguistics), and the patterns (Programs) that govern our ways of being in the world. Using NLP can enhance the way you feel & act in your business, social, emotional, physical & spiritual life.


Steve's third book is subtitled 'The Simple, Revolutionary Discovery That Can Make You Live Longer, Increase Your Stamina & Stretch, and Normalise Your Blood Pressure in Minutes. The kinesiology based discovery of why music conductors live longer and how one can do the same. Includes the Rochlitz Heart Integration exercise plus other factors to effect longevity.


A Guide to Whole Brain Development

Is the Left Brain Always Right? demonstrates the need for educational programs for that develop the whole child. Traditional instruction is geared toward left hemisphere style of learning, yet many young learners need a more holistic, experiential and imaginative or right hemisphere style of learning.
*explanations of the hemispheres of the brain with lots of diagrams and an overview of the connections between motor development and brain development.
* a multitude of developmental activities
* tests for assessing a child’s hemispherical dominance
*dozens if ideas for teaching mathematics, language arts, science and social studies with right hemisphere activities.
370 pages


Facets of a Diamond
John Diamond MD...........$35.00

Reflections of a Healer

John Diamond is the best-selling author of Your Body Doesn't Lie, and Life Energy, and a pioneer in the kinesiology field back in the seventies.

This self-healing manual is more than just another self-help or "cure of the month" book. To really heal yourself, you will need to look deeply at yourself, at your life, at your suffering, from many different points of view. You will build up a total holistic picture-- more, a three dimensional sculpture of exactly who you have become at this moment in your life-- and see yourself accurately and truly, from all perspectives.

“A magnificent piece of work! The material in this book will contribute to the health of anyone who reads it” - Caroline Myss, author.

Colour photos with physical description of plant (tree, leaf and flower) and how to prepare as essence.





by Juliette Sharmna-Burke & Liz Greene

The world wide best-selling Tarot Deck (in this case set of deck and book). Drawing on characters and stories from Greek Mythology, the Mythic Tarot offers an imaginative and accessible approach to classic tarot.

by Doreen Virtue

44 Card Deck & Guidebook. Nondenominational card deck of oracle cards from various spiritual and religious backgrounds.

Other Oracle Decks by Doreen Virtue (all $25 each):
Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards
Magical Mermaids & Dolphin Oracle Cards
Gods & Goddesses Oracle Cards
Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

Chart of the original Schuessler Biochemic Tissue Salts in various shades of 3 colours for easy reference.
Outlines the theory of the tissue salts. Lists all 12 salts with Key Function, Symptom Indicators, Better By, Worse By as well as Tongue, Mucus, Iris and Mind Indications.
Also includes a First Aid section listing over 120 health problems in alphabetical order with accompanying relieving tissue salts. The combinations remedies are also listed with descriptions. Laminated

by Steve Rochlitz

A complete, illustrated guide to
Allergies, Candida & Kinesiology. Contains informative accounts of both allergies & candida and related matters like Parasites and CEBV. Covers many kinesiology techniques on allergy based problems such as fatigue, dyslexia, withdrawal complaints and so on. All in all, a wealth of information too expansive to describe here.
Recommended for both beginners in Kinesiology and practising Kinesiologists.

by Robert Williams

The Missing Piece Peace In Your Life

This book introduces for the lay person, the kinesiology based modality called Psych-K, founded in the US by the author Robert Williams. It has come to the fore in recent times in the world through the support and activities of Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief. As such Psych-K comes from ‘we are not a product of our genes, but our beliefs’, and explores the power of the subconscious mind and the need to understand and communicate with it to make real change. The book offers great insight into the area of subconscious beliefs and working with affirmations. It has good wisdom and may be of benefit to the kinesiologist, student or lay person looking for solutions to why those who try hard at change often get nowhere.

Sign Language of the Soul
by Dr. Dale Schusterman


An esoteric handbook for healing using Kinesiology, Hand Mudras and the concepts of the Tree of Life (Kabbalah) and other spiritual ways.

Sign Language of the Soul is a text covering a very unique, fascinating & spiritually centred kinesiology modality of the same name. It has come about from over 20 years of research, beginning with the discovering of using hand mudras in relation the Kabbalistic Tree of Life philosophy and structure, that can link us to a greater sense of whole.

The Hand Mudras are similar to finger modes and are used with kinesiology as inputs to tune the body to various frequencies to activate the different pathways of the Tree of Life in the body. Such activation leads to stimulation in the nervous system, biochemistry and energy systems in the body. The Mudras themselves can awaken & stimulate different areas of consciousness.

This text is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to use kinesiology with esoteric and ancient material in mind. In addition to the Tree of Life and Kabbalistic material the system also uses Eastern philosophies such as I Ching, the Yin Yang and the 5 Elements as well as other topics such as breath, the third eye, genetic code & numerology. These topics are not covered independently but tied into the mudras and philosophy of the Kabala.

The presentation is clear and methodical with many wonderful diagrams and tables. All balancing procedures are covered in detail with summary procedures as well.

By Dr. H. Gilbert Welch

Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health

This brilliantly researched, well-argued and clearly written book will help us avoid the unnecessary tests, drugs surgeries, and anxiety that are the inevitable outcome of our epidemic of over diagnosis. Doctors have begun to leave no test undone, no abnormality overlooked; and profits are being made from screenings, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals. A compelling case against excessive medical screening & the myth that early, aggressive treatments are best.





A New Solution
by Nancy E. O’Dell Ph.D. & Patricia A. Cook, Ph.D. $21.00

A Unique & Proven Program of Crawling Exercises for Overcoming Hyperactivity & Add/ADHD in Children & Adults

Stopping Hyperactivity concerns itself with a particular infant reflex called the Symmetric Tonic Neck Reflex (STNR) and how its immaturity leads to problems such as Hyperactivity, ADHD and related areas. The book is in three parts:
Part one explains the real problem involved with Hyperactivity and introduces the role and importance the STNR reflex. Eye opening and interesting material. Part two provides specific ways to work around the problem in school, at home, during sports activities and in public settings. Part three presents a complete exercise program designed to mature the STNR reflex therefore eliminate everyday hyperactive behaviour.

‘Stopping Hyperactivity’ includes easy to follow instructions along with photographs detailing exercises movements and positions. 185 pages.

by Jackie Silverberg $36.00

125 Brain Games for Babies is a fun filled collection of ways to develope the brain capacity of babies. Included are everyday opportunites to nurture brain development in the criticial period from birth to 12 months. Each game has information on the latest brain research, and a discusion of how the activity promotes brain power.

Did you know that the brain of an infant: is 250% more active than that of an adult; has formed 1000 trillion connections by the end of the third year (x 2 that of adult)?; produces synapses (connections) faster in the first year than at any other time of life?

holding page

Link to Eqnews 36 for internationals

Dr. Igor Tabrizian
$25 each

Nutritional Aspect of Depression DVD
The rate of depression has been steadily rising in westernised countries, and the age of onset has been steadily falling. Dr. Tabrizian examines the biochemical and toxicological aspects of this devastating disease with a focus on Supplements such as tryptophan, tyrosine and other vitamin/mineral combinations.



Nutritional Aspects of Immunity DVD
This lecture explains how the immune system relies on nutrients to function correctly. It covers in 9 sections, allergies (and hypersensitivity), auto-immunity, impaired immunity, and the impact of toxic elements on the immune system. Each section sits in an isolated niche in the scientific literature, rarely visited by medical practitioners. However, when united, they provide a framework that allows for improved understanding of Immunity topics.


Degenerative Diseases of the Brain: Nutritional Interventions DVD
This lecture looks at the nutritional aspects of normal brain function as well as the current models of neurodegenerative disorders. With progressively more understanding of the brain we are able to prevent crippling disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and even Multiple Sclerosis.


Diabetes: Nutritional Interventions DVD
Dr. Tabrizian examines the biochemical and toxicological aspects of this modern day epidemic (both type 1 and type 2), in his usual no-holds-barred style. Includes the work of the Nobel Prize winning “Channelopathic” (a term yet to be included in endocrinologists vocabulary), explaining the reason why common treatments do not work in some patients with diabetes.


Introduction to Nutritional Medicine DVD
Much of the health phenomena in the world today has remained unsolved because the various specialities work independently of each other. Dr. Tabrizian offers incredible findings by linking different areas such as Biochemistry & Physiology. Save yourself the research & effort.


Nutritional Aspect of Arthritis DVD
With millions of sufferers experiencing problems with the long-term use of anti-inflammatory drugs, people are looking to “natural” long-term therapies. Dr. Tabrizian discusses how analysing the different subtypes of arthritis biochemically can help find better and appropriate treatments.


Nutritional Aspects of Haemochromatosis DVD Haemochromatosis is a combination of genetic and environmental diseases and is rapidly growing in incidence. Dr. Tabrizian examines the biochemical and toxicological aspects of the new Hepatology (study of liver disease) nightmare.



Cancer Profiling in Nutritional Medicine DVD By using blood and hair analysis, the biochemical profile of a patient with cancer can be elucidated. Furthermore the patterns often explain the mechanism of the cancer and its progression. Most of these abnormalities are correctable.


Brain Foods, Brain Poisons: Autism as a Case in Point DVD Examines: * How clinical nutritionists examine the mechanisms and formulate treatment schedules for Autism. * Normal brain function with regards to nutritional needs of the mother and child. It examines the importance of tissue cooperation such as hormones, gut and brain in ensuring correct development of all the tissues in the growing child. * Where brain function goes wrong in Autism and more importantly why this is happening as a global epidemic. * Roles of genetics and antioxidants* Roles of toxic metals.

Nutritional Aspects of Sleep Disorders DVD
By subdividing the epidemic of sleep disorders into categories and analysing the contributions of biochemistry to each type one can build up a profile of the Nutritional correlations within the Sleep Disorders.





$30.00 each or $27.00 each for any 3 or more (except volume 4)

* The Mozart Effect for Children Volume 1: Tune up your Mind (for improving learning and intellect)
* The Mozart Effect for Children Volume 2: Relax, Daydream & Draw (to inspire creativity and relaxation)
* The Mozart Effect for Children Volume 3: Mozart in Motion (for exploring motion & motivation)
* Mozart Effect Volume 1: Strengthen the Mind
* Mozart Effect Volume 2: Heal the Body
Mozart Effect Volume 3: Unlock the Creative Spirit
Mozart Effect Volume 4: Focus & Clarity (DOUBLE CD: $44 - no discount)
Mozart Effect Volume 5: Relax & Unwind
Mozart Effect for Babies

BOOKS: The Mozart Effect & The Mozart Effect for Children: $25.00 each


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by Maggie La Tourelle & Anthea Courtenay.....OUT OF PRINT!!

This book is an excellent, broad introduction to Kinesiology for people who wish to know as much as possible about the field. It would also be valuable for Kinesiology Practitioners and Instructors to help them with explaining kinesiology and its parts OR maybe to loan out to clients or potential customers.
Covers: The Development of Kinesiology; Definitions in Kinesiology; Choosing and visiting Kinesiologists; Kinesiology Assessments; Corrections and Balancing in Kinesiology; Self Help Techniques; Branches of Kinesiology; Kinesiology as an adjunct to other therapie

Kinesiology Supplies & other Inspirational Products for Wellbeing & Life Enhancement