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Touch For Health Student Manual
by Toni Lilley
Usual price: $66.00
Damaged Price: $57
Minor front cover damage

The modern text for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses in Australia. This new 2011 edition, updates what was previously the TFH Student Workbooks 1 & 2 (two separate manuals), now combining all the material into one text with clear diagrams & photographs, in full colour, of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals taught in the TFH Series of workshops.
Spiral bound, A4 size.



Touch For Health Student Manuals:
Book 1 and Book 2

by Toni Lilley
Second Hand Price: $14 for set

Earlier texts for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses in Australia in two separate manuals.
Both are in rough condition and Book 2 is an earlier version than Book one. However $14 for set compares to $66 for the modern manual
Each Spiral bound, A4 size.


Touch For Health - Complete Edition
by John Thie, D.C., Co Authored by Matthew Thie
Usual price: $77.00
Damaged Price: $66
Extremely minor, barley noticeable cover damage

With over ½ million copies in print since 1973, John Thie’s “Touch for Health” phenomenon has flourished worldwide to help more than 10 million people in over 40 countries. After more than 30 years this famous TFH manual has been fully revised and updated.

TFH Complete Edition contains the complete IKC curriculum, as well as Dr. Thie's expanded writing on Goal Setting, Muscle Testing, Holistic Energy Balancing, Interviewing and History Taking, and the Use of Metaphor and the Dialogue Process to enhance the depth, meaning, effectiveness and FUN of TFH energy balancing. Photographs of muscle testing include standing AND Lying down tests, the illustrations of the reflex points include both muscles and bones for landmarks so that the points are easily located.


Basics of Life
The Living Matrix & the 8 Extra Meridians
by Marco Rado
Usual price: $55.00
Damaged Price: $47
Cover dog eared in one corner

The manual for the course of the same name, as presented after the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne October 2017. The BOL manual begins by discussing the Living Matrix - the continuous, dynamic and integrated network of all activities and components of the body. From there characteristics and functions of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians are covered as well the relationship to embryological development, teeth and muscle monitoring.

The BOL balancing procedure is given which is a template for working with any of the 8E meridian as highlighted in the rest of the manual, where all the balancing information for each is contained.

This BOL procedure is very much based in TCM and represents a deeper understanding of the 8E Meridians for use with Kinesiology.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 83 pages - full colour

NOTE: This is a course manual and learning & understanding the material fully is often best achieved in the class environment.


Affirmation Book 3:

by Pam Myers & Sally Worth
Usual price: $38.00
Damaged Price: $31
Marked Cover

New Addition to the series (2017)

Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at programmes that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 2 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to complete the page. Covers all those ubiquitous programmes we sometimes take on board, perhaps despise, or even occasionally laugh at or enjoy. Remember these:

* Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
* No Pain, No Gain
* It Runs In the Family
* Children Should be Seen & Not Heard
* Grass is Always Greener on the other Side
* You Are Just Like Your Mother
* School is the Best Years of Your Life
and 100’s more



Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AKA National Kinesiology Conference, October 2017, Melbourne
D.C., Co Authored by Matthew Thie
Usual price: $33.00
Second Hand Price: $22
Has been written in.

* Embryology: The Scientific Way To Describe Meridians by Marco Rado
* Pelvic Problems Affecting Sciatica by Danny Liddell
* Integrating Kinesiology and Flower Therapy by Brendan Rohan
* Acupressure Formatting by Charles Krebs
* An Investigation into the Efficacy of PKP in Improving the Quality and Quantity of Sleep by Jenne Burns
* Kinesiology & Healthy Aging by Parijat Wismer
* In Focus: Vision, Mind and Body by Michael Christian
* The Reptilian Vagus & Burnout by Hugo Tobar
* Ethical Super for Kinesiologists by Mary Campbell
* Mental Health Issues and How To Help by Gordon Dickson
* How Many Brains Do We Have by Marco Rado
*Balancing Gardasil Issues by Philip Rafferty
* Aligning Your Thriving Heart Centered Business with The Greater Vision For All by Robbi Zeck



HEALTHY PETS: A Kinesiological Approach by Greg & Toni Gralton
Usual price: $15.00
Damaged Price: $12
Small mark on front cover

The manual for the kinesiology mini-workshop called Healthy Pets. Contents include Muscle Testing & Surrogate Testing, Comparative Physical Anatomy, Nutrition, Emotions, Vibrational Remedies, Acupressure (including a basic acupressure chart for dog & cat). Appendices include: Putting it all together and suggested foods for dogs and cats



Workshop Manual

by Wayne Topping
Sale price: $33

Workshop Manual for the Allergies course by Wayne Topping, author of the 'Biokinetic Exercises' manual and the 'Balancing the Body's Energies' (8 Extra Meridian) manual.

Covers various allergies issues and conventional treatments before heading into the Kinesiology perspective from various modalities such as that in Health Kinesiology and Biokinesiology methods.

Better suited to the experienced Kinesiologist rather than the beginner, especially anyone with exposure to Biokinesiology.

Not normally available for public sale.



How To Kinesiology
Book 1: Formula
Usual price: $47.00
Sale Price: $33.00
(Sale copies have plastic Comb binding instead of the usual Wire binding. However it is in colour throughout - usual wire bound versions are black & white)

The Manual that puts the series together. Covers questioning skills, steps and the ‘how to’ formula - all which Ranee uses in her clinic & workshops. Then goes through the ‘correction areas’ with a chapter on each of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Nutritional aspects. These chapters have sub categories that list, point by point areas of involvement - over 80 pages of scan lists and material for access or referencing. This manual is highly recommended if buying any of the other books in the series, but not mandatory. May depend on level of experience in Kinesiology.


How To Kinesiology
Book 10: Face Reading
Usual price: $25.00
Sale Price: $19.00
Has plastic Comb binding instead of the usual Wire binding)

Face reading has multiple facets; once you can read a person’s facial features you can understand the automatic behaviours and silent messages of the soul. This book covers the most common traits and includes diagrams, explanations, employment opportunities and challenges relating to each feature. Ranee Zeller uses this technique of face reading to sum up a client before designing a treatment program tailor made for them. This is a great stand-alone reference book for the healer. The first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended for a complete package.


Book 9: Meridians Made Easy
Usual price: $23.00
Damaged Price: $17.00
Page 15 did not print properly and now has a paste over)

(Full Colour Edition)

This reference book provides easy-to-find information on the meridians. It is a must-have for every kinesiologist using Ranee’s method as it provides one concise page for each meridian including: common disorders, picture of the meridian, muscles affected, relevant questions for related disorders, neurovascular and neurolymphatic reflex points, yin/yang, number of acupuncture points, time of day function, element, season, astrological sign, body system, colour, sound and fluid and emotional states. This book requires Book 1: Formula of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series. The first book outlines how to energetically test and clear imbalances




Usual price: $15
Previous Edition Price: $11

The manual from the RESET course by Philip Rafferty. Shows all TMJ corrections positions & sequences with excellent photographs and diagrams.














The Secret of the Ring Muscles
by Paula Garbourg
Usual price: $69.00
Damaged Price: $62
Very minor back cover damage

Healing Yourself Through Sphincter Exercise

The internal & external ‘ring muscles’ all coordinate with harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination and muscular motion. When they don’t work together, illness and imbalance can result.

Paula Garbourg began working with this 50 years ago and in this book she explains her method of self healing, as well how sphincters function, their effects on the body and their importance in every day life. She also offers a series of easy to follow sphincter exercises based on decades of experience, importantly, backed up with the instructional DVD.

This is a truly a fascinating book & DVD on a totally unique topic. It will open an entirely new understanding of your body and offers gentle, non-invasive, cost free methods of improving one’s health. Further, this information is untapped area of understanding and may present itself as an area of research & development within the Kinesiology/Natural Health field.

Distributed exclusively in Australia by Equilibrium.


Learning to Learn
by Christine Ward
Usual price: $34.00
Damaged Price: $22
Very minor damage

By Christine Ward and Jan Daley Christine Ward B.Sc., M.Ed., and Jan Daley B.A., M.Ed., have both worked in High schools for over twenty-five years as teachers, counsellors and administrators. In recent years they have presented seminars and workshops on practical ways to apply neuroscience research in teaching and learning. Christine and Jan believe that anyone can learn more effectively. They have seen the many amazing changes that happen when people understand more about their brains and begin to use brain friendly learning strategies. This book was designed to bring these important messages to a wide audience of students, parents and teachers. Best selling summary of exciting new knowledge about learning. Hundreds of brain - friendly ways to learn quickly and easily. Life changing practical solutions to learning difficulties.


Complementary Medicine: Ethics & Law
by Michael Weir
Usual price: $44.00
Sale Price: $25.00

As a professional complementary medicine practitioner or student, how often have you asked yourself:
What are my ethical obligations here?
Is my practice legal and am I protected?
How should I set up my practice?
Complementary Medicine: Ethics and Law gives you the tools to:
- Understand the Ten Commandments of Professional Practice
- Identify and deal with the tricky legal situations that arise in practice
- Understand your legal obligations to your clients and the profession
- Appreciate your ethical responsibilities
- Set up your professional practice
- Understand the permitted boundaries of your practice
- Understand the ins and outs of commercial Leases
- Decipher professional indemnity insurance
For the first time, the student or practitioner of complementary medicine has a comprehensive readable and informative discussion of these vital issues.
Professor Michael Weir of the Faculty of Law at Bond University is an academic lawyer with broad legal experience. Michael has training in therapeutic massage and has taught complementary medicine students on ethical and legal issues for 18 years. This provides the author with unique insight into the legal and ethical issues that arise for the professional practice of complementary medicine.
Whether you are a student or practitioner, this is essential reading to assure you of professional, safe and enjoyable practice.


Book of Human Emotions
by Tiffany Watt Smith
Usual price: $30.00
Previous Edition Price: $18.00

An Encyclopedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust

This book is about the story of over 200 different emotions and how their context is important in describing their meaning. Emotions are perceived and performed in different ways and can be defined and understood through cultural context, for example.

Both the familiar emotions and rare emotions are covered. Each has it own story and history. This is not a book about technical definitions and categorising emotions, but glimpses into historical pasts and current cultural politics of emotions, shedding light on why we feel the way we do today.

The emotions are described as such in alphabetical order for easy reference. One can read the entries page after page, or just flick through until something catches the eye. A great book for the reference shelf, or for personal or clinical use.


Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self
Usual price: $13
Sale price: $9

Contemplations from the Teachings of David R Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

In this collection of inspiring passages from David R. Hawkins's work, the reader is reminded how to traverse the spiritual landscape to move beyond suffering to experience peace and love; to transcend illusion and realize the state of enlightenment.

Designed especially for today's spiritual student on the go, to inspire contemplation and reflection during a break at work, while hiking in the woods, during a quiet coffee shop moment, on an aeroplane, with a partner - in whatever environment one finds oneself. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self is a reliable companion on the aspirant's quest toward higher truth.

David Hawkins is a renowned for his spiritual teachings. More specifically in the Kinesiology field he is known for his work in ‘calibrating consciousness’ first outlined in ‘Power VS Force’.


Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber Parts 1, 2 & 3
Each an A5 Booklets
Usual price: $13 each part/booklet
Sale price: $9
each part/booklet

Part 1: The Treatment of Everyday Conditions. An A-Z of what homoeopathics to use for different common health issues - from bruising, to common cold to sunburn.

Part 2: A Simple Materia Medica of Common Remedies With Repertory.
An A-Z explanation of different homoeopathic remedies giving Key Words, Symptoms, Worse, Better etc.

Part 3: A Simple Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine. The philosophy behind homoeopathy, as well practical guidelines to taking the case, case analysis, and the selection of the remedy, including potency and frequency of dose.

When ordering these booklets be sure to state parts 1, 2 or 3 that your require. They are $13 each

The Secret of Life Wellness
by Inna Segal

Usual price: $30
Sale price: $18

Heal your body and discover your deepest purpose with this transformative guide to integrating wellness and restorative solutions into your everyday life. Through her incredibly popular seminars and healing sessions, Segal has been actively sought out for her valued advice, and now, she answers the twenty-four most important questions about your journey to wellness in this essential guide. Segal’s answers will help you restore your health, improve your relationships, tune in to your energy center, and confidently create your reality. As you tap into your intuition and let go of old patterns, you will discover a hidden wellspring of energy and a greater capacity to experience joy, presence of being, and sacred connections. Dedicated to bringing these healing powers to people from all walks of life, Segal combines her personal insights, real life examples, and interactive tools to help you heal, transform, and flourish in everything you do. Designed to lead you down the path of lifelong energy and wellbeing, The Secret of Life Wellness goes beyond prescriptive advice; it creates a healing way of life.

















Usual price: $28.00
Sale Price: $22.00

Large laminated wall chart 61 x 91 cm

This beautifully coloured representation of the Chakras shows their yantra symbol and Sanskrit names. Included is an esoteric description of each chakra plus sounds and other information. Top right of chart describes the origin of the chakras.


Usual price: $15
Sale Price: $11
Dog Eared

Single sided A4 chart with the emotions for the Amygdala





Six Element Chart
from Three In One Concepts

Last of stock - No Longer Available for public sale beyond that.
A4 Size. Only top 2 thirds of chart shown.
Card stock (not laminated)
Price: $13.00


Applied Physiology 5 Houses of Chi
Sale Price: $11.00

From Applied Physiology. A3 Laminated chart.







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72 Vial Faom Inlay Tary Test Kit Boxes
Usual price: $42.00
Damaged Price: $37.00

Minor damage that has been repaired. Fully functional as new.





Pendants and Discs for Hydration, Pain Relief and Protection

The Tri-Vortex products resonate a natural energy field that reflects nature’s logical and powerful rhythms, creating a coherent molecular structure in organic matter such as water and living tissue.

Water Treatment Disc (90cm)
Place under water glass, jug, wine, diary and other liquid containers.

Usual price: $209.00
Sale Price: $88


Tri-Vortex Round Pendant $136.00

Usual price: $136
Sale Price: $66



More Books


Nutritional Medicine Books by Dr. Igor Tabrizian:
Dr. Tabrizian is a medical doctor who practices solely in Nutritional Medicine. He runs a successful NM clinic in Perth, which trains and employs other doctors interested in this specialty. He has written 6 books on NM, and lectures extensively on the subject. He has presented at the 2 National Kinesiology Conferences with great interest from delegates. His work has been valuable to many practitioners in collating modern scientific research in the NM area and tying it into the medical field where it has been lacking.


Elaine Croker Books
While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick& dying children, Elaine Croker prayed for some way to overcome their fate. Her prayers led her to Kinesiology and eventually to her own healing method called Prime Tuning of Cells. Her healing work is renowned internationally and she is regarded as a leading healer in Australia. “Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, positive or negative”.

Minor Damage on each


Talk To Your Cells (booklet)
Usual price: $17.00
Damaged price: $13.00

This little reference booklet is collection of 95 emotional, spiritual & physical stress releases, based on Elaine’s concept of changing your life by instructing your cells to behave has you choose. Included are step by step instructions on accessing each of the 95 stress releases, which in themselves are full of wisdom, making this booklet a must for any home or clinic.


Talk To Your Cells: And Become Your Own Creator
Usual price: $25.00
Damaged price: $19.00

From the author of the best seller 'Talk To Your Cells'.

How to use our daily thought and speech to instruct your wonderful cells to do your bidding and create a magnificent new world. A practical companion to the Talk To Your Cells Booklet above. 250 pages.





Humanity’s Role: In the Evolution of the Soul by
Usual price: $25.00
Damaged price: $17.00

From the author of the best seller 'Talk To Your Cells'.

This third book by Elaine reveals the many facets of the soul’s development and the direct connection of the human being with its soul. It covers many topics such as Love, Providence, Free Choices, Attitude, Bonding with Spirit, Reasons We Do What We Do, Walking our Path and much more.



Spiritual Wisdom in our Cells by Elaine Croker
Usual price: $25.00
Sale Price: $17.00

From the author of the best seller 'Talk To Your Cells'.

More wisdom from Elaine about how we can use our cells tochange behavior and life patterns.

" You are a figure made up of trillions of cells giving you life & energy. You and every cell on this earth have a telepathic connection. Therefore you can talk to every cell".




These packs normally retail between
$9 and $11 each.

Sale Price: $5 each, OR
$4 each for 5 or more
$3 each for 10 or more

Each Pack comes with a booklet
& associated product.

Feng Shui Pack: Booklet & Bagua Mirror
Pendulum Pack: Booklet & Brass Pendulum
I Ching Pack: Booklet & 3 I ching Coins
Dream Pack: Booklet & Mini Dream Catcher
Meditation Pack: SOLD OUT