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Touch For Health Student Manual
by Toni Lilley
Usual price: $66.00
Damaged Price: $57
Minor front cover damage

The modern text for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses in Australia. This new 2011 edition, updates what was previously the TFH Student Workbooks 1 & 2 (two separate manuals), now combining all the material into one text with clear diagrams & photographs, in full colour, of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals taught in the TFH Series of workshops.
Spiral bound, A4 size.



Touch For Health Student Manuals:
Book 1 and Book 2

by Toni Lilley
Second Hand Price: $14 for set

Earlier texts for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses in Australia in two separate manuals.
Both are in rough condition and Book 2 is an earlier version than Book one. However $14 for set compares to $66 for the modern manual
Each Spiral bound, A4 size.


Touch For Health - Complete Edition
by John Thie, D.C., Co Authored by Matthew Thie
Usual price: $77.00
Damaged Price: $66
Extremely minor, barely noticeable cover damage

With over ½ million copies in print since 1973, John Thie’s “Touch for Health” phenomenon has flourished worldwide to help more than 10 million people in over 40 countries. After more than 30 years this famous TFH manual has been fully revised and updated.

TFH Complete Edition contains the complete IKC curriculum, as well as Dr. Thie's expanded writing on Goal Setting, Muscle Testing, Holistic Energy Balancing, Interviewing and History Taking, and the Use of Metaphor and the Dialogue Process to enhance the depth, meaning, effectiveness and FUN of TFH energy balancing. Photographs of muscle testing include standing AND Lying down tests, the illustrations of the reflex points include both muscles and bones for landmarks so that the points are easily located.


TFH Practical Essentials
by Toni Gralton
Usual price: $19.00
Damaged Price: $14
Crease Corner on front cover

A handy workbook of containing all the practical information in the Touch For Health series. Clear diagrams & photographs of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals such as ESR, Figure 8 Energy, Pain Control, Foods, Time of Day Balance, Reactive Muscles, Five Elements and more.



Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AKA National Kinesiology Conference, October 2017, Melbourne
D.C., Co Authored by Matthew Thie

Usual price: $33.00
Second Hand Price: $22
Has been written in.


* Embryology: The Scientific Way To Describe Meridians by Marco Rado
* Pelvic Problems Affecting Sciatica by Danny Liddell
* Integrating Kinesiology and Flower Therapy by Brendan Rohan
* Acupressure Formatting by Charles Krebs
* An Investigation into the Efficacy of PKP in Improving the Quality and Quantity of Sleep by Jenne Burns
* Kinesiology & Healthy Aging by Parijat Wismer
* In Focus: Vision, Mind and Body by Michael Christian
* The Reptilian Vagus & Burnout by Hugo Tobar
* Ethical Super for Kinesiologists by Mary Campbell
* Mental Health Issues and How To Help by Gordon Dickson
* How Many Brains Do We Have by Marco Rado
*Balancing Gardasil Issues by Philip Rafferty
* Aligning Your Thriving Heart Centered Business with The Greater Vision For All by Robbi Zeck


2015 AKA Kinesiology Conference Journal
Usual price: $28.00
Damaged price: $19.00
Back Cover Damaged Only

The journal of papers/presentations from the 32nd National Conference of the Australian
Kinesiology Association,
Brisbane, October 2015.

  • Nutrition, History and Kinesiology by Henry Osiecki
  • Probiotics: The Importance of Strain Specificity by Sunaina Patel
  • Emotions and Stress by Hugo Tobar
  • Kinesiology Research by Susan Koschel-Gatenby
  • Chakra Psychology by Maureen Callister
  • Claims and Cover by Jaclyn Lees & Josh Hardwick
  • What Type Are You? by Robyn Kirk
  • Integration of Different Streams of Information by Andrew Verity
  • A Return to Wisdom in Business by Natalie Wareham
  • Contraction to Extension by Danny Liddell
  • The Winds of Change by Geraldine Gallagher
  • Miracles, Placebos and Spontaneous Remission by Anna McRobert




Wholistic Kinesiology: A Quick and Easy System for Optimizing Your Health
by Dr. J. Dunn

Usual price: $37
Sale price: $19

Innovating centuries-old healing secrets, Wholistic Kinesiology: A Quick and Easy System for Optimizing Your Health by Dr. J Ann Dunn is the first professional health care manual that teaches the surprisingly effective technique of kinesiology. Written in laymen's terms and filled with physicians' secrets, this guide is invaluable for readers who wish to understand the human body and mind. Readers can learn how to evaluate and restore themselves to greater health on their own. Wildly inspiring, the techniques reveal and correct nutritional, structural and emotional imbalances and identify food sensitivities. The feedback from this system can be used to enhance your health in a variety of ways. With a keen eye on the individual, Wholistic Kinesiology(R) puts knowledge in the hands of patients and practitioners with the objective to empower people to take charge of their health through an amazingly accurate and effective system that is both easy to learn and apply.



How To Kinesiology
Book 1: Formula
Usual price: $47.00
Sale Price: $33.00
(Sale copies have plastic Comb binding instead of the usual Wire binding. However it is in colour throughout - usual wire bound versions are black & white)

The Manual that puts the series together. Covers questioning skills, steps and the ‘how to’ formula - all which Ranee uses in her clinic & workshops. Then goes through the ‘correction areas’ with a chapter on each of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Nutritional aspects. These chapters have sub categories that list, point by point areas of involvement - over 80 pages of scan lists and material for access or referencing. This manual is highly recommended if buying any of the other books in the series, but not mandatory. May depend on level of experience in Kinesiology.


How To Kinesiology
Book 10: Face Reading
Usual price: $25.00
Sale Price: $19.00
Has plastic Comb binding instead of the usual Wire binding)

Face reading has multiple facets; once you can read a person’s facial features you can understand the automatic behaviours and silent messages of the soul. This book covers the most common traits and includes diagrams, explanations, employment opportunities and challenges relating to each feature. Ranee Zeller uses this technique of face reading to sum up a client before designing a treatment program tailor made for them. This is a great stand-alone reference book for the healer. The first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended for a complete package.















Learning to Learn
by Christine Ward
Usual price: $34.00
Damaged Price: $22
Very minor damage

By Christine Ward and Jan Daley Christine Ward B.Sc., M.Ed., and Jan Daley B.A., M.Ed., have both worked in High schools for over twenty-five years as teachers, counsellors and administrators. In recent years they have presented seminars and workshops on practical ways to apply neuroscience research in teaching and learning. Christine and Jan believe that anyone can learn more effectively. They have seen the many amazing changes that happen when people understand more about their brains and begin to use brain friendly learning strategies. This book was designed to bring these important messages to a wide audience of students, parents and teachers. Best selling summary of exciting new knowledge about learning. Hundreds of brain - friendly ways to learn quickly and easily. Life changing practical solutions to learning difficulties.


One Thousand Petalled Lotus
by Annette Noontil
Usual price: $22.00
Damaged Price: $11
Water Damage

Author of the best selling‘ Body Is the Barometer of the Soul’

More words of wisdom from this best selling author. Takes one through personal & spiritual growth using the information from the chakras as a basis. Contains over 100 numbered inspirational paragraphs & pointers, in the process.



Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self
Usual price: $13
Sale price: $9

Contemplations from the Teachings of David R Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

In this collection of inspiring passages from David R. Hawkins's work, the reader is reminded how to traverse the spiritual landscape to move beyond suffering to experience peace and love; to transcend illusion and realize the state of enlightenment.

Designed especially for today's spiritual student on the go, to inspire contemplation and reflection during a break at work, while hiking in the woods, during a quiet coffee shop moment, on an aeroplane, with a partner - in whatever environment one finds oneself. Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self is a reliable companion on the aspirant's quest toward higher truth.

David Hawkins is a renowned for his spiritual teachings. More specifically in the Kinesiology field he is known for his work in ‘calibrating consciousness’ first outlined in ‘Power VS Force’.



House of Life Feng Shui Vibrational Medicine
by Lesley & Daryl Mitchell

Usual price: $35
Sale price: $15

A guide Understanding Feng Shui with Gem Essences. A rare text about the use of Gem Essences from a Feng Shui perspective. A4 manual, 45 pages




Elaine Croker Books
While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick& dying children, Elaine Croker prayed for some way to overcome their fate. Her prayers led her to Kinesiology and eventually to her own healing method called Prime Tuning of Cells. Her healing work is renowned internationally and she is regarded as a leading healer in Australia. “Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, positive or negative”.

Minor Damage on each


Talk To Your Cells (booklet)
Usual price: $17.00
Damaged price: $13.00

This little reference booklet is collection of 95 emotional, spiritual & physical stress releases, based on Elaine’s concept of changing your life by instructing your cells to behave has you choose. Included are step by step instructions on accessing each of the 95 stress releases, which in themselves are full of wisdom, making this booklet a must for any home or clinic.




Humanity’s Role: In the Evolution of the Soul by Elaine Croker
Usual price: $25.00
Damaged price: $17.00

From the author of the best seller 'Talk To Your Cells'.

This third book by Elaine reveals the many facets of the soul’s development and the direct connection of the human being with its soul. It covers many topics such as Love, Providence, Free Choices, Attitude, Bonding with Spirit, Reasons We Do What We Do, Walking our Path and much more.



Spiritual Wisdom in our Cells by Elaine Croker
Usual price: $25.00
Sale Price: $17.00

From the author of the best seller 'Talk To Your Cells'.

More wisdom from Elaine about how we can use our cells tochange behavior and life patterns.

" You are a figure made up of trillions of cells giving you life & energy. You and every cell on this earth have a telepathic connection. Therefore you can talk to every cell".




Acupressure Potent Points
by Michael Reed Gagh
Usual price: $36.00
Second Hand price: $29

Referenced according to health condition, this clear and easy to follow book includes:

  • more than 400 photographs
  • keys to pressure point location and application instructions
  • acupressure potent charts and diagrams
  • pressure points for conditions from allergies to wrist pain
  • Potent Acu Point Exercises for each condition
  • Five minute acupressure wellness program
  • Over 250 pages - large book format


Facilitated Stretching
Usual price: $47.00
Sale Price: $43

(Actually currently out of print)

Over 45,000 copies of the previous edition were sold worldwide. This is a reference for sports medicine and fitness professionals, physiotherapists, coaches and athletes. The new edition is revised, reorganised and now packaged with a DVD - surpassing its popular predecessor as the best resource for the latest PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching techniques. It features new stretching routines for a variety of popular activities including running, golf, swimming, cycling and racket sports, as well as added strength work using stability balls, cables and elastic resistance bands. Readers will learn how to stretch each major muscle in the body to improve flexibility and co-ordination, increase strength, reduce overuse injuries and enhance performance. Over 300 photographs show the progression of stretches, while the new 60-minute DVD demonstrates the stretches and strengthening exercises in even more detail.


Opening Up by Writing It Down:
How Expressive Writing Improves Health and Eases Emotional Pain

Usual price: $25
Sale Price: $17

Expressing painful emotions is hard--yet it can actually improve our mental and physical health. This lucid, compassionate book has introduced tens of thousands of readers to expressive writing, a simple yet powerful self-help technique grounded in scientific research. Leading experts James W. Pennebaker and Joshua M. Smyth describe how taking just a few minutes to write about deeply felt personal experiences or problems may help you:

*Heal old emotional wounds
*Feel a greater sense of well-being
*Decrease stress
*Improve relationships
*Boost your immune system

Vivid stories and examples yield compelling insights into secrets, self-disclosure, and the hidden price of silence. Incorporates findings from hundreds of recent studies and includes practical exercises to help you try expressive writing for yourself. It features extensive new information on specific health benefits, as well as when the approach may not be helpful.


Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health

Usual price: $36.00
Sale Price: $29

A complex web of factors has created the phenomenon of overdiagnosis: the popular media promotes fear of disease and perpetuates the myth that early, aggressive treatment is always best; in an attempt to avoid lawsuits, doctors have begun to leave no test undone, no abnormality overlooked; and profits are being made from screenings, medical procedures, and pharmaceuticals. Revealing the social, medical, and economic ramifications of a health-care system that overdiagnoses and overtreats patients, Dr. H. Gilbert Welch makes a reasoned call for change that would save us pain, worry, and money.



Mystic Cool
Neuroplasticity, Thought, and the Power of Attitude

Usual price: $37
Sale Price: $23

A proven approach to transcend stress, achieve optimal brain function, and maximize your creative intelligence.
You possess the most remarkable system in all of biology, the human brain. You have the power to direct it with the most complex set of processes in the universe, the mind. When you use this creative power consciously, you not only actualize the power to excel in whatever you do, you can direct your experience in ways that make life fulfilling and meaningful.
As wonderful as this might sound, for many the journey may be anything but. Every major survey shows that the majority of us are plagued by stress and anxiety, which is toxic to the brain. The new science is clear: transcend stress, regain higher brain function, and the mind lights up with creative intelligence. Mystic Cool shows us how to calmly turn our backs on stress and walk in the direction of the brilliant life we were born to live.


The Five Seasons
Tap Into Nature's Secrets for Health, Happiness, and Harmony
Usual price: $28
Sale Price: $21

"The Five Seasons" is a simple yet effective code for optimizing the way you live. Based on the five universal seasons from traditional Chinese medicine as well as on Western psychology, The Five Seasons will teach you how to use the rising and falling energies of nature's seasons to train your mind and body to feel relaxed, energized, and content all year long. The formula is simple: change the way you process nature's energies and you will change your life.
You will learn new, natural, and fun ways to:
Boost your alertness
Increase relaxation
Know when conflict is beneficial
Relieve boredom
Deal with the ebb and flow of other people
Fight off mood swings and depression
Strengthen your decision making
Increase and pool your physical strength
Stay healthier
Nurture your spirit
Live creatively























Sacred Geometry
(A4 double sided)
Usual price: $13.00
Damaged Price: $9.00

Double sided, colour, laminated A4 chart on Sacred Geometry, specifically the 5 platonic solids and the Sphere and Merkabah. Contains pictures, descriptions and affirmations, or metaphysical statements for each. Also includes same for the Golden Mean, Labyrinth and the Flower of Life. Great for working with crystal geometry sets (see link).





Usual price: $28.00
Sale Price: $22.00

Large laminated wall chart 61 x 91 cm

This beautifully coloured representation of the Chakras shows their yantra symbol and Sanskrit names. Included is an esoteric description of each chakra plus sounds and other information. Top right of chart describes the origin of the chakras.


Applied Physiology 5 Houses of Chi
Sale Price: $11.00

From Applied Physiology. A3 Laminated chart.







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14 Meridian Set of Tuning Forks from Applied Physiology (USA)
Usual price: $875
Second Hand Set: $578

This Set is still in original box. Box is worn but forks in perfect nick.
Forks are the original coloured version.





72 Vial Faom Inlay Tary Test Kit Boxes
Usual price: $42.00
Damaged Price: $37.00

Minor damage that has been repaired. Fully functional as new.




Test Kit Plastic 50 vial boxes
Usual price: $12.00
Damaged Price: $7

Minor damage - lid closes loosley
NOTE: Colour of boxes are transparent BLUE - not transparent Grey is in this picture




Tei Shins

We supply Tei Shins for treating acu-points, including ear points & trigger points. They have adjustable pressure and a spring activated cutaneous probe. They are 13 cm long with a 7 x 1cm grooved handle and 4.5 cm spring loaded probe with rounded tip (does not puncture skin). The other end features a powerful 2,000 gauss magnetic ball probe (4mm diameter) which may also be used for acupressure and acu-massage. The polarity may be changed from north to bio-south pole by removing the ball probe and reversing the magnets
Boxed with the springs

Usual price: $45.00
Second Hand Price: $25
Only has 2 springs - works perfectly.


Restoring Natural Harmony
Qigong Book & DVD (Volume 3)

by Simon Blow
Usual price: $29
Second Hand price: $21

Restoring Natural Harmony, Book No.3 Restoring Natural Harmony represents the Qigong methods taught to Simon when he was a resident student at the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. Simon worked in the Qigong department as r Xu Hongtao’s personal assistant, is book is for the advanced student or for the person wanting to learn specific Traditional Chinese Medicine self-healing exercises. Each section works on a different organ meridian system of the body – Spleen, Lungs, Kidney, Liver and Heart – which relate to the Five Elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. Guigen Qigong originated from Dr Xu Hongtao, a Qigong Specialist Doctor from the Xiyuan Hospital in Beijing. These internal exercises help regulate the meridian system bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit. "Simon Blow first visited our hospital in 2002. I was impressed with his knowledge and commitment to Qigong. He returned in 2004 to study Chinese Medical Qigong. Simon is a gifted teacher: he has the rare ability to inspire others and impart to them the healing benefits of Qigong." Dr Xu Hongtao, Qigong and Tuina Department, Xiyuan Hospital, Beijing, China. The Chinese healing arts have a long proud history of over 5000 thousand years, the art consists primarily of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises. There are thousands of different styles and systems either done standing, moving, walking, sitting or lying, Tai Chi is one popular style. Australian Qigong Master Teacher Simon Blow has created a unique series of Books, DVDs and guided meditation CDs incorporating his own healing journey from a near fatal accident at the age of nineteen to becoming an inspiring internationally renowned teacher. He has studied at monasteries in the sacred mountains of China, with Qigong Grand Masters and at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China. The exercises and meditations are presented in a clear easy to follow format, incorporating history, theory and inspiring stories of those who have improved their quality of life from practising this ancient healing art. This is not self defence martial arts but movement and meditation everyone can benefit from Qigong regardless of age, health or fitness. Simon Blow is an author of numerous books, DVDs and Audio CDs about this ancient healing art. He has been a full time professional teacher (Laoshi) since 1992; he has received training and certification from Traditional Hospitals and Daoist Monasteries in China and has been given authority to share these techniques. Simon has been initiated into Dragon Gate Daoism and given the name of Xin Si meaning Genuine Wisdom and is a 29th Generation of the ancient Dayan Wild Goose Qigong. He also is a Standing Council Member of The World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Beijing China.


Mudras Pocket Cards
Usual price: $35.00
Second Hand price: $25

These carefully illustrated (but very small) cards show how mudras can be learned in just a minute and can help to relieve tension almost immediately. Each card uses step-by-step instructions to demonstrate how to use the hands, fingers, and sometimes the entire body to form these ancient stress-relieving gestures. Mudras can be used by a large cross-section of people, from those who need to relieve the strain caused by emotionally demanding work to children as young as preschool, and they are perfectly utilized in the immediate stress-causing moment. Each of the 48 cards also contains additional information on other stress-management strategies to be used in conjunction with the mudras, making it all encompassing.




These packs normally retail between
$9 and $11 each.

Sale Price: $5 each, OR
$4 each for 5 or more
$3 each for 10 or more

Each Pack comes with a booklet
& associated product.

Feng Shui Pack: SOLD OUTr
Pendulum Pack: Booklet & Brass Pendulum
I Ching Pack: Booklet & 3 I ching Coins
Dream Pack: Booklet & Mini Dream Catcher
Meditation Pack: SOLD OUT