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Natural Health Charts
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Pictures all the Bach Flowers with their negative and positive aspects. A beautiful and informative, large wall chart. 60 x 85
cm, laminated




Contains details of Homeopathic dosages & potencies, herbs & tinctures for shock, bruises, burns & scolds, breaks & strains, bites & stings and punctures. Also contains information on rescue remedy and on the care of remedies. 60 X 42 cm, laminated


A large Australian produced chart full of information on Crystals & Gem Essences.
(A1: 60 x 85cm - laminated) Includes

  • Descriptions of the Esoteric Functions of 40 Gems & CrystalsColour
  • Picture of the 40 represented above
  • Chakra relationships and descriptions
  • Selecting and Taking the Essences
  • Manufacture of the Essences
  • Descriptions of the Blended Essences.



A4 Chart $15.00 Laminated

from...The Blossoming Heart
Book by Robbi Zeck $33.00





JVB Chakra Wall Chart (A2)

The seven main Chakras, energy centres of the subtle body, are represented in the middle. To the left you will see the five lesser known chakras of the head, as well as Ida, Pingala and Sushuma, the three energy channels going through the chakras along the spine. Under, the five elements corresponding to the first five chakras and on the right side the Yantra Mantra and explanations of many symbols.

The Chakras, their Characteristics, Associations and Reflex zones
(A3 folds to A4)


An incredible wealth of information: On the front page, the names of the chakras, their locations in and on the body, explanations of their main significance and characteristics and their representations according to traditional Indian symbolism. On the inside of the card, presented in three large tables: the literal meaning, physiological expression, senses, organs, temperaments, aromas, stones, metals, alternatives therapies, music, locations in the world, types of yoga’s, of professions, psychological aspects… associated with each chakra. The last page of the card gives rarely found information about how to work on the chakras using reflexology.



Teeth and Health
(A4 double sided)

This chart shows the relationship between dental problems and the state of organs and body parts: on the first side the organs, nerves, glands, joints, bones corresponding to each tooth are presented in a large circular table. A text explaining the theory and applications of this relation between the teeth and the rest of the body, as well as a special illustration showing the correspondence between the teeth and the segment of the spinal column are found at the back.

Foot Reflexology - Bones, Glands, Muscles
(A4 double sided)


This chart is a trove for the advanced foot reflexologist. It contains little known material. The reflexology of the muscles on the foot is derived from material published by Bourdiola French neurologist. The reflexology of the skull in the toes had been described by Fietta, a French naturopath. Furthermore a detailed reflexology of the skeleton and the glands on the foot.


Facial Reflexology
(A4 double sided)

Facial reflexology can be used like foot, hand or ear reflexology, to ease pain and generally to heal and support healing energies. One side of this chart gives the zones of the face & which areas of the body are represented in them. The reverse side gives many points with specific indications which are generally in line with the material presented in the front. The whole contains a wealth of material for those into facial work and reflexology.


Sacred Geometry
(A4 double sided)

Double sided, colour, laminated A4 chart on Sacred Geometry, specifically the 5 platonic solids and the Sphere and Merkabah. Contains pictures, descriptions and affirmations, or metaphysical statements for each. Also includes same for the Golden Mean, Labyrinth and the Flower of Life. Great for working with crystal geometry sets (see link).



All Double Sided. Sheened
$8.00 each

Colourful Chart showing the Chakras with descriptions. The reverse side describes philosophical background, awakening the Kundalini, Tantric Yoga plus a summary in tabular form.

Colourful Chart with an extensive list of over 70 crystals and their
psychological, spiritual or physical associations. Includes A-Z reverse referencing from health condition. Plus details on crystal shapes, Astrology & crystals, chakras and the Psycho-therapeutic value of crystals.

A handy desk chart that lists 40 essential oils and their benefits plus a list 40 ailments from Acne to Wounds and their recommended oils for therapy. Also includes methods for using the oils, storage and carrier oils.

High Quality CHARTS in respect to artwork, colour and information. Beautifully Presented. Heavily Sheened.

Wall Size $11 each, 49 x 34cm. Single Sided
Desk Size: $5 each, 24 x 16cm. Double Sided

Available as:
(D = Desk Size, W = Wall Size)

  • IRIDOLOGY (D&W) -Legend of both eyes, plus markings & discolorations to look for.
  • COLOUR THERAPY (D&W) - Excellent colourful chart showing chakra system, attributes, colour & personality, seasons, visualisations, auras and more.
  • YOGA (D&W) - 36 postures. Rare kind of chart
  • HOMOEOPATHY (D) - 36 Homoeopathics each with origin and illustration, plus parts used, condition characteristics, personality characteristics connected with substance and conditions used for treatment.
  • AYURVEDA (D) - Glossary of terms. Vata, Pitta & Kapa descriptions plus foods, diets, constitution and Doshas.
  • VITAMINS & MINERALS (D) - great quick reference chart for where nutrients are found (foods) and what they are good for or required for.


Facial Diagnosis
(A4 double sided)


Observing the skin and conjunctive tissue of the different zones of the face gives valuable
information about the health of a person. On the front side the areas of the face corresponding to the different organs are shown, at the back, the meaning of a number of facial characteristics is given.

Reiki Self Treatment
(A4 double sided)


Giving oneself Reiki is simple and effective. It can be done at any time, sitting, lying, standing. This chart gives the main "hand laying positions" and for each the various benefits, the corresponding
organs, body parts and chakras involved as well as affirmations and stones that can be used to reinforce those effects.

Polarity in the Energetic Body
(A4 double sided)

The concept of Polarity refers to the universal pulsation of energy - the expansion & contraction of opposing energy or poles. This chart contains brief descriptions and many of the polarity-massage points inspired by R. Stone and others. It shows use of both hands to balance these energies in the body. Many treatment combinations and description of possible effects are included.










Set of 2 laminated wall charts.
"Trigger Points - Torso" and "Trigger Points - Extremities".

Each chart illustrates and labels the muscles affected by trigger points, and shows trigger point locations with primary and secondary pain sensitive zones. Each also includes a legend that explains how to identify particular trigger points and their pain zones.

Size: 50 x 65 cm)








Colour coded chart that relates all the bones in the body to their chakras and lists the associated emotional descriptions. Also shows one how to use the chart and reference the emotions to muscles, ligaments, nerves, skin & tendons. An amazing chart with unique information. A must for Kinesiology work. 77 x 50cm, Laminated. For book see "body Is The Barometer of the Soul' in the 'Other Books' section.




Large laminated wall chart 61 x 91 cm

This beautifully coloured representation of the Chakras shows their yantra symbol and Sanskrit names. Included is an esoteric description of each chakra plus sounds and other information. Top right of chart describes the origin of the chakras.

Iridology & the Nervous System Chart
Large Desk Chart, 27x 40cm

This chart illustrates the iris map and its correlation with the cervical, thoracic and lumbar-sacral regions of the spinal nerves as they affect body functions and bowel reflex conditions.


Both the acupuncture points of the ear and the reflexology points for the hand in one chart.
A2 size (sheened) $35.00


New in General Charts

A4 Guides that fold out to 8 x A4 pages
- Full Colour, Strong & Sturdy - $13 each

Food Additives Guide

100’s of food additives are listed with their prescribed name, function, and where found, plus a rating from hazardous to safe. Also lists different group functions of additives and additives recommended to avoid by Hyperactive Children’s Support Group.

Acid - Alkaline Food Balancing Guide

389 foods & beverages are covered with their alkalising or acidifying ability rated as high/medium/low. Plus included is a Food Combing chart and explanations of acid-alkaline with pictures.

Allergies Guide

Detailed account of common allergies such as milk, peanuts, eggs wheat etc plus a brief account of less common allergies. Also includes info on the allergy sequence from first contact to system reaction, a table of symptoms and a allergies.

Chakra Guide

8 page A4 Fold Out Chart
Section by section it covers each chakra and many of their associations. There is also sections on unblocking chakras with foods, aromatherapy, crystals and mudras. Plus Chakra relationships to reflexology, glands, astrology and chakra points on animals.

Nutritional Guide

8 page A4 Fold Out Chart
It covers Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Flavonoids. Aspects covered are functions, signs of deficiencies & natural sources. The chart on the back is a quick shopping reference for the healthiest nutrition foods, in groups.

Gluten Free Guide

8 page A4 Fold Out Chart
What Is Gluten & What Does It Do?
- Coeliac Disease, Causes & Symptoms
- 352 Safe Foods, Ingredients & Additives
- 66 Not Safe Foods, Ingredients & Additives
- 45 Gluten Free Flour, Meal, Starch Alternatives.