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General Brain Gym Books
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Brain Gym Orange
by Paul & Gail Dennison

The book of EK exercises for switching on the brain for learning. Over 20 different exercises with illustrations and simple descriptions. Plus the exercises which enhance learning skills are referenced at the back of the book.


Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
by Paul & Gail Dennison

Contains more detailed explanations of each of the exercises in the 'Brain Gym' book (above), for school teachers, parents and EK instructors. The information on each exercise comes under the headings: About The Movement, Teaching Tips, Variations, Activates The Brain For, Academic Skills, Behavioural/Postural Correlates, Related Movements, History Of The Movement. The Most Popular Brain Gym Book


Hands On:
Brain Gym in the Classroom

by Cohen & Goldsmith

This book is a useful photofilled spiral bound manual that gives the teacher, parent or learner visual, step by step ideas on how to use Brain Gym movements when teaching reading, handwriting, spelling or mathematical computation. Starting with PACE Hands On invites movement, pleasure and success in to the learning process. The copious photographs of children doing Brain Gym activities are clear and easy to follow, instructive and inspirational. Most recent Brain Gym book. The photos & instructions make it the most suitable Brain Gym for ease of instruction.


Brain Gym For Business
by Paul & Gail Dennison
Brain Gym exercises set out for business people and business circumstances




by Paul Dennison

Reclaiming the Pleasure of Learning

Paul Dennison is the founder of Brain Gym and co founder of the world wide modality of Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K). In this book he tells how he overcame severe learning challenges to become an internationally known educator and shares his vision of children and adults learning in a way that is most natural: through movement. An enlightening story of discovery that is both inspirational and informative.


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Learning Gym
by Erich Ballinger

Fun To Do Activities For Success At School
Contains the key Brain Gym exercises presented in a very readable and cheerful manner for both kids and adults. It offers a wonderful introduction to Brain Gym, providing brief and simplified explanations of left/right brain activation and learning, along with a short description of the Brain Gym program. Eleven Brain Gym movements are included with playful descriptions of how to do each movement, a more in-depth note on "when & why' and clear illustrations of those activities. The graphics in this book allow for children to appreciate the content.


Switch On Your Brain
by A.Parker & M. Stuart

A chapter-by-chapter account of all the practical aspects of EK, including topics such as stress release, self esteem, spelling and the EK switching on exercises.

A guide to better reading, concentration & coordination


Edu-K For Kids
by Paul & Gail Dennison
Out of Print

The basic EK Book which has been written for children to use as well as adults. Contains a storyline written in a child's handwriting with illustrations on each page. Also contains a back section for a more detailed understanding of the techniques (including repatterning procedure).


by Carla Hannaford

Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head

Smarts Moves is a groundbreaking book that present’s the body's role in thinking and learning in a popular readable format, supported by
scientific research. Neurophysiologist and Brain Gym educator, Carla Hannaford, tells us why we must move - and shows us how to move to fully activate our learning potential. Her remarkable insights will be of great and immediate value to all learners & educators. Contains the best information on the science behind Brain Gym and related movements. Chapters on: Neural Networks, Sensory Experience, The Role of Emotion, Movement, Brain Gym, Water, Oxygen & Nutrition, Stress, Labelling, Drugs, Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders.
A bestseller that has been translated into 9 languages.

by Carla Hannaford Ph.D. $44.00

How knowing your dominant eye, ear, brain, hand & foot can improve your learning
Neurophysiologist and author of 'Smart Moves', Carla Hannaford explores an area that has long intrigued scientists and educators: the linkages between the side of the body we favour for seeing, hearing, touching and moving and the way we think, learn, work , play and relate to others. Your Dominance profile is actually a key factor in shaping the way you think and act. Knowing your profile will help you and your children to learn in the way that suits you best. Carla provides a simple method for determining dominance profiles - expanded to 32 different profiles


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Educate Your Brain
by Kathy Brown

In Educate Your Brain, Kathy Brown has brought together the simplified basics of the Brain Gym program. The first chapters go step-by-step through the pace process, describing the four Brain Gym movements that are its components, and how they work together as the perfect boost for living and learning. The middle chapters explore diverse elements of theory and practice, from understanding the balance process and why movement is necessary for learning and reading, to exploring whole-brain processing, The Three Dimensions, and more. The final chapters illustrate how Brain Gym can be used in a wide variety of situations throughout life: the workplace, in sports, in the classroom, as a personal growth and stress management tool, and in the home. Throughout, she uses stories of clients, and the text includes over 70 photographs, charts, and illustrations. Paul Dennison, co-creator of the Brain Gym program, says: “I found it a joy to read this book.”

Your Body Has the Answer is self help guide to kinesiology that allows one to explore the cause of one’s ailment and discover the best treatment for it.

The book is divided into 4 parts:
1. How to Use this book - identifying & looking up conditions.
2. Self Testing Techniques - simple techniques to allow you to ask your body questions.
3. 50 Common Ailments - from acne to yeast infections
4. Treatment Applications - Descriptions on applying the treatments for each condition in 3 above.

The bulk of the book is taken up by Part 3 above. Each condition has 2 pages of corrections or treatments in the form of affirmations, meridian work, essences, oils,
reflex points, etc.

A full colour, glossy, professional presentation


by Sharon Promislow

A Playful Guide to Releasing Mental, Physical & Emotional Blocks to Success

Fantastic workbook blending leading brain research with simple techniques from TFH, EK and One Brain etc. Set out in clearly identifiable Sections with copious
illustrations for children and adults alike, 'Making the Brain/Body Connection' is a marvellous book for children, parents, teachers and Kinesiology personnel.

Over 174 pages. Very easy to read & follow. Chapters include:
* Introduction to kinesiology & brain/body integration * Where am I now * Where I want to be * How to measure my progress *Stress * Brain Organization profiles * Brain/Body Communication * Emotional Balancers * Sharpening Your senses (Vision, Hearing etc.) * Fine Tuning * Putting it all together


Move With Balance
by Karen Peterson

Healthy Aging Activities for Brain and Body

This large format book is a very well produced and presented manual of Brain Gym and other exercises for older adults. It contains passionate, playful movements and rich sensory experiences that grow new nerve cells, increase flexibility, alertness & balance, as well as building mental agility, confidence and a sense of safety.

The pages are clear & colourful, with great photographs and descriptions. Book purchasers can take the activities a step further by registering on line for free video viewing or printing off cards.

Award winner from the American Society of Aging

To view all Brain Gym materials and many more related products go to our sister website at: www.braingym.com.au