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Audio & Visual Materials
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(Vol 1)
by Brendan O'Hara $35.00

Delightful compositions to aid children with their EK exercises. Includes cassette of EK exercise songs with accompanying book of words and music. The book also includes drawings and descriptions of the activities accompanying the songs, plus 10 pages of theory relevant to Integration.


(Vol. 2) by Brendan O'Hara $35.00

Wombat & His Mates Music
Book & CD
More songs, music & exercises from Brendan O’Hara for improving all facets of learning. Great for groups of children ages 3- 8, in the home or at school.


by Brendan O'Hara $35.00
Long awaited CD from the master of games & activities for learning enhancement; Brendan O’Hara. Includes illustrations and explanations & 2 bean bags.
The bean Bag Ditties CD contains simple melodies to be sung whilst performing the Beanbag Games & activities. Besides being fun and helping with coordination generally, these games and activities, which are illustrated and explained inside the front cover, help integrate Primitive & Postural Reflexes. They will assist with balance, vision, spatial & auditory awareness, gross & fine motor skills, brain integration, fluency over the midline which in turn will assist with reading, coordination, writing, concentration and calmness.


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Brain Gym Pace CD
by Tessarose Productions

Music for encouraging young children to complete Brain Gym movement. Music and verse written for Brain Gym Pace exercises in a number of versions for variety (Folk, Jazz, Piano, Drums Flute). The first version includes verbal clues on how to do the exercises. Professional production

Look At Me I'm Moving DVD
by Tessarose Productions

Action Songs for Sensory Perceptual Motor Programmes (SPMP), from the authors of the Brain Gym Pace CD and other audio/visuals. This DVD is a for ages 3-7 years and contains no less than 22 songs for teachers & parents working with groups of children. It is a superb production and includes song selection and extras. There is also an introduction to the DVD as well as an a commentary to each song that explains fully what is going on. Examples include crossing the midline, ball play, and rhythm, all with playful themes. Excellent material in an important area that is lacking in audio/visual material. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Brain Gym Cassette
by Jennie Jacobs

This cassette presents four 15 minute sessions of 'Brain Gym' exercises accompanied by relaxing music. Excellent for children and adults for the facilitation of whole brain integration & learning.

Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘At Risk’ Adolescents with Brain Gym (CD-Rom)
by Gillian Stuart

This CD-Rom is a compilation of research from Australian Kinesiologist Gillian Stuart. It contains 7 parts:
1. THESIS - Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘At Risk’ Adolescence with Brain Gym
2. Power Point Presentation - Using Physical exercise to Enhance Learning & Positive Behaviour (Staff In-Service) 3. History of the Research (20 years)
4. Kinesiology Conference Sydney 2009 - Paper
5. Power Point Presentation (of above conference presentation)
6. Power Point Presentation - Students Workshop Physical Exercise. 7. ‘The Schizophrenic Pattern’ - article by George Goodheart (founder of Applied Kinesiology).


To view all Brain Gym materials and many more related products go to our sister website at: www.braingym.com.au


Brain Activation DVD
by Irena Kirpichnikova

Switch on:
Comprehension, Communication, Coordination, Memory, Language, Stress Release, Vision, Concentration, Maths Skills, Sports & Mental Energy.

The Brain Activation DVD is great presentation of all the wonderful exercises in kinesiology, that people the world over have come to know & love. What is different about this presentation however is the DVD format that allows for immediate access to the activation/exercise one requires plus the explanations accompanying the visual material are very helpful. This DVD is a professional production and allows for easy use and understanding of the content.

The main program introduces the brain activation movements and how they can be used, when, who and what for. The brain activation movements themselves cover nutrition, water, eye tracking, deep breathing, alphabet 8’s, Elbow & hip 8’s, various switch on points and muscle releases as well as stress release - almost 20 activations in total.

Get Ready For School 2 DVD Set
by Robyn Cox (update edition) $45
This DVD explores the importance of children’s physical & sensory development and why learning & behavioural problems may develop.
It is an excellent introduction to retained reflexes, importantly, showing how to text or check for them. The remaining information is entirely practical offering activities for kinder and primary schools to address the issues.

2 DVD Set of over 3 hours material. Second DVD contains all new material in addition to previous publication.

Smart Fitness Workout DVD

Brain based physical fitness routines for all children 4 to 11 years old.

The DVD has 3 sections
1. Movement Rationale (Explanation)
2. 8 x Movement and Music Fitness Routines
3. Active Nutrition Games

The 8 Fitness Routines cover a wide spectrum of movements including Brain Gym exercises. Fitness Routine #7 is made up of BG exercises with music at 60 beats per minute for optimisation.

This is a very colourful, professional production, and importantly, easy to use and follow.


To view all Brain Gym materials and many more related products go to our sister website at: www.braingym.com.au