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Kinesiology Conference Journals

2018 AIK Kinesiology Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AIK Kinesiology Conference,
Melbourne February 2018.

  • How Kinesiology can Assist with MS & Autoimmune Disease by Amanda Campbell
  • The Meaning of Emotions - Do You Live Your Emotional truth? by John Holodnak
  • Colour and tone your Relationships - What we See, Hear & Sense by Sherril Taylor
  • Trauma Healing by Parijat Wismer
  • Millenium Calendar by Jean Sheahan
  • The HPU Condition by Hugo Tobar
  • The History & Development of Kinesiology in Australia by Michael Wild
  • Sit Still, Concentrate & Learn! Why that’s too hard for some learners by Dr. Chris Payard
  • Quantum Complementarity by Dr. Michael Christian
  • The 4 Critical Steps to Wellness by David Corby
  • The Impact of Primitive & Underdeveloped Postural Reflexes on Physiological Foundation for Development, Learning & Behavior by Heather Pollack
  • Wholistic Community and the Art of Sacred Living by Kerryn Sedgman
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities by Gordon Dickson
  • Are Your Genes Mutating by Jennifer Beasley
  • The Essence of Change - Making Change Easy by Geraldine Gallagher

Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AKA National Kinesiology Conference, October 2017, Melbourne

  • Embryology: The Scientific Way To Describe Meridians by Marco Rado
  • Pelvic Problems Affecting Sciatica by Danny Liddell
  • Integrating Kinesiology and Flower Therapy by Brendan Rohan
  • Acupressure Formatting by Charles Krebs* An Investigation into the Efficacy of PKP in
  • Improving the Quality and Quantity of Sleep by Jenne Burns
  • Kinesiology & Healthy Aging by Parijat Wismer
  • In Focus: Vision, Mind and Body by Michael Christian
  • The Reptilian Vagus & Burnout by Hugo Tobar
  • Ethical Super for Kinesiologists by Mary Campbell
  • Mental Health Issues and How To Help by Gordon Dickson
  • How Many Brains Do We Have by Marco Rado
  • Balancing Gardasil Issues by Philip Rafferty
  • Aligning Your Thriving Heart Centered Business with The Greater Vision For All by Robbi Zeck


2016 AKA
Conference Journal

The journal of papers/ presentations from the annual AKA Kinesiology Conference, Adelaide, October 2016.

  • The Power of Music and Movement by Veronica Steer
  • Oops!...We did it again: Sugar and Fat by Carla Evans
  • Why Can’t I have a Good relationship? by Gordon Dickson
  • Outline of AcuNeuroSynch and Recovery from Brain Injury by Charles T Krebs
  • The Imposter Phenomenon by Jane Tancred
  • Our Consciousness: the Hidden Realities by Peter Smith
  • Sexuality and Kinesiology - Enhancing Relationships by Parijat Wismer
  • Consciousness, Stress and Formatting by Hugo Tobar
  • The Latest on Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia and CFS by Philip Rafferty
  • Working Smarter with Kinesiology by Bernard Carson
  • Your Head on Your Body by Andrew Verity
  • Research in Action, Lets Do It: An Experiential Seminar ‘The Edge Effect’ by Robyn Kirk & Elizabeth Guida
  • Addressing The Causes of all Chronic Diseases by Anke Koelman
  • Optimising People’s Lives - Occupational Therapy and Kinesiology by Veronica Steer
  • Future Proofing your Kinesiology Business via Social Media by Kerry Heritage


2015 AKA Kinesiology Conference Journal

The journal of papers/presentations from the 32nd National Conference of the Australian
Kinesiology Association,
Brisbane, October 2015.

  • Nutrition, History and Kinesiology by Henry Osiecki
  • Probiotics: The Importance of Strain Specificity by Sunaina Patel
  • Emotions and Stress by Hugo Tobar
  • Kinesiology Research by Susan Koschel-Gatenby
  • Chakra Psychology by Maureen Callister
  • Claims and Cover by Jaclyn Lees & Josh Hardwick
  • What Type Are You? by Robyn Kirk
  • Integration of Different Streams of Information by Andrew Verity
  • A Return to Wisdom in Business by Natalie Wareham
  • Contraction to Extension by Danny Liddell
  • The Winds of Change by Geraldine Gallagher
  • Miracles, Placebos and Spontaneous Remission by Anna McRobert










Manual of Structural Kinesiology
by Thompson & Floyd, 19th edition.

Structural Kinesiology is the study of muscles as they are involved in the science of movement. This manual would be of interest to kinesiologists and those studying anatomy & physiology where a more detailed analysis of the muscular/skeletal system is required. Includes photographs and copious clear diagrams as well as detailed descriptions one would expect from a professional text. For each muscle there is described: origin, insertion, action, palpation, innervation, functional application and strengthening. Joints, bones and movements are similarly attended to. Excellent as a general resource, particularly for kinesiology instructors teaching. Includes internet access.

Muscles: Testing & Function
by Kendall, McCreay & Provance

New edition (with CD-Rom) of this classic of manual muscle testing. Contains professional photographs and diagrams of muscles and testing positions of over 90 muscles plus details on facial & eye muscles. Also contains chapters on cranial and spinal nerves, posture, joint motions, pain exercises and more.
Hardcover. 450 gloss pages.


Atlas of Manipulative Techniques
for the Cranium & Face
by Alain Gehin

With more than 100 illustrated techniques, this professional hardcover manual is the single most comprehensive source of cranial techniques available. Organised by bone, each technique is illustrated with finely rendered drawings depicting placement and movement. The accompanying text systematically describes the purpose of the technique, the positioning, the points of contact, and movements of the hand and fingers is relation to the cranial motion.


The Essence of Sound
by Evelyn Mulders

Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing for the Meridians, Chakras, Auric Field & Figure Eight Energies

This beautifully presented book is an encyclopedia of sound & energy medicine by Canadian Kinesiologist Evelyn Mulders. Best described in the words of Donna Eden, world renowned Energy Medicine author: “The Essence of Sound is a welcome, comprehensive, and highly sophisticated guide to the body energy systems. It teaches one how to use sounds, herbs, crystals, aromas, colours & affirmations to orchestrate the energies of one’s meridians, chakras, auras and figure eight energies, into a beautiful symphony. Beyond this, it integrates the body’s complex energy systems into an encyclopedic guide we can all use and understand. I recommend it highly”. Presented in paperback size but is colour coded for easy reference and coated wire bound for easy use. 350 pages.


Holographic Muscle Monitoring
by Utt, Krebs & Dickson

An important book about the physiology of muscle testing and holographic principles from Applied Physiology. Includes diagrams (some in colour) & extensive explanations, chapter by chapter, on:

  • The Physiology of Muscle Testing
  • Muscle Monitoring and the Meridian Matrix
  • The Seven Chemo/Electrical States of a Muscle
  • Proprioception, Contraction and Extension of Muscles
  • Pre checks
  • Pause Lock
  • Finger Modes and Indicator Points
  • Neurolymphatic & Neurovascular reflexes
  • Major Muscles of Applied Physiology
  • Five Element Pattern of Applied Physiology Muscle





Update on HEBS books
(Steven Rochlitz)

Two new titles (see last 2 books) from Steve Rochlitz of Human Ecology Balancing Sciences - kinesiology research & development since the 1980’s

Allergies & Candida

Back In print & in 5th edition, this classic from Steve was originally published 26 years ago.
A complete, illustrated guide to Allergies, Candida & Kinesiology. Contains informative accounts of both allergies & candida and related matters like Parasites and CEBV, Kinesiology techniques on allergy based problems such as fatigue, dyslexia, withdrawal complaints and so on.

Supercharge Your Heart in Seconds

This is the Revised version of the previously out of print tile: ‘Why Do Music Conductors Live into their 90’s:
The simple, revolutionary discovery that can make you live longer, increase your stamina & stretch, and normalize your blood pressure in minutes. Includes the illustrated Rochlitz Heart and Brain Integration Exercises. For longevity (anti-aging) fatigue, brain fog, hypertension, MS, and athletic performance.

'The Hole in the Heart:
Which 1 out of 3 of us Has',

‘Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability In Chronic & Environmental Illness’

2 books in one - 2nd edition.

Learn the hidden but common cause of migraines and strokes, and the link with CEI. An Amazing Breakthrough In Understanding Allergies, MCS, Hiatal Hernia and Chronic Illness and more.

Hiatal Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance:
A Missing Link To Chronic Illness, Allergies and Longevity.


Now in 3rd Edition with illustrations, including corrections for the Hiatal Hernia, Vagus Nerve, and the Diaphragm. The Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and the Vagus Nerve Imbalance is involved in: Breathlessness, MCS and EMFS, Food Sensitivities , Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fatigue, Some heart problems, Asthma, Anxiety/Panic attacks, Hypersensitivity of the senses including: hearing--hyperacusis, smell, vision, Sleep apnea, Gerd/Reflux NOTE: Much of this book, is included in the Porphyria book (below).

PORPHYRIA: The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic & Environmental Illnesses
by Steven Rochlitz, PhD
New Edition 2012 (previously titled:
Beyond Allergies & Candida

Steve Rochlitz has been a researcher and pioneer in the Kinesiology field for nearly 30 years. He is most famous worldwide for his Allergies & Candida book published in the 1980’s and his Human Ecology Balancing Sciences modality. ‘Beyond Allergies & Candida’ is essentially a culmination of his life’s work in holistic health and for him represents the last pieces of the puzzle that is chronic & environmental illnesses.

According to the author: This hidden problem (Porphyria) is often “the final piece of the puzzle” for many chronic illnesses, and/or environmental illnesses. Porphyria is NOT a “rare disease,” rather 20% of Mankind has a porphyria genetic defect that shows itself after stress, toxicity, drugs, or microorganism—Candida, parasites, viruses—overgrowth. Once the porphyria is active, people then become chronically ill, or very “allergic.” Until this crucial book, both patients and practitioners have not known what is really going on, for much illness & allergies! This is the first and only holistic/integrative book published on porphyria


NEW. Crucial Updates to Porphyria:
Updates to above Porphyria Book -
Mast Cell Disease & more. Latest discoveries and thinking. Also for the most difficult cases and more help for MCS, Fybromylgia, Food
Sensitivities etc. A must have follow up to the above Porphyria text. $33.00






NEW. Oscar Pistorius: The Possible Porphyria Factor
Learn how to detect when hidden porphyria, and several other hidden factors, can lead to rage, impulsivity, and other behavioural problems. Called “riveting” by many readers. $29.00