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'What is Kinesiology' style books..............


by Jane Thurnell-Read

A fantastic ‘What is Kinesiology’ type book that is both detailed and broad across the Kinesiology field. Learn about the history of
kinesiology and the different systems that have evolved: Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, Kinergetics, PKP, Three In One and more (30 systems covered). Read about the key concepts & terms, and also about corrections methods and what
happens in a session. Includes case studies from around the world and accounts of how practitioners and system developers got involved in this amazing therapy. As the newest publication of its kind, this book is up to date with its information and also is unsurpassed as a detailed introduction to the field. Great for the public, for beginning students and for the kinesiologist wishing to loan or hand out, or use a reference.

Principles of Kinesiology
by Maggie La Tourelle & Anthea Courtenay

What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you (Revised Edition 2013)

A classic ‘What Is Kinesiology’ paperback from the UK, that has been revised and back in print.

Chapters & Sections Include:
Foreword by John F. Thie, D.C. Introduction. Some
Definitions. What is Kinesiology? Muscle Testing. Energy. Balance and Imbalance.;
1. The Development of Kinesiology.
2. How Kinesiology Can Help.
3. Visits to a Kinesiologist.
4. Kinesiology Assessments.
5. Balancing: Corrections and Treatment.
6. Branches of Kinesiology.
. Kinesiology as an Adjunct to Holistic Medicine.
*. The Future. Conclusion.
Appendix A: Touch for Health -
Summary of Workshop Content.; Appendix B: Principle
International Kinesiology Organizations.
200 pages


How Kinesiology Works
by Danny Liddell

Get to know Kinesiology from a prominent Australian Kinesiologist and Kinesiology college principle, Danny Liddell. How Kinesiology Works is a great introduction to Kinesiology. It covers all the basics of the field, plus how Kinesiology helps, as well the types of Kinesiology and techniques for using on oneself.

The great thing about this book compared to many others that introduce Kinesiology is that it is Australian produced and published and therefore makes all the material relevant in this country. It is easy to read but broad enough to give a full informative picture. Danny has a good style with his presentation. Recommended for any one new to the field or for Kinesiology professionals to have on hand on the bookshelf, clinic table or to pass around.

What the Bleep Is Kinesiology?
by Marrs Coiro et al

A Quantum Journey

Explains the workings of Kinesiology in a unique way by linking it to both Newtonian and Quantum models. Beautifully illustrated and easy to read, this 66 page booklet is a fresh look at Kinesiology for the layperson & student (or established Kinesiologist looking for another way of explaining things).

Covers quantum mechanics, unified field, holographic ideas as it relates to muscle testing and some of its uses (indicator testing, scanning etc.) plus the relevance of the energy
systems and aspects of muscle testing for stress, emotions, nutrition etc. - all in simple and importantly very brief
explanations - such is its purpose. Pictorial as well.


Your Body Doesn't Lie
by Dr. John Diamond

An introduction to the benefits of Muscle Testing or Kinesiology. Explores muscle testing your thymus gland, life energy, cerebral balance, emotions, music, food, posture and environment.



Life Energy
by John Diamond

Dr. Diamond's popular book relating the Acupuncture Meridians to Emotions. Achieve maximum Life Energy by balancing meridians and their emotions. Reduce negative emotional states (hatred, anger, jealousy etc.) and increase positive emotions (love, faith, courage etc.)


Success Over Distress
by Wayne Topping Ph.D

A practical workbook on Stress Release that is well illustrated and both easy to read and follow. Very suitable for the layperson and beginners in Kinesiology.



Accurate Muscle Testing For Balancing Foods & Meridians
A basic how to book on testing foods and supplements. Includes the nutritional reflexes, finger modes for testing Nutrition, Candida, De-Tox and Priorities plus section on Balancing Meridians.







Stress Less with Ezi-Kinesi CD & Booklet
by Christine Ammann

Body & Mind Tune Up with Acupressure,
Muscle & Stress Release.


4 minute Quick Fix

A combination of gentle music and guided kinesiology based techniques for stress and body mind tuning.

Track 1: Tune Up Routine (4 min.)
Track 2: Wind Down Routine (4min.)

A combination of the fundamental kinesiological type exercises presented in handy palm sized booklet. Pictures are in full colour accompanied by ‘how to’ explanations and ‘what for’ descriptions (purpose). There are 16 exercises in all, from ESR to Switching to TMJ Release. A colourful handy booklet that will appeal to all, especially children.


No More Jet Lag
by Charles Krebs

Eliminate Jet Lag with Acupressure

This classic little pocket decoder from Kinesiology Researcher and Developer, Charles Krebs has been used by thousands the world over to assist with Jet Lag issues. Take it with you when travelling overseas and follow the instructions to make life more comfortable crossing those time zones. Buy single or as a pack of ten to give to friends, clients or re sell.

$9.00 each OR
$54 per pack of 12 that comes with a stand and sign.