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Emotions & Metaphysical Causes
of ill Health

The Key to Self Liberation
by Christiane Beerlandt
Out of print.

Waiting on new printing or edition mid 2017.
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1000 Diseases and their Psychological Origins

This huge work shows the psychological-emotional origins and solutions of disease, illnesses and symptoms, in a 700 plus page hardcover volume. The first part of the book offers innovative philosophical viewpoints and practical guidelines to take your own life in hand. The second part contains entries about 1000 diseases including symbolism of the organs and other parts of the body. Every ailment or condition is covered in significant detail. The Key to Self Liberation is a wealth of information - the largest compendium ever written on the metaphysical or underlying causes of ill health. An excellent & Extremely Valuable Reference !

Your Body's telling You Love Yourself
by Lise Bourbeau

A Complete Book on Metaphysical Causes of Illnesses & Diseases

A comprehensive guide to the causes of over 500 illness & diseases from an author with over 25 years research in the field of metaphysics and personal health. Lise Bourbeau is an international speaker and workshop presenter. Her book has become a bible for referencing the underlying causes of physical issues. It is a best-seller now printed in 3 languages. Each health issue is accompanied by physical, emotional, mental & spiritual ‘block’. Alphabetised for easy use. Over 550 pages. She has also written ‘Listen to Your Body, Your Best Friend on Earth’ & Heal Your Wounds (below)

Metaphysical Anatomy
Volume One

by Evette Rose

This is a huge 750 page compendium on the metaphysical relationships and causes of disease & ill health. It covers 100’s of health conditions, both physical and mental. It also includes other dysfunctions not normally covered in these types of books such as addictions,
allergies, birth issues, phobias, toxicity etc.

This would have to be considered a bible of ‘references’ for metaphysical/emotional causations. Each condition is covered in detail, offering information
under the heading of Emotions and of Key Points. Some common areas of disease or dysfunction cover a few pages.

In Metaphysical Anatomy Volume One the author also covers instructions and guidelines on how to improve the issues by pointing out what blocks to work on.

Before the book gets into the A-Z reference, the initial chapters cover many topics including:
Fundamental Healing Concepts: Dissociating Trauma; Surgical Intervention & healing; Self Sabotage; Taking Responsibility; Genetic Disorders; Emotions; Working with Clients & much more.

This is really a large reference manual not a book. Excellent, valuable material.

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Volume 2
by Evette Rose

NOTE: This is a new edition of the previous volume 2 but it is essentially a new publication. Metaphysical Anatomy Technique V2 explains the core foundation and healing technique behind Metaphysical Anatomy V1 (see below). The old volume 2 was a synopsis of volume 1, but this new edition is a title that stands alone even if one already has the old Volume 2. As it suggests it is more about the technique and practice of the Metaphysical Anatomy concept and covers the conditions activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life. A valuable and important book. Metaphysical Anatomy volume 1 has been a best seller for some time. It is a guide for identifying the psychosomatic patterns & metaphysical causations related to 679 medical conditions. Available at $125.00 - a larger format & very ‘fat’ book of 730 pages.
Volume One. It is 174 pages.

Heal Your Wounds
by Lisa Boubeau

From Lise Boubeau, author of the best selling ‘Your Body’s Telling You Love Yourself’. Heal Your Wounds demonstrates that all problems stem from 5 important wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, Betrayal & injustice. This book contains detailed descriptions of these wounds and of the masks we’ve developed to hide them.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die
by Karol K. Truman

Revised & Updated. The Book recommended by Therapists to their Clients

A book on the story of ‘feelings’ that changes lives. Karol Truman explains feelings and energy vibrations. She speaks of where feelings begin (from before birth onwards) and tells you why you feel the way you do, based on where feelings start. She then goes on to explain how one can easily transform undesirable feelings so that they no longer hinder your growth. Imported especially by Equilibrium due to demand.

Healing Feelings... From Your Heart
by Karol Truman

The follow up book to the bestselling “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die’

In her previous book ‘Feelings Buried Alive Never Die’, Karol Truman addressed the importance of resolving ‘buried’ feelings and the concept of ‘scripting’. Now in her follow up book Karol shares the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the ‘Feelings....’ seminars and from thousands of individuals she has counselled since the her ‘Feelings...’ book. She provides new insights and additional tools for helping readers to realise the full potential of their Be-ing. Imported especially by Equilibrium after the success of the ‘Feelings Buried Alive Never Die’


Living Threads
by Morning Clouds
$220.00 HC

A Colour Manual of over 2000 Dynamic & Powerful Vibratory Energies

Living Threads is beautifully presented hardcover large format reference manual that has culminated from Mornings Cloud’s decades of work with Colour Cotton Therapy.

The cottons used to make the frequencies pictured in this full colour book are 100% pure. 440 shades are combined by using various measurements and wavelengths and folded to form rosettes of frequencies that cover a broad variety of the human condition.

The quintessence of each substance being held by the colour vibration is available for any imbalance or dysfunction. From Respiratory issues to Allergies to Vaccinations, the colour cotton weaves become a resonant frequency for self healing and body, mind & spirit change.

This publication is absolutely unique and stands alone in both presentation and potential use. It includes selection methods, page by page contents which expands out to a 1000 plus item index at the back.




'More' Emotions & Metaphysical Causes of ill Health


Your Body Speaks Your Mind Book & CD
by Debbie Shapiro

Learn to interpret your body’s ‘Language of Symptoms’. This book shows you how mastering the language of your symptoms can actually increase your potential for healing. And how unresolved psycho/emotional issues can affect your physical health, how feelings and thoughts are linked to specific body parts, and steps you can take to heal your body with your mind and to heal your mind with your body. The first section of the book goes through the language of your body, thoughts & emotions as well listening to your body speak. The second section goes through all the body parts and pathologies. Includes a CD with 2 Guided Meditations for listening and responding to the messages from your body.


The Secret Language of Your Body
by Inna Segal $30.00

This new book explores parts of the body, giving possible reasons for problems in specific areas and offering step by step method to assist in returning health and balance. It also reveals the underlying energetic causes of over 200 symptoms and medical conditions. An invaluable reference guide for traditional and alternative therapists and anyone interested in the inner workings of the human body, self healing & wellbeing

Your Body is the Barometer of Your Soul
by Annette Noontil


This wonderful companion to any clinic or home bookshelf relates all the metaphysical causations for ill health and disease and includes on its pages, in colour, the Skeletal Emotion Chakra Chart (see page 13). If you found Louise Hayes 'Heal Your Body' book a handy reference then this one will add much more to your resources. A wealth of information and well worth it!!

One Thousand Petalled Lotus
by Annette Noontil

Author of the best selling‘ Body Is the Barometer of the Soul’

More words of wisdom from this best selling author. Takes one through personal & spiritual growth using the information from the chakras as a basis. Contains over 100 numbered inspirational paragraphs & pointers, in the process.


How Emotions Are Made
by Lisa Feldman Barrett

The Secret Life of the Brain

When you feel anxious, angry, happy, or surprised, what’s really going on inside you? Most scientists would agree that emotions come from specific parts of the brain, and that we feel them whenever they’re triggered by the world around us. This understanding of emotion has been around since Aristotle. But what if it’s wrong? In How Your Emotions Are Made, pioneering psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett draws on the latest scientific evidence to reveal that our ideas about emotion are dramatically, even dangerously, out of date - and that we have been paying the price. Emotions don’t exist objectively in nature, Barrett explains, and they aren’t pre-programmed in our brains and bodies; rather, they are psychological experiences that each of us constructs based on our unique personal history, physiology and environment. Has serious implications individually and for society as a whole. A big read at 420 pages!


Biogenealogy Sourcebook

Healing the Body by Resolving Traumas of the Past.

A practical guide to understanding the relationship between emotions, organs systems and disease. The beauty of this book is the detail in covering all the organ systems of the body and their anatomical parts. For example the emotional relationship to 17 different parts of the Digestive System is covered, as well as the diseases or upsets of the system. Amazing & Unique material. Large paperback format.

Talk To Your Cells Booklet
by Elaine Croker
This little reference booklet is collection of 95 emotional, spiritual & physical stress releases, based on Elaine’s concept of changing your life by instructing your cells to behave has you choose. Included are step by step instructions on accessing each of the 95 stress releases, which in themselves are full of wisdom, making this booklet a must for any home or clinic.
Also Available by Elaine Croker:
Talk to Your Cells & Become Your Own Creator $25
Who Am I: The Discovery of Me $25
Humanity’s Role: In the Evolution of the Soul $25
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You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay

A most powerful and popular book about clearing blocks and working with affirmations and personal development.


Heal Your Body
by Louise Hay

The extensive list of metaphysical causes for diseases and illnesses. Contains affirmations for every condition.


Understanding the Message of Your Body
By Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.

How to Interpret Physical & Emotional Signals to Achieve Optimum Health

Stresses and trauma accumulate in areas of the body that Dr. Barral calls our ‘weakest link’. This book discusses each organ and its complex relationship with the rest of the body, explaining how pain can originate with an emotional upset that creates distress in an organ, or how a physically damaged organ can cause emotional problems. Also covered are detailed analyses of various “types” of human personality and the physical-emotional complexes and related organ dysfunctions that accompany them. The author offers advice and encouragement to improve physical, psychological, and emotional health that can be used by both professional therapists and the public. Can also be used as a reference.


Book of Human Emotions
by Tiffany Watt Smith
$30.00 HC

An Encyclopedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust

This book is about the story of over 150 different emotions and how their context is important in describing their meaning. Emotions are perceived and performed in different ways and can be defined and understood through cultural context, for example.

Both the familiar emotions and rare emotions are covered. Each has it own story and history. This is not a book about technical definitions and categorising emotions, but glimpses into historical pasts and current cultural politics of emotions, shedding light on why we feel the way we do today.

The emotions are described as such in alphabetical order for easy reference. One can read the entries page after page, or just flick through until something catches the eye. A great hard cover book for the reference shelf, or for personal or clinical use.


The Healing Power of Illness
by T. Dethelefsen & R. Dahlke MD

Understand what your symptoms are telling you. When you see symptoms as bodily expressions of psychological or spiritual conflicts, you can use the them as guides to heal. Every disease pattern expresses in a certain way, every organ or region of the body has a particular significance. Chapter by Chapter, piece by piece this book explores beautifully how the physical map of our health and wellbeing has its own psycho-spiritual counterpart.

“Old classic” - now back in print after a long absence.





Reiki & Hands on Healing

by Diane Stein

A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art.

The first book on the subject to present the full information on all three degrees of this healing system. One of the most popular reiki books in print, from a dedicated and experienced author.
Other books available by Diane Stein:


by Dr. Mikao Usui & Frank Petter

For the first time available outside of Japan

This book will show you the original hand positions from the developer of the Reiki system who founded the original Japanese Reiki organisation. It has been illustrated with 100 photos and the hand positions for a great variety of health complaints have been listed in detail.


Quantum Touch Books

The New
by Richard Gordon

Quantum Touch 2.0

The founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon is a recognized pioneer in the field of energy healing. The famous Quantum Touch Series has been expanded and upgraded with this new title designated as Quantum Touch 2.0. Practitioners can convert heart awareness into a tangible, potent healing instrument, allowing anyone to access the innate human ability to heal not only ourselves and each other, but our planet. Through simple exercises, you will quickly and comfortably begin to use some astonishing lost, forgotten or unknown healing abilities. You will learn to achieve practical results by focusing and amplifying your love - which is much more powerful than just an electrochemical reaction in the brain.

“Quantum Touch 2.0 is true energy medicine. This technique is cutting-edge, and its easy to learn. I have seen it produce immediate results. Once this information goes global we will experience a major decline in all health challenges” - Howard Elkin MD.

Quantum Touch teaches you to use special breathing and body focusing techniques to raise your energy level so high that with a light touch, you can see postural corrections spontaneously occur as bones gently glide back into their correct alignment. Beyond this, pain and inflammation can be reduced and healing profoundly accelerated. The work is so easy that children can naturally learn to do it, yet so powerful it is endorsed by physicians, acupuncturists and chiropractors. A wonderful adjunct to professional clinic, or home help situation. Well set out book with many diagrams. Sold by Equilibrium due to popular demand.

Also available by request

Quantum Touch - Advanced Techniques (2009)
Quantum Touch - Core Transformation (2007)
Quantum Touch - Power To Heal (1999, 2006)