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Get Ready For School 2 DVD Set
by Robyn Cox (update edition) $45
This DVD explores the importance of children’s physical & sensory development and why learning & behavioural problems may develop.
It is an excellent introduction to retained reflexes, importantly, showing how to text or check for them. The remaining information is entirely practical offering activities for kinder and primary schools to address the issues.

2 DVD Set of over 3 hours material. Second DVD contains all new material in addition to previous publication.

The Tapping Solution DVD

An excellent documentary film that explores the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a tapping technique based on ancient Chinese acupressure and modern kinesiology. Covers people’s experiences of the technique with PTSD, chronic back pain, fears & phobias, addictions and more. Includes commentary from people like Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor & Joe Vitale. Eye opening viewing on this technique..


Energy Mismatch DVD
by Jane Thurnell-Read

This DVD goes into great detail explaining and demonstrating the Energy Mismatch (EM) technique from ‘Health Kinesiology’. (Briefly EM is where the body recognises toxins as appropriate or nutrients as inappropriate). Jane describes this technique as ‘profound’ and forms the basis of much her work and success in Kinesiology, especially that related to allergies and sensitivities. Over 20 topics are covered as chapters that can be referenced separately at any point or time from the menu on the DVD. Jane presents these topics in front of a small group of students for the purposes of making this DVD. Excellent material for Kinesiologists. Some of the Chapter Topics are:
The basics of the EM concept; Why EM happens; The Initial Balance, Testing for EM; The EM Tap; Re-
Exposure; Various Allergies & Tolerance; Test Kits
Plus info on various Allergy & Sensitivity topics such as Bacteria & Viruses, Drugs, Heavy Metals & Toxic Chemicals, Hormones etc.
Energy Mismatch Book also available $22.00 - see link to Jane's books


The Touch For Health DVD
by John Thie D.C.

A short introduction to the TFH system by the founder of TFH itself. Originally published on video and recently converted to DVD.

Outlines many of the TFH concepts including meridians and neurolymphatics. Also contains the TFH balancing procedure including goal balancing. This DVD is suitable for students as a quick review of the TFH basics especially the 14 muscle balance. It is also suitable for TFH Instructors for playing segments during a class or practice evening.

Meridian Dance DVD
by Earl Cook

A 14 Meridian Dance/Massage

This short but very usable & practical DVD by Earl Cook is a great way to tune yourself up with what in the Touch For Health system is termed a meridian massage. With music and a wonderful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Earl Cook takes one through a tracing of the 14 meridians as they relate to Kinesiology. Exceptionally simple and perfectly presented



Books by Elaine Croker

While desperately searching for ways to heal her sick& dying children, Elaine Croker prayed for some way to overcome their fate. Her prayers led her to Kinesiology and eventually to her own healing method called Prime Tuning of Cells. Her healing work is renowned internationally and she is regarded as a leading healer in Australia. “Our cells are willing slaves, always listening and responding without question to our thoughts and words, positive or negative”.

Talk To Your Cells (booklet) $17
This little reference booklet is collection of 95 emotional, spiritual & physical stress releases, based on Elaine’s concept of changing your life by instructing your cells to behave has you choose. Included are step by step instructions on accessing each of the 95 stress releases, which in themselves are full of wisdom, making this booklet a must for any home or clinic.

Talk To Your Cells: And Become Your Own Creator $25
How to use our daily thought and speech to instruct your wonderful cells to do your bidding and create a magnificent new world. A practical companion to the Talk To Your Cells Booklet above. 250 pages.





Standing in the Now:
Releasing Your Karmic Law

Elaines Latest Book

104 Stress Release programmes written in poetic style - one per page.
These stress releases aim to clear & correct the mistakes that were placed in our genes. Instructions precedes the 104 pages.

It is now time to be 'Standing in the Now' and not in teh past. Karma is an emotional attachment creating our unworthiness to be free.







Chakra Reading CARDS
by Rachelle Charman $30

36 cards incorporating the seven main Chakra systems plus the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras. These two extra Chakra systems are what make this deck unique as they offer a deeper connection and expanded awareness of each situation in your life. The deck is also very easy to use and shares an abundance of guidance and support for you in everyday life via each beautifully illustrated cards and the comprehensive guidebook. Included are powerful layouts and information on how to work closely with the cards for your own growth and for others’ growth, too.


Mudras CARDS & BOOK set
by Sabina Espinet

For Awakening the Energy Body

A set of 40 colourful cards illustrating 33 mudras and 7 chakras. By directing energy & awareness, Mudras can deliver numerous benefits for both physical & emotional wellness. Includes a 112 page illustrated booklet for instructions on the poses and information about their health benefits, and guided meditations. As an side - these cards may create a an important connection to some in the Kinesiology field using hand modes.



The Liquid Crystal Oracle Card Set

300 page Book & 77 Cards relating to the Liquid Crystal Essences as presented at the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne in 2008.





Rainbow Dreaming Cards
by Amy Hamilton

These cards are designed to empower children to find their inner strength. Each set contains 50 beautifully illustrated cards, using the colours of the rainbow and calming mandalas. Each card contains a power thought, affirmation, statement or thought, to promote positive thinking, provide inspiration and bring balance to a child’s life. The cards help children tap into their inner strength and direct their mind-set and perspective towards one of confidence and happiness. Includes includes instructions outlining different ways to select and use the cards. Suitable for up to early teens.


Children’s Wellbeing Cards
by Therese Maxine

The Cosmos Child Childrens Wellbeing Cards have been designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to affirm their 7 foundational needs. They bring awareness to childrens needs according to the chakras. Each of the 28 cards has an accompanying reading, supporting parents to encourage and affirm their childrens needs in a simple way. By using the cards, children discover words and images to help them express their feelings and come to know that their needs matter, which is vitally important to their wellbeing. Boxed set of 28 cards with reference booklet.


Secret Language of Colour Cards

Combining tips and information on colours with powerful healing processes and affirmations, this vibrant and powerful card set by best-selling author Inna Segal is a tool you can draw on daily to receive inspired messages of guidance to restore your body to its natural state of health and harmony. Includes Booklet.

Flower & Essences Card Decks

Flower Reading Cards

by Cheralyn Darcey

Flower Reading Cards are an excellent introduction to flower reading as well as an entry level botanical reference. If you have ever wondered what a flower means or why anyone has ever attributed symbolic meaning to a plant then this card set will answer those questions. Floramancy is a way of connecting with the Language of Nature, and is the foundation of this boxed set of 36 pictorial cards and 96 page full colour guidebook of the world’s favourite flowers. The ancient art of reading flowers and plants for divination and for healing insight, is gained through understanding these meanings so that you may wish them on others or bring that energy into your own world. It features unique flower spreads for readings and a special card of the day instruction.


Australian Wild Flower Reading Card Set:

In a similar vein to the Flower Reading Card Set above but with Aussie Wildflowers.

Flower Insight Cards:
The 50 cards set that belongs to the Australian Bush Flower essences.

Bach Flower Picture Reference Cards:
The set of hand drawn pictorial cards that belong to the 38 BF remedies.

Shells Essence Card Set:
Colour photos & descriptions of the 25 main shell essences.
Includes the Shell
Essence Booklet

Desert Alchemy Cards:
Cards for 78 of the Desert Alchemy essences



by Dr. Igor Tabrizian
Dr. Tabrizian is a medical doctor who practices solely in Nutritional Medicine. He runs a successful NM clinic in Perth, which trains and employs other doctors interested in this specialty. He has written 6 books on NM, and lectures extensively on the subject. He has presented at the 2 National Kinesiology Conferences with great interest from delegates. His work has been valuable to many practitioners in collating modern scientific research in the NM area and tying it into the medical field where it has been lacking.


by Dr. Igor Tabrizian
A4 professional Hardcover text with glossy pages and colour diagrams throughout.
262 pages

In this remarkable text, Dr. Tabrizian has simplified vast amounts of data into bite size digestible pieces backed up by wonderful graphics and clinical and personal research. What is also valuable about this book is that he has gone beyond the modern medical academia in to other areas of modern scientific research to find answers to nutritional health issues. Such findings are revelations and leave the medical perspective way behind.

For those with little time to scour the varied textbooks for information in this area, this text delivers well and covers clinical problems association with ADD, Depression, Chronic Fatigue etc. His famous graphics from his lectures series are included. So well referenced it allows practitioners to back up their clinical judgments. For the Kinesiologist, the many tables and charts are accessible to the Kinesiological procedure. Includes Nutrient Charts, Clinical Charts and more. 262 pages large format hardcover text. As presented at AKA Conferences.


Nutritional Aspects of Depression & Mental Health

This is Dr.T’s eighth book and arrives at a pivotal time in mental health & wellbeing. As with his other books, this text interrogates the underlying causes of the common diseases of this modern era for layperson & practitioners alike. Written in a very user friendly style, helped by many colourful pictures and diagrams, this book brings to anyone an understanding. It initially covers why we get sick; looking at inflammation and chronic illness. But much of the book is about neurotransmitters; what they are, how we make them, how they are affected by the environment, how to mess with them, effects of low transmitters and more. It is here where the colourful and playful diagrams really do assist. There is also a sections on: toxins and mental health, common scenarios, and the politics of mental health. A5 sized, glossy hardcover book of 140 pages.


How to Read a 21st Century Hair Analysis

Back in print in new glossy hard cover A4 edition of 280 pages.
Dr. T’s revised book presents the reader with a logical description of cause and effect of nutrient surfeit and deficit and how these imbalances can be determined and treated following HTMA. The use of diagrams plays a major part in demystifying the often complex biochemical processes behind the overt signs of distress that trace element and nutrient imbalance can create. The text follows the route of trace elements and nutrients through the body and shows how they are, or are not, assimilated.



Degeneration of the Brain: Nutritional Interventions

A5 sized Hardcover with diagrams in colour and gloss pages. 106 pages

Explores the nutritional aspects of normal brain function as well as the current models of neurogenerative disorders. Dr. Tabrizian aims to progressively understand and explain the biochemistry of the brain to prevent crippling disorders such as Multiple Scleroses, Alzheimers and Parkinson's. Based on detailed an thoroughly researched data, nutritional interventions may be used to halt progression of, and possibly even reverse, the disease process.

Chapters include Glial Cell and Nerve Cell Interaction, Functional Deficiency, Epigenetics, Oxidation, Mineral metabolism, Metallotoxicology and more.



NUTRITION - The Good, the Bad and the Politics
A5 sized Hardcover with diagrams in colour and gloss pages. 175 pages

A fascinating and accessible book for anyone wishing to explore Nutritional Medicine for their own health. Subjects covered are:
* The Basics
* Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients
* Importance of Digestion

* Trace Elements
* Toxic Elements
* Co-Enzyme Q10
* Many Diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, depression and ADHD
* Perhaps the most interesting of all - the politics of natural medicines today


Expertly illustrated and extensively referenced this book captures the knowledge and spirit of Nutritional Medicine today and with humour to match.


Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper & other Trace Elements
Temporarily Out Of Print. Please enquire to be contacted when available again

A4 sized Softcover, 112 pages
(new print may be A5 sized Hardcover however)

Another great text that simplifies and syntheses a large amount of data into bite size digestible pieces. The ‘essence’ of the section on minerals in the above Visual Textbook of NM.

Excellent material in the usual diagrammatical presentation that Dr. Tabrizian is famous for. With copious explanation of these minerals and their interactions



Brain Foods, Brain Poisons: Autism as a Case in Point
Temporarily Out Of Print. Please enquire to be contacted when available again

A4 sized Softcover, 112 pages
(new print may be A5 sized Hardcover however)

This book is essentially a lecture on Autism that Dr. Tabrizian delivers, with his usual amazing graphics and concept simplification that has made him a leader in the Nutritional Medicine area.

Examining roles of important vitamins and minerals in normal development, the lecture looked at normal brain function with regards to nutritional needs of the mother and child. It examined the importance of tissue cooperation such as hormones, gut & brain in ensuring correct development of all the tissues in the growing child. But in particular the lecture looked at where brain function goes worng in Autism and why this is happening as a global epidemic. The role of genetics and antioxidants is examined in prevention.