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For a list of individual essences with descriptions contact us (please state which essence range): info@kinesiologyshop.com



Prices of the Bush Essences:

Full Kit of 69 Essences (Stock) $745.00
Includes 69 x 15ml Stock Bottles in 2 cardboard boxes as pictured above, PLUS the Australian Bush Flower remedies booklet (describe below), 2 dosage bottles and pack og bottle labels.

Individual Essences (Stock) $15.00 each
Combination Essences $19.00 each
100ml Space Clearing Mister: $28 each

Applied Physiology (Kinesiology) Component Kit $350.00

30x 15ml Stock Bottles in a cardboard box.
Contact us for an itemised list.


Australian Bush Flower Remedies
The descriptions of 65 Bush Flower remedies with negative conditions and positive outcomes, plus illustrations.


Australian Bush Flower Essences $45
Contains full descriptions and beautiful colour photographs of each of the first 50 Bush Flower remedies. For a more complete understanding of the Essences introduced in the above book.





Australian Bush Flower Healing
by Ian White

This is the companion volume to Ian White’s bestselling Australian Bush Flower Essences. This second book, Australian Bush Flower Healing, covers the 12 Essences that were developed after his first book was published. This text is also fully illustrated and contains stunning photos of not only the remaining Bush Essence flowers, but also landscapes of the areas where they grow. One of the most valuable aspects of this book is the extensive repertory of emotional, mental and spiritual conditions. This index is a wonderful reference point when researching or selecting a Bush Essence.

This book covers the following topics:

  • How to prepare and take the Essences
  • Affirmations
  • The Twelve New Essences (beyond the first 50)
  • Update of First 50 Essences
  • Combination Essences
  • Companion Essences
  • Emotional Patterns and Balance in Pregnancy and Labour
  • Goal Setting and Goal Achieving
  • Iridology
  • Astrology, Health and the Essences



Flower Insight CARDS

Beautifully presented colour photo cards of the ABFE's for healing or divination.



Animal Healing
with Australian Bush Flower Essences


Animal healing gives very practical hints for keeping your animals fit & happy as well as dealing with their problems of health & behaviour. This carefully researched book gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of your animals & explores the healing powers of Australian Bush Flower Essences.


Happy Healthy Children
New book by Ian White

from conception to age 7 with ABFE

Traces a child's physical & emotional development from preconception, through pregnancy and birth to age seven. Key issues are described along side easy to implement solutions. Also details how to handle a whole range of emotional challenges, from shyness & lack of self confidence to aggression. A very well set out and presented reference.

Flower & Healing Meditations CD:
Emotional Care & Wellbeing

New CD by Ian White

Tune into the spiritual realm of Nature through these 2 meditations and discover your own inner healing.

Flower Meditation: 14.44 minutes
Cleansing and Purifying Meditation: 15.43 minutes

Each of these tracks have the background music of Ave Maria - Gregorian Chants sung by the Benedictine Nuns of Saint Cecelia’s Abbey, UK. Both tracks are repeated without background music.


Also Available from Australian Bush Flower Essences:

Light Frequency Essences

$36.00 each
$245.00 for full set of 7 essences in Pyramid Box
(all 10ml Stock Bottles)
Please contact us for individual descriptions of each bottle.

1. Antarctic Essence
2. Arctic Essence
3. Amazon Essence

4. China Essence
5. Lake Baikal Essence
6. Madagascar Essence
7. Mt. Pinatubo Essence

White Light Essences

$36.00 each
$265 for full set of 7 essences in Pyramid Box
(all 10ml Stock Bottles)
Please contact us for individual descriptions of each bottle.

1. Water
2. Fire
3. Air

4. Earth
5. Angelic
6. Devic
7. Higher Self

Notes on the ABFE ranges:

The Australian Bush Flower Essences work at the 1st level, the cognitive and the emotional;

The White Light Essences work at the 2nd level, the healing & clearing at the Soul Level;

The Light Frequency Essences work at the level of the Divine essence, also referred to the individualised Flame or Higher Self.


Isis Essence
From Australian Bush Flower Essences.
10ml Stock Remedy: $36.00

A life changing gift from the Divine Feminine, that can have a profound effect on the healing of deeper inner issues that go back beyond this life and this domain........
*Allows you to feel the presence, protection and love of the Divine Feminine. *Illuminates our inner dark places where we store our pain and suffering. *Replaces aspects of our wounded self with love and courage. *Helps you to draw love into yourself in times of turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty. *Enables you to access and release wounding in your soul arising from the Spirit world, this and other lives. *Integrates any separated, emotionally cut off parts of ourselves.

Solar Logos
from Australian Bush Flower Essences
10ml Stock Remedy: $36.00

* Activates the light of the Soul within us, enabling access to the divine on a personal level. * Opens our heart & mind allowing the Christ Consciousness to more readily enter. * Brings light, love and spiritual power into our bodies, hearts & mind. * Integrates the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us. * Helps bring about the dissolution of the emotional and spiritual pain that has gathered.


Gaia Essence (NEW)

New from Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences and is the third of the Divine Presence Essences (following the Isis and Solar Logos Essences). 10ml Stock Bottle $36.00

* Re-establishes our connection with our Higher Self and gets us back in touch with our Divine Purpose, all in a very grounded way. * Helps us to be centred; connected to the Divine; present in our body, heart and mind and to radiate our light into the world. * Grounds and anchors us on a deep spiritual level and raises our consciousness. * Assists us to let in and fully experience the Solar Logos energy flooding down on the Earth. * Forges a loving, protective sense to the Earth/Gaia. * Opens and aligns us to the transformational changes happening within and around us. * Balances within us our divine masculine and divine feminine. * Encourages us to feel safe with, and be more accepting of change and the ensuing flow of emotion.









For a list of individual essences with descriptions contact us (please state which essence range): info@kinesiologyshop.com



Prices of the Bach Flower Essences:

Full 10 ml Kit including 2 Revival Remedies
- 40 stock bottles presented in wooden box $385.00
(full kit also available in 25 ml bottles in a larger wooden box - $595)

Individual Essences (Stock Only) $15.00
Rescue Remedy 10ml (Stock) $22.00

Contact us for an itemised list.

Dictionary of Bach Flower Remedies
inc GST

Positive & Negative Aspects and Keywords



Heal Thyself by Dr. Edward Bach $11.00
An explanation of the real cause and cure of disease.


Bach Flower Picture Reference Cards

Set of pictorial reference cards for the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.





Bach Flower Essences & Chinese Medicine
by Pablo Noriega

By using a person’s descriptions of their complaints and chronic conditions combined with Flower-type personality traits, Pablo Noriega sheds new light on prescribing flower essences. Included is a full primer on Chinese Medicine, exploring in detail the main principles such as Yin and Yang; the Five Elements, the behaviors that can strengthen the Elements; and the Psyches, the energetic spirit of each Organ. He reveals the direct correspondences between specific emotions, symptoms, and regions of the body and how the Flowers help regulate Spirit and work on the emotional foundations of many common chronic disorders. Providing detailed profiles about each of the Bach flower remedies according to Chinese Medicine, Noriega explains how to prescribe flower essences for prevention of predisposed conditions, for healing of acute and chronic ailments, and for disorders that arise from stagnant energy and yin-yang imbalances. Detailed information is provided on each Element’s specific attributes, associations, resonances and gifts, and anatomical illustrations are included for further guidance. An invaluable reference book for practitioners and students both flower therapy & Chinese Medicine.




Essences Description Manual
Compiled & Published by Equilibrium

A compilation of various popular ranges of essences (many kinesiology based), including lists and descriptions of individual bottles.

This manual is a fantastic resource for Kinesiologists and Natural Therapists. Covers over 500 individual essences with descriptions, from the following ranges:

  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Desert Alchemy Flower Essences
  • Sky Flower Essences
  • Renascent Gem Essences (Crystal Essences)
  • Shell Essences (& Coral Essences)
  • O’Ora Archetypal Essences
  • I Am Essences
  • Essences of Change

This manual has been published in response to a need to disseminate information on the different essence ranges available from Equilibrium in a presentable and consistent format (instead of the various brochures and individual lists). In doing so it also becomes a valuable reference on mental, emotional & spiritual conditions, concepts and states of being.


Essences For Kinesiologists
by Linda Rodgers & Carol Rudd

...with Attitudes to Release, Challenges to Accept
& Commitments to Make

This wonderful manual comes highly recommended by internationally known Kinesiologists as support for the use of flower essences in the kinesiology work. It is a comprehensive list of flower essences from 3 popular flower ranges - The Bach Flowers, The Australian Bush Flowers and the Flower Essence Society Flowers (Californian Essences).

Each essence is listed with:
1. An attitude to become aware of and to release
2. A challenge to meet and
3. A commitment to make
4. Meridian, Chakra and/or 5 Elemental Correspondences

It is presented as a spiral bound A4 manual of 90 pages. The detail on the essences is presented in affirmation format, with options and suitability for refinement in a kinesiology session. Excellent Material.


Attitude With Essence
by Richard Utt

Flower Essence, Attitude, Feeling & Thought Form
Reference for the 7 Element Hologram Professional Colour Coded manual relating meridians to flower essences (Bach, Australian Bush and Desert Flowers). Complete with all descriptions and affirmations. Also includes flower essence directory and alphabetical locator for emotional conditions and Colour Alarm Point Chart. Sections on using the book without special training. How affirmations work and on muscle monitoring, pause lock, finger modes and procedures. A wonderful text.



Chakra Essence Set
(10 x 10ml stock boxed set)

The Chakra Essences are a powerful set of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence combinations helping you to work at a deep level with the issues and patterns of each of the chakras that most affect your mental and emotional well being. There are ten essences in the set; one for each of the seven main chakras as well as one for the feet chakra, higher heart chakra and the higher chakras above the head. From the well respected and established Crystal Herbs in the UK - also the manufacturers of Bach Flower Essences supplied by Equilibrium.

Contact us for a full description of these essences.
Solar Plexus
Higher Heart


Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences

The Archangel & Ascended Master Essences are a powerful set of 10 stock essences, helping one to connect to the energies of the Archangels & Ascended Masters. Like doorways into a higher dimension these essences will help you to link more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Use them as a point of focus to ask for inspiration, help and guidance to unfold your own spiritual journey. The essences are from Crystal herbs UK, suppliers of the Bach Flower sets and Chakra Essence sets we also supply here at Equilibrium.

Contact us for a full description of these essences.
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Uriel
Divine Mother
Violet Flame








For a list of individual essences with descriptions contact us (please state which essence range): info@kinesiologyshop.com



Prices of the Desert Alchemy Essences

Applied Physiology (Kinesiology) DA Component Kit $525.00
30 x 10 ml Stock bottles in 2 cardboard trays

Individual AP Component Essences (Stock Only) $20.00
Individual NON AP Component Essences (Stock Only) $25.00
Composite Formulas $25.00
Contact us for an itemised list.


Alchemy of the Desert
Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer $88.00

The Complete & Comprehensive Guide to the Desert Flower essences. Describes in detail the 119 desert essences and the 47 composite formula. Includes cross reference guide. 570 pages.




Desert Alchemy Cards Set $79.00

Includes seventy-eight cards with exquisite photographs of popular desert flowers, plus instructions with four methods for using the flower cards & box for storing the cards. They can be used to select appropriate flower essences for ourselves and others, or they can be used to illustrate flower essences you have chosen using any other method of selection. Flower cards can also be used like a tarot deck to help us identify the root, or core, of emotional issues.



Shell Essences are a new
vibrational healing order.

They have been given to the world at this time to help people evolve towards a more loving harmonious life on this planet. Two thirds of our planet is covered by sea and the shells inhabit this watery world, moving between land and the sea as perhaps we once did. They touch a chord within our imagination and memory. The Shell Essences create inner and outer harmony between the male and female psyche. They were made to help us to re-connect with our divinity and to heal our lives on all levels. They truly are of a high vibrational energy. As you come to love an trust these remedies, you will find they become a powerful, integral part of your healing.

Prices of the Shell Essences:

Practitioner Stock Kits:
40 Stock bottles (25ml) with manual: $805
8 Stock Bottle Infinity Energy Kit (25ml): $165
16 Stock Bottle Coral Essence Kit (25ml): $325
5 Stock Bottle 42 Muscle Kit (25ml): $113

Single Essence (Stock - 25 ml) $23
Combination Essence (Stock- 25ml) $31
Combination Essence (Dosage - 25ml) $21
Contact us for an itemised list.

The Shell Essence Booklet $11.00
Descriptions of the 40 Shell Essences plus Specific Healers (Combination Essences). A truly beautiful book about a remarkable new vibrational healing order. Just reading this book about the Shell Essences is enough to bring about healing on those levels important to the world today.


Shell Essences healing CARDS $35.00 including Shell Essence Booklet
Spread a pathway of light through your day with these superb treasures from the sea. Colour photos & descriptions of the 25 main shell essences.


Messages from Shells
by Nancy Parker

The wonderful story of Nancy Parker’s journey and how the shells became vibrational essences for healing. When Nancy asked the shells - or their guiding spirit - how the Shell Essences ‘worked’ she was ‘told’ there were no words or even concepts we would be able to understand from our linear perspective. The Shell & Coral Essences do not claim to ‘cure disease’, nor to replace appropriate treatment. They help us by removing, bit by bit, the negative energy encrustations which prevent us experiencing the beautiful being within.

MISTS (SPRAYS) $27.50 each
Essenshell Aura Mist Spray
Essenshell Harmony Mist Spray
Just Me
Essenshell Bliss For Feet
Crystal Clear Mist
Positive Energy Spray
Essenshell Travel Spray



Resonate Essences - Sprays

We now stock the wonderful sprays
from Resonate Essences

* Angelic Support $44
* Believe
* Beingness
* Deep Sleep $33
* Crystal Clear
* Divine Grace
* Present Time
* Prosperity $33
* Re-Balance
* Magnetic
* Optimism
* Karma Realeas $55


Flower Reading Cards
by Cheralyn Darcey

Flower Reading Cards are an excellent introduction to flower reading as well as an entry level botanical reference. If you have ever wondered what a flower means or why anyone has ever attributed symbolic meaning to a plant then this card set will answer those questions. Floramancy is a way of connecting with the Language of Nature, and is the foundation of this boxed set of 36 pictorial cards and 96 page full colour guidebook of the world’s favourite flowers. The ancient art of reading flowers and plants for divination and for healing insight, is gained through understanding these meanings so that you may wish them on others or bring that energy into your own world. It features unique flower spreads for readings and a special card of the day instruction.




Contact us for prices and an itemised list of any of the ranges below, or see Essences Description Manual adjacent column.







FES (Flower Essence Society) ESSENCES


Back In Stock - New Editions

Sought After Books by Mark Wells - Back in Print


Bach Flowers Today $28.00
Provides an introduction for the novice and a clarification for more experienced users of Bach Flowers. It is divided into sections: About the Bach Flowers; Bach Flowers: Agrimony – Willow and Rescue Remedy. The internal subheadings for individual Bach Flowers are: Possible Physical Imbalances, Classical Uses, Complementary Bach Flowers, and Supportive Measures. A Classic !

12 Dynamic Elements of Good Health (The Tissue salts) $28.00
Divided into sections: About Tissue Salts; Dr Schuessler; Guide to symptomatic prescribing; Detailed descriptions of the 12 individual Tissue Salts. For each Tissue Salt: General description, Body Type, Mind, Head, Eyes, etc., Worse by / Better by; Related Tissue Salts, Supportive Measures, Diet, Related Flower Essences, Iridology – signs in iris, Astrology – astrological correlations Keywords & more. Another Classic !

The Essential Flower Essence Book $49.00
Divided into two main sections. Part 1 covers: flower essence history and human/plant co-evolution, the ‘doctrine of signatures’ of plants (with illustrations) and how to ‘read’ them, a description of our subtle (energetic) anatomy and how flower essences positively influence the subtle bodies and the chakras, and more. Part 2 answers frequently-asked questions about flower essences and covers all aspects of flower essence therapy. There is comprehensive descriptions of hundreds of flower essences from all over the world with a ‘user friendly’ flower essence prescribing guide, plus much more……