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Kinesiology Accessories
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Kinesiology Accessories

Tei Shins
$45.00 each

We supply Tei Shins for treating acu-points, including ear points & trigger points. They have adjustable pressure and a spring activated cutaneous probe. They are 13 cm long with a 7 x 1cm grooved handle and 4.5 cm spring loaded probe with rounded tip (does not puncture skin). The other end features a powerful 2,000 gauss magnetic ball probe (4mm diameter) which may also be used for acupressure and acu-massage. The polarity may be changed from north to bio-south pole by removing the ball probe and reversing the magnets
position. The kit includes 5 interchangeable springs of different strength.
Boxed with the springs


Healing Tuning Forks

Meridian Set $1050

Set of 14 Meridian
Healing Tuning Forks

Made from aircraft alloy in the UK by 150 year specialist in tuning fork manufacturing.
Hand Machined. Finely Tuned. Includes Pouch.





* Chakra Sound Set of 8 - $630 (pictured)

* Vessel Sound 8 EXTRA MERIDIAN SET of 8 - $695
* Brain Sound Set of 2 including adjuster key - $350
* Cosmic Sound Set of 14 - $1095
* Genetic RNA/DNA Sound Set of 9 - $710
* Jaw/TMJ Sound Set of 4 - $339
* Spinal Sound Set of 23 - $1755
* Amino Sound Set of 21 - $1755







Colour Therapy Crystal Torch


A popular product for practitioners.

The Colour Therapy Torch Kit contains a high quality magnalite torch, a head with a clear quartz crystal (or crystals) that fits over the torch. Seven coloured discs and a miniature instruction booklet. All this comes inside a classy case. The CLB torch can be used to shine various colours through a natural clear quartz crystal (or group of crystals) onto acupuncture points, chakras, various reflex points and other parts of the body where colour healing is required. It has become an extremely popular and valuable tool for kinesiology and natural therapy practitioners.

The kit includes:
Maglite torch (12 month guarantee with spare globe)., 7 Colour Discs (new & imporved versions), Batteries, Crystal Head. Wooden Box, Small Booklet.

Basic Colour Healing Disc Set UPGRADE:
This set comes with the torch kit described above but for those who already have a Crystal Light Balancing Kit and would like to upgrade to the new & improved 7 coloured discs, they can be purchased separately for $40 for the set.

Advanced Colour Healing Disc Set:
There a now 6 new & additional discs for special healing energies:
Orchid, Oceanic, Midnight, Ruby, Charcoal &Holographic
These new disc come in their own wooden box: $80 per set

There is also an accompanying manual available......

Crystal Light Balancing & Colour Therapy Workbook ($25) which introduces colour therapy and the energy systems, itemises in detail the aspects of colours associated with the five elements, includes colour correction sheets for the meridians and offers colour procedure flow chart plus info on emotions, and details for practitioners using kinesiology.


Crystal Sacred Geometry Sets
Beautifully Boxed Sets of 7 Geometric Shapes

These crystal sets contain the 5 Platonic Solids plus the Merkaba & Sphere.

Sacred Geometry is an exploration of the special relationships and ratios which are fundamental to and manifest in all things living or material, microscopic or macroscopic. The 5 plutonic solids are 5 particular forms distinguished from all others by the perfection of internal balance & harmony. The plutonic crystal shapes are excellent energy tools for healing in many areas of human health and endeavour. The addition of the Merkaba and Sphere add extra dimension to their use.

Available in Clear Quartz OR Rose Quartz
$66 each

Plutonic only sets also available in Amethyst only: $49 each


Donut Magnets

Large (70mm diameter): $15
For use in Muscle Testing

Small (32mm Diameter) $6
For use in corrections





Energy Ball


For demonstrating electrical energy flow through the human body.






Dowsing Rods

$39.00 a set

High Quailty 'Made in Australia' copper dowsing rods with swivel tubes.





Kinesiology Tape

Equilibrium is the exclusive Australian Distributor of this Top Quality German Tape
$16 per roll OR $81 per 6 pack ($13.50 ea)
6 Pack can be a single colour or any colour mix of the 8 possible colours.

Kinesiology Taping can be used for for many conditions such as pain, muscle tension, bruising, sore muscles & strains. Also valuable for making changes to posture/structure, dealing with arthritic conditions and even headaches and menstrual cramps.

Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Beige, Violet, Pink, Red
Size: 5m x 5cm

* Carrier material made of 100% cotton
* Long lasting adhesion - can remain on the skin up to 8 days
* Breathable, water resistant, quick drying
* Excellent bond strength
* Wave-shaped adhesive application with skin-friendly acrylic adhesive

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Kinesiology Taping
by John Langendoen & Karin Sertel

The Essential Step by Step Guide of Taping for Sports Fitness & Daily Life. Covers 160 Conditions & Ailments

Superb , professionally presented text with wonderful photographs and descriptions. Large format paperback of 250 pages. Covers what is taping, how it works and various topics on what you need to know. The bulk of the book however is on taping from head to toe - all parts fo the body for 160 conditions from a crooked toe to bruised ribs. Not just for injuries & acute physical conditions but also for long term structural issues, for example. Whether or not you’ve already had experience with taping, this book will clearly show you the extensive range of possibilities for taping yourself.


Acupressure Taping
by Hans-Ulrich hecker MD & Kay Liebchen MD

The Practice of Acutaping for Chronic Pain & Injuries

This book is based on Kinesiology Taping (see above) but uses the therapeutic principles found in Chinese Medicine. Another well presented, professional text with excellent photographs and descriptions. Takes one through the basis of Acutaping and how it works as well as 25 body section tapes. Includes an ailment reference at teh back Large format paperback of 122 pages.


'Texts' as Tools for Kinesiologists


R.A.W. Affirmations
by Pam Myers & Sally Worth

Book 1 Affirmation Manual from Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.

The original 5500 Affirmation Book, with new cover & now called Affirmation Book 1 (content unchanged). This bestselling manual for Kinesiologists and health & wellbeing therapists contains affirmations grouped according to many common issues or themes such as: Supressions, Fear, Forgiveness, Money, Addictions, Trusting, Letting Go, Grief, Birth & Death, Sexuality, Family, School etc. - 140 categories in all. One of the most popular clinical tools for emotional wellbeing, or for self use


Physical Body Affirmations
by Pam Myers & Sally Worth

Book 2 Affirmation Manual from Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.

After the huge success of the Rekindled Ancient Wisdom 5500 Affirmation book, Sally & Pam have released a Book 2, which contains Physical Body Affirmations. As with their earlier book (now called Book 1 - see opposite column), the Physical Body Affirmations also contains over 5500 affirmations grouped page by page into the physical parts, or functions, of the body and their accompanying metaphysical affirmations. There are 140 topics with 40 affirmations per page.
Spiral Bound A4 Format.



:Programme Affirmations
by Pam Myers & Sally Worth

Book 3: Affirmation Manual from Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.

New Addition to the series (2017)

Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at programmes that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 2 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to complete the page. Covers all those ubiquitous programmes we sometimes take on board, perhaps despise, or even occasionally laugh at or enjoy. Remember these:

* Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
* No Pain, No Gain
* It Runs In the Family
* Children Should be Seen & Not Heard
* Grass is Always Greener on the other Side
* You Are Just Like Your Mother
* School is the Best Years of Your Life
and 100’s more

Truly an remarkable & useful publication!
Spiral Bound A4 manual of 142 pages


Scan Charts Book
New 2014 Edition with more Scan Charts
by Barry Auchettl

Book of scan charts for kinesiologists covering many aspects of life

20,000 entries over 52 scan charts compiled in an easy to access A4 spiral bound manual. Each chart is 1 page and includes topics such as:
Addictions, Self Love, Bones & Muscles, Colour, Crystals, Dream Analysis, Sexuality, Essences, Fears, Food



Kinergetics Formats & Dictionary

The manual of formats from kinergetics. Includes Formats for:
Blood Pressure, Pancreas, Bladder. Kidney, Stress
Cells, Skin, Reproductive, Ear, Menopause, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Stomach, Small & Large Intestine, Liver, Immune System, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, Endocrine System.
Also includes 'Chart of the Glands'

PLUS includes the Kinergetics Dictionary with over 400 'emotion' words and their meanings for use in kinesiology emotion work. In total over 1000 references to 'emotion' words. Handy reference to have. Use for scanning also. Kinergetics Emotions Chart on the back cover.




Meridians, Modes & Formats
by Hugo Tobar

What the Practising Kinesiologist Has Always Wanted

This manual is a superb graphically reference for meridians, acupuncture points and finger modes. It contains exquisite diagrams of the alarm points, association points, command points, plus all major meridians with front, back and side views of the arm, leg, torso and head channels including acupuncture points. There are also photographs of nearly 200 hand modes, shown with black background for clarity of viewing. The last section of the manual the theory and practice of Formatting.

The Meridians, Modes & Formats manual is bound to become a well used reference.

Link to: other manuals by Hugo Tobar


Kinesiologist’s Dictionary of Emotional States
by Mathilda van Dyke

Often when working with clients, a practitioner needs to find a precise word to help their client to construct the right goal or gain greater understanding of their issue. This dictionary has been compile to help Kinesiologists find that right word and contains over 10,000 words in similar fashion to a Thesaurus. A popular tool from Mathilda van Dyke of Integrated Healing and published in Australia by Equilibrium. Spiral Bound A4 Manual.





Essences For Kinesiologists
by Linda Rodgers & Carol Rudd

...with Attitudes to Release, Challenges to Accept
& Commitments to Make

This wonderful manual comes highly recommended by internationally known Kinesiologists as support for the use of flower essences in the kinesiology work. It is a comprehensive list of flower essences from 3 popular flower ranges - The Bach Flowers, The Australian Bush Flowers and the Flower Essence Society Flowers (Californian Essences).

Each essence is listed with:
1. An attitude to become aware of and to release
2. A challenge to meet and
3. A commitment to make
4. Meridian, Chakra and/or 5 Elemental Correspondences

It is presented as a spiral bound A4 manual of 90 pages. The detail on the essences is presented in affirmation format, with options and suitability for refinement in a kinesiology session. Excellent Material.


Essences Description Manual
Compiled & Published by Equilibrium

A compilation of various popular ranges of essences (many kinesiology based), including lists and descriptions of individual bottles.

This manual is a fantastic resource for Kinesiologists and Natural Therapists. Covers over 500 individual essences with descriptions, from the following ranges:

  • Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Desert Alchemy Flower Essences
  • Sky Flower Essences
  • Renascent Gem Essences (Crystal Essences)
  • Shell Essences (& Coral Essences)
  • O’Ora Archetypal Essences
  • I Am Essences
  • Essences of Change

This manual has been published in response to a need to disseminate information on the different essence ranges available from Equilibrium in a presentable and consistent format (instead of the various brochures and individual lists). In doing so it also becomes a valuable reference on mental, emotional & spiritual conditions, concepts and states of being