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Wands & Staffs
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Wild Creations Healing Wands & Staffs

Made from Australian Coastal Tea Tree - Each a Unique Creation
Coastal Tea Tree has a wood texture that shows an array of twists, dimples and crevices that appear to come straight from the film set of Lord of the Rings. These pieces are made from the dead wood of Tea Tree branches and sticks.
Some pieces are finished with Bees Wax, Linseed Oil, occasionally other natural oils.

Some of the individual features of each wand may not show up in the photographs, hence we have offered a detailed description. Some pieces have 'crystal windows". These are windows in the wood through which one can see the base of the crystal used. Other unusual features may exist such as wood borer patterns (generally a sine wave pattern), and patterns of colours left by fine layers of residual bark.
All pieces are strong & sturdy.
Each item is unique and a small ownership certificate accompanies each purchase.

NOTE on the Crystals: Unless otherwise described the natural form of the crystal is presumed. Where crystals have been polished we have used the term 'polished', 'semi-polished' or 'tumbled', for example.

Clear Quartz & Blue Kyanite
Item # W027

Length: 31cm
Average Width: 2.5 cm

Terminations: Clear Quartz Point & Polished Kyanite
Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: Small to Medium sized wand with a Crystal Window at the Clear Quartz end. A high quality polished Blue Kyanite piece sits at the other end.

Clear Quartz & Chevron Amethyst Wand
Item # W039

Length: 60cm
Average Width: 4cm

Terminations: Clear Quartz Point & Polished Chevron Amethyst
Finish: None Applied

Features: Length is the feature of this wand. At a whopping 60cm, it almost falls into the category of 'staff'. As such it is the longest wand made to date and truly is an unbelievable piece with enormous power & strength. The clear quartz at one end is very long and the other end holds a lovely piece of Chevron Amethyst. Also at this end there sits a tiny tumbled Rose Quartz just below a Crystal Window. Magnificent! (picure to right is off colour - wand is in brown tones, not grey. The inset picture is more true colour)


Chevron Amethyst Chunky Wand
Item # W012

Length: 43cm
Average Width: 7cm
Terminations: Large chunk of Chevron Amethyst at one end only (
a crystal at the other end, perhaps can be organised upon request).
Finish: No Finish has been applied to this piece (however one may apply natural oils at anytime for long term maintenance)

Features: The feature of this wand has to be its 'chunkiness'. It is very thick, and while not difficult to grip, most hands won't fit all the way around it. The Chevron Amethyst piece appears to be perfectly made for the job at the end. Two open crystal windows clearly show the crystal entering into the wood and one gets an overall sense of the crystal piece itself. The wood is generally light coloured and has some very deep, interesting crevices & dimples. Also has 14cm long borer sine wave. This is 'wow' piece, and goes beyond day to day use as a healing wand - perhaps can be a show piece as well or used in rituals etc. Upon request we may be able to organise a crystal at the other end.

Lemurian Quartz & Sunstone Wand
Item # W041

Length: 27.5cm
Average Width: 3 cm

Terminations: Lemurian Quartz Point & Polished Sunstone
Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: Classic sized wand that fits comfortably in the hand. The Sunstone at one end exhibits the orange flashes typical of this crystal (picture is unable to show this)

Tibetan Quartz & Citrine Wand
Item # W033

Length: 33cm
Average Width: 2.5cm

Terminations: Polished Tibetan Clear Quartz Point & Polished Natural Citrine
Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: Long thin straight classic wand. Glassy polished Tibetan Quartz point at one end with the typical black iron inclusions of this type of quartz. At the other end is a clear natural (untreated but polished) Citrine. The crystals in this wand are valued at around $40 in total.

Lemurian Seeded Quartz & Amethyst Wand
Item # W034

Length: 33cm
Average Width: 4.5cm

Terminations: Lemurian Seeded Quartz Point & Polished Amethyst Piece
Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: A thick sturdy wand with a large Lumerian Seeded Quartz at one end and a sizable polished & rounded piece of Amethyst at the other end. The Amethyst end also has a small piece of Imperial Gold Topaz set into an opening, plus 2 pieces of Dog Tooth Amethyst set in a crevice.

Clear Quartz & Labradorite
Item # W035

Length: 30cm
Average Width: 3.5cm

Terminations: Natural Clear Quartz Point and Polished Labradorite
Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: A strong wand adorned with tiny tumbled pieces - 4 Amethyst at the Clear Quartz end and 3 Citrine in the crevices along the body of the wand. The polished Labroadorite shows a lot of blue/green/yellow fire on one side.

Polished Clear Quartz & Shiva Lingham
Item # W037

Length: 22cm
Average Width: 2.5cm

Terminations: Clear Quartz and Shiva Lingham
Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: Very nice long polished Clear Quartz (originally a wand in itself). Banded Shiva Lingham at the other end. A small straight wand (is straighter than the phot suggests)


Clear Quartz Staff
Item # S014

Height: 1.46 meters
Average Width: 14 cm
Terminations: Clear Quartz Point
Finish: No Finish has been applied to this piece (however one may apply natural oils at anytime for long term maintenance)

Features: The top end features a beautifully shaped clear quartz point that is, in full length, 17cm long. Generally light coloured wood, textured with an array of dimples and crevices along the entire length. This staff has a slight curve around the middle and has very smooth and flowing feel.

Clear Quartz & Kyanite Wand
Item # W030

Length: 58 cm

Terminations: Lemurian Seeded Clear Quartz & Polished Kyanite

Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: A thin curved wand with almost perfect symmetry, a factor enhanced by the Amethyst tumbled piece set in a crevice in the middle of the length. At one end is a Lemurian Seeded Quartz wrapped at its base by leather. The other end is a long piece of polished blue sparkling Kyanite. The length and curve of this wand makes it special and different to most others. Needs a bit of room to work with at nearly 60cm long.


Amethyst Jewelled Snake
Item # M031

Length: Actual length of the snake is 86 cm but the twist and turns cover an area of 44 x 20 cm, as it sits.

Terminations: Tumbled Amethyst Eyes, Polished Chevron Amethyst Tail

Finish: Bees Wax & Sandalwood Oil

Features: The bends, curves and crevices in this piece are exactly how the wood was found - an extremely rare find. Small Amethyst tumbles have been used for the eyes and the tail is completed by a chunky polished Chevron Amethyst piece. Nine small tumbled Amethyst and Dog Tooth Amethyst pieces adorn the length of the snake. Inside the tail are tiny tumbled Amethyst pieces that offer a slight rattle on movement. This piece would work as a great feature in a part of a home or space, or to act as a symbol of that represented by the snake - fertility, primeval life force and wisdom & knowledge.

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