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Dr Tabrizian & Isaac Golden Materials
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Isaac Golden BOOKS
Isaac Golden was a key presenter at the 2008 Australian Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne.
Isaac has been a homeopathic practitioner since 1984, and is widely known for his service to the homeopathic field and for his books on the subject. He is also a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis - the use of homoeopathic medicines as an alternative to vaccination, and has undertaken the world’s largest long term study of parents using such a program. Isaac specialises in treating patients suffering from chronic disease using constitutional and anti miasmic homoeopathic treatment. He sees many infants, and often receives referrals for the treatment of vaccine damaged children.


Dr. Igor Tabrizian BOOKS
Dr. Tabrizian is a medical doctor who practices solely in Nutritional Medicine. He runs a successful NM clinic in Perth, which trains and employs other doctors interested in this specialty. He has written 6 books on NM, and lectures extensively on the subject. He has presented at the 2 National Kinesiology Conferences with great interest from delegates. His work has been valuable to many practitioners in collating modern scientific research in the NM area and tying it into the medical field where it has been lacking.


Vaccine Damaged Children - Treatment, Prevention, Reasons

This book is about children whose lives have been affected by vaccines. It is also about how to recognise vaccine damage, and some methods to treat it, as well as recommendations on how to prevent vaccine damage. It is a book for parents of vaccine damaged children and for practitioners from all modalities as help and support. It is a factual book and intentionally avoids being emotive.


Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis? - A Review of Risks and Alternatives

This book is a huge compendium on the subject of using homoeopathics for specific disease prevention. It comes in a large format book of 214 pages that asks six basic question of interest to many parents and practitioners:
1. Should we attempt to prevent infectious diseases? 2. What is the best overall approach to infectious disease prevention? 3. What are the risks and benefits of the vaccination option? 4. What are the risks and benefits of the homoeoprophlaxis option? 5. What are the comparative risks and benefit of the disease-prevention options? 6. Which option is best for my child?


Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber Parts 1, 2 & 3
A5 Booklets $13 each

Part 1: The Treatment of Everyday Conditions. An A-Z of what homoeopathics to use for different common health issues - from bruising, to common cold to sunburn.

Part 2: A Simple Materia Medica of Common Remedies With Repertory.
An A-Z explanation of different homoeopathic remedies giving Key Words, Symptoms, Worse, Better etc.

Part 3: A Simple Introduction to Homoeopathic Medicine. The philosophy behind homoeopathy, as well practical guidelines to taking the case, case analysis, and the selection of the remedy, including potency and frequency of dose.

When ordering these booklets be sure to state parts 1, 2 or 3 that your require. They are $13 each




by Dr. Igor Tabrizian
A4 professional Hardcover text with glossy pages and colour diagrams throughout.
262 pages

In this remarkable text, Dr. Tabrizian has simplified vast amounts of data into bite size digestible pieces backed up by wonderful graphics and clinical and personal research. What is also valuable about this book is that he has gone beyond the modern medical academia in to other areas of modern scientific research to find answers to nutritional health issues. Such findings are revelations and leave the medical perspective way behind.

For those with little time to scour the varied textbooks for information in this area, this text delivers well and covers clinical problems association with ADD, Depression, Chronic Fatigue etc. His famous graphics from his lectures series are included. So well referenced it allows practitioners to back up their clinical judgments. For the Kinesiologist, the many tables and charts are accessible to the Kinesiological procedure. Includes Nutrient Charts, Clinical Charts and more. 262 pages large format hardcover text. As presented at AKA Conferences.


Brain Foods, Brain Poisons: Autism as a Case in Point
A4 sized Softcover, 70 pages

This book is essentially a lecture on Autism that Dr. Tabrizian delivers, with his usual amazing graphics and concept simplification that has made him a leader in the Nutritional Medicine area.

Examining roles of important vitamins and minerals in normal development, the lecture looked at normal brain function with regards to nutritional needs of the mother and child. It examined the importance of tissue cooperation such as hormones, gut & brain in ensuring correct development of all the tissues in the growing child. But in particular the lecture looked at where brain function goes worng in Autism and why this is happening as a global epidemic. The role of genetics and antioxidants is examined in prevention.



Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Copper & other Trace Elements
A4 sized Softcover, 112 pages

Another great text that simplifies and syntheses a large amount of data into bite size digestible pieces. The ‘essence’ of the section on minerals in the above Visual Textbook of NM.

Excellent material in the usual diagrammatical presentation that Dr. Tabrizian is famous for. With copious explanation of these minerals and their interactions





Degeneration of the Brain: Nutritional Interventions

A5 sized Hardcover with diagrams in colour and gloss pages. 106 pages

Explores the nutritional aspects of normal brain function as well as the current models of neurogenerative disorders. Dr. Tabrizian aims to progressively understand and explain the biochemistry of the brain to prevent crippling disorders such as Multiple Scleroses, Alzheimers and Parkinson's. Based on detailed an thoroughly researched data, nutritional interventions may be used to halt progression of, and possibly even reverse, the disease process.

Chapters include Glial Cell and Nerve Cell Interaction, Functional Deficiency, Epigenetics, Oxidation, Mineral metabolism, Metallotoxicology and more.



NUTRITION - The Good, the Bad and the Politics
A5 sized Hardcover with diagrams in colour and gloss pages. 175 pages

A fascinating and accessible book for anyone wishing to explore Nutritional Medicine for their own health. Subjects covered are:
* The Basics
* Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients
* Importance of Digestion

* Trace Elements
* Toxic Elements
* Co-Enzyme Q10
* Many Diseases such as cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, depression and ADHD
* Perhaps the most interesting of all - the politics of natural medicines today


Expertly illustrated and extensively referenced this book captures the knowledge and spirit of Nutritional Medicine today and with humour to match.