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Tri-Vortex Products
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Pendants and Discs for Hydration, Pain Relief and Protection

The Tri-Vortex products resonate a natural energy field that reflects nature’s logical and powerful rhythms, creating a coherent molecular structure in organic matter such as water and living tissue.

For personal Energy, Pain Relief and Vitality. Wear around neck or clip to clothing.

* Tri-Vortex Pendant (Tag Shape) $125.00
* Tri-Vortex Round Pendant $136.00
* Tri-Vortex MatrixPendant $169.00

Water Treatment
Place under water glass, jug, wine, diary and other liquid containers.

* Tri Vortex Small (45 mm) Water Disc $136.00
Leave permanently in water bottle
* Tri-Vortex Large (90 mm) Water Disc $209.00

Electromagnetic Protection
Suitable for mobile & cordless phones and electrical appliances.

*l Tri-Vortex Phone Discs $83.00 (2 disc pack)

For Cats & small animals

* Tri-Vortex Pet Pendant $81.00

For more information go to: http://trivortex.com.au