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All CD's by Michael Wild $25 each


4 CD set of
Australian Nature Sounds

Volume 1: Water

Volume 2: Birds

Volume 3: Birds & Water

Volume 4: Ocean Waves

For more information on each Volume and to listen to samples go to the website link:


Deep Time (2014)

Latest CD from Michael Wild.

Outer space music for inner space calm (for almost 70 minutes)
This new CD by Michael is another ambient soundscape, this time inspired by our deep past, from the beginning of time to the present and beyond. Specially useful for meditation or late night background listening. Particularly suited to those who enjoyed ‘Inner Horizon’ or ‘Sacred Geometry’, two of Michael’s other CD’s.

Sample tracks at: www.michaelwild.com.au

Note: This CD is Limited Edition in respect to being only available from Equilibrium (some tracks may
appear on-line as downloads in the future however).


Inner Horizon (2013)

Outer space music for inner space calm
- 60 minutes

Travel beyond time & space and explore the boundless wonders of a sweeping inner expanse. With this album, Michael Wild has created three long tracks of free-flowing music that will transport you through a moving, serene kaleidoscope. Perfect music for gliding through the inner worlds or just play, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

Earth’s Garden (2012)

Relaxing music dedicated to the Plant Kingdom that sustains our Planet Earth. Contains Nature Sounds scattered throughout. This new CD is not as 'spacey' as Michael’s other recent releases. The gentle strings accompanying the occasional Nature Sounds give it a more contemporary, grounding feel. It does however retain the free flowing nature of his past music making it perfect for relaxation, various therapies or just plain background listening. Earth's Garden can be likened to a 'soft & gentle symphony', with its undulating strings and passive, non intrusive melodies.. Total CD time is 65 minutes.

Ascending the Heavens
Heavenly relaxing music for sleep, dreaming and traversing the Heavens. Can also be used as background music for meditation and healing therapies. Ascending the Heavens is in part a symphony of heavenly music, particularly represented in the first track on the album. Overall however, choir and strings sounds create a beautiful angelic texture or higher dimensional feel to this music. More orchestral, and less ‘spacey’ sounds that other recent releases.

Sacred Geometry

Haunting, soundscapes for travelling beyond. Inspired by the divine proportion inherit in our Universe. Contains six tracks: Merkabah, Labyrinth, The Infinite Pi, Harmony of the Spheres, The Venus Pentacle & Divine Proportion. Total time: 63 minutes.


The Sound of Creation

Resonating and relaxing sounds for journeying beyond to the beginning of all things.

Whether or not the universe sprang into being through the enormity of a 'Big Bang' or through the wonder of an 'Intelligent Creation', there did exist a resonance, a vibration or an energy that is beyond all comprehension. The music on this CD is dedicated to our beginnings.

The Sound of Creation has two elements that intertwine to exhibit a different feel to Michael’s other CD’s. Firstly there is Mic

hael’s signature flowing music & relaxing themes. Then, delicately
balanced in the background are deep resonating sounds, resembling Sanskrit chanting or deep voice harmonics. As with the vibrations behind the Sanskrit universal sounds, these deep resonations transport us to a sense of our beginnings in time & space. A very special CD.




Dance of the Moons
The Moons

A Rich Soundscape of Relaxing Sounds

"There are over 150 moons in our Solar System that orbit around their host planet in a regular and faithful manner, unwavering and seemingly independent of other happenings. However when viewed as a whole, I cannot help but feel that they are all linked in some way, like a community of different families that dance
and weave together. This CD made of one track that weaves this dance from one moon theme to another." Michael Wild September 2008

This CD is Michael's most engaging release. While many of his other works aim to create a gentle ambience for going to sleep, or for meditation and relaxation, Dance of the Moons is one CD that you want to listen to more intently. Its arrangements are more complex and varied. It is also very 'spacey' in places. Although one long 52 minute track, it is full of interest & variation, yet retains the flow of Michael's other relaxing CD's and is still a composition one can drift off to.

Colours of the Cosmos
The Nebulae

Music Inspired by the Heavens!

Nebulae are great expanses of gas & dust that are often the birth place of Stars. The colours & visual effect of nebulae are so striking and beautiful that one could easily believe there is a 'cosmic artist' at work.

Colours Of the Cosmos represent the feeling of floating free through the expanses of the these 'nebulous' colours. It is truly a journey into relaxation and dreaming beyond the time and space of our day to day life.

Star Islands
The Galaxies

Outerspace Music for Innerspace Calm

Travel 'beyond' with the music of the Galaxies.
The Star Islands CD contains what is quite possibly the best ambient compositions Michael has ever produced.

Huge & powerful, the galaxies are great star making oasis's. This music reminds us of our own Milky Way galaxy and those way beyond, and in doing so connects us to the far reaches of the Universe where activity is abound just like it is at home.

Can be used for meditation, relaxation or quiet contemplation.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful CD. We played it at our recent class with amazing effect. It sent chills down my spine. .....Magical.....What beautiful music!!!!"
Earl Cook, Laser Solutions, USA


Heavenly Spheres
The Planets

A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of the satellites of our Solar System.

The Planets CD offers relaxing & warming music that connects us with our nearest neighbours. Each track is both soothing and interesting in texture.

A recent release that is hailed as Michael's best ever CD.

Can be used for relaxation or background listening.

"The Planets CD is absolutely magnificent! This is more than music, it is 'art', that is beyond words. Truly sublime and divine. I have been playing it every day, even at work and has an amazing calming effect." Rod Bruten VIC

"Purity, serene spaciousness and peace are just some of the words to describe The Planets CD, Michael's best yet"
Kizzy Jach, Massage Therapist


Morning Light
The Sun

A meditative and relaxing journey into the inner energies of our nearest star.

Subtitled 'The Sun', Morning Light is dedicated to the power and magnificence of our Sun. It is celebration of it's gift of life and a prayer devoted to those first rays that greet us each morning.

Morning Light can be used to greet the new day with joy & thanks, or to prepare for the coming day as you go to sleep. It can also be used for relaxation & meditation during those quiet spaces between the hustle & bustle of daily life.

"I have to say I found Morning Light absolutely beautiful. Music comes and goes, but each time I revisit yours it continues to have depth and emotion like no other" Peter Butlin ENGLAND

"Thank you for your Morning Light CD. It is being enjoyed and appreciated. My colleagues love it too" Celestina Hogerheyde QLD



Goodbye Earth, Hello Cosmos CD
September 2011 Release

A Musical Journey into Space and Beyond
by James and Michael Wild

Goodbye Earth, Hello Cosmos is an album of cosmic fascination and discovery - a kaleidoscope of creative musical spirit. Michael Wild’s ambient, ethereal compositions mixed with the cruising percussion from brother James, gives these tracks a chillout feel that is fresh, unworldly, rich and resplendent.

Simply hop in your spaceship, put on the music and take off. You will be rewarded with an inspirational journey from planet earth out into the mysteries of the universe.

Terrific for travelling or just lounging in any cosmic space.

Sample this CD on YouTube:

Track 2: Everybody Here Says Godspeed: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=9-s4zMOU5ek

Track 5: Entering the Nebula:


Dream Journey

Over 70 minutes of floating, dreamy, relaxing music.
For dreaming or just drifting off to.
Contains 2 tracks composed and produced for the ABC.
Dream Journey is a collection of tracks composed between 1987 & 1994 - not found on Michael's other CD's

"Please allow me to thank you for your personal contribution to the relaxation music scene. As a teacher of Meditation I have found many music pieces excellent for relaxation, however it has been your music which has truly filled the criteria of being gentle and tranquil enough to quickly settle clients down to a peaceful state of slow and relaxed breathing."
Beverley McKie, VIC.


Beyond Worlds

Beautiful, flowing music specially designed for deep relaxation, quiet times of reflective thinking, meditation or tai chi. Also very suitable to play while going to sleep. Transports the listener 'beyond'.

"Celestial Music that is so serene you forget you are on Earth"
Ambience Magazine


Star Dreams

Serene, floating music for deep relaxation, meditation, massage and other calming therapies.

"Michael is a master of creating 'free flowing' ambient music. He has produced some of the finest contemparary relaxation music in the world."
Mindscapes - 3CCC-FM


Celestial Sounds

Experience this beautiful, flowing, ethereal music combined with the gentle sounds of nature - forest birds, nightfrogs, ocean waves and trickling streams throughout

"Michael's music is the most beautiful, healing music I have ever experienced. It touches the essence of one's feelings, of one's being - where no words can explain."
Cathy Bayliss - Total Transformations