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Ohm Sound Healing Products
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OHM Sound
Healing Tuning Forks
The Ohm Tuning Forks are manuafactured to the sound frequency of the Universal Ohm (Om or Aum) vibration and overtones. The body with its natural intelligence is able to assimilate and resonate with the Ohm vibrations and utilise its healing properties for balance and re-connection.
NOTE: There are six different Ohm Sound Healing Tuning Forks. The classic or main Ohm
resonance fork is the Mid Ohm Fork of 136.10 Hz frequency. The other 5 forks are higher or lower octaves either side of the Mid Ohm.
The Ohm Vibration

Historically Ohm is considered a Universal source tone that is both sacred and healing, and has been used for thousands of years by cultures throughout the world. The sound vibration of Ohm is restful and has a calming and healing effect as it grounds and centers. Because Ohm is omnipresent in nature and is the tone of the Earth, it is intrinsically soothing, centering & healing. Considered the primordial sound from which all other sounds emanate, the Ohm tone is an excellent place to begin for those interested in Sound Healing, and is the chosen tone used by many seasoned Sound Healers.

The Ohm Tuning Forks

The quality standards of the Ohm Tuning Forks are very high and are made with a space & medical grade aluminum alloy and are precision tuned to within 0.5% of their indicated frequency. The Ohm Tuning Forks will not go out of tune, and hold the vibration well after being activated.

There are six Ohm Tuning Forks (five octaves of Ohm) in the following range: The Mid-Ohm is the classic Ohm frequency, and is 136.1 hz. The Low-Ohm is a lower octave, it measures 68.05 hz, and the Osteo Ohm measures 34 hz. The High Ohm Tuning Forks are higher octaves of Ohm, respectively 272.2 hz and 544.4 hz. The highest frequency offered is the Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork at 1088.8 hz. The hertz measurement, otherwise known as cycles per second, is the numerical representation of the vibrational tone of Ohm.

The Guiding Principle

The healing power of sound through the Ohm Tuning Forks is based on the clinical experience and research of Marjorie de Muynck, a pioneering innovator in the field of Sound Healing. OHM THERAPEUTICS is a basic yet comprehensive sound healing system featuring the universally recognized vibrational frequency of Ohm and its overtones. To resonate with Ohm is to unite with the life-supporting energy of the Earth. Through sympathetic resonance, we begin to sync and entrain with natural cycles. Aligning with these earth rhythms enables us to find balance.
The application of sound vibration to the physical and subtle body opens the energetic pathways where the Qi or natural life force flows.

Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks

A Practical Application Manual & DVD.
112 pages; 26 minutes

The Manual features:
• A treatise and exploration on the healing aspects of vibration, sound & music. • A Sound Healing system utilizing Ohm Tuning Forks & music in the “key” of Ohm.
• 25 illustrated treatment protocols for Treating Others and Self Treatment.
• With additional illustrations and photos. • Introducing the Osteo-Ohm Tuning Fork.

The DVD demonstrates:
• Tuning Fork Technique • Pace of Application and Body Mechanics • Tuning Fork Application Methods (for the physical & energetic body) • 20 Protocols for Treating Others including fascinating & important corrections.

CD Tuning Fork Package

Experience the sensation of Ohm ... While listening to the music on this CD, experience feeling the Ohm Tuning Fork as it works like an antenna, pleasantly drawing the music into your physical body, and tuning your body to the vibration of Ohm ... The music on the CD and the Mid Ohm Tuning Fork together produce a beautiful "stereo effect." Simple instructions for use are included in this package.


Round Tuning Fork Activator

Use Activator as a surface to gently strike the weighted end of Tuning Fork to "activate" vibration. Rubber Activator is tapered to the bottom is wider for stability. Activating Tuning Forks on the body is not recommended, as injury can occur. This Activator works well with all Tuning Forks, weighted, as well as unweighted.

Practitioner Activator

Designed for professional use, the Practitioner Activator can be comfortably worn on the leg for activating tuning forks.

Mallet Activator

Wool Mallet with lightweight birch handle is beautiful, well made, and is an ideal size and weight for use with the Ohm Crystal and Ohm Singing Bowls. The Mallet is also highly recommended for activating the Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork




Tuning Fork Instructional Chart

The Tuning Fork Chart demonstrates 14 useful applications for Self-Treatment and the Treatment of Others using Ohm Tuning Forks. Laminated Folding Chart: 28cm x 43cm (11" x 17"). Photographs shows where Ohm Tuning Forks can be placed on the body and explains why each placement is beneficial. By following each of the listening and body placement recommendations shown, one can experience a comprehensive energetic body treatment.


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The Mid OHM Tuning Fork

The Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork is 136.10 Hz frequency, and in being middle range is widely considered the classic Ohm frequency. The sound vibration of Ohm is relaxing and energizing. Resonating with Ohm can enhance breathing, relieve body tension, assist in meditation and pain management, and help facilitate yoga poses. The sound wave created by the Ohm Tuning Fork works like kinetic energy to move disharmony and tension from the body while restoring a sense of well-being. Two Mid-Ohm Tuning Forks can be used together to produce a wonderful Ohm resonance, and to double the healing power when placed on the body (also see Mid Ohm Set & Mid Ohm Kit)

Mid Ohm Tuning Fork Kit

The Mid Ohm KIT package includes Ohm Tuning Fork (as described above) plus Activator, as well as a booklet containing an Overview of Sound Healing, and Simple Instructions for Use.



Mid Ohm Set

This package includes two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks and Instructions for use. Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks enhances many treatment modalities and is especially effective when applied to acupuncture points on the body's meridian system. Ohm Tuning Forks access and nourish the Qi, also known as prana, bio-energy or life force, flowing through the physical and energetic body. The Mid Ohm Set is recommended for working distally and bilaterally on the body (such as bilateral acu points), and for doubling the healing resonance.
Two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks are considered the foundation tools in the Ohm Therapeutics system. The sound wave created by Ohm Tuning Forks works like kinetic energy, moving disharmony and tension from your body, while restoring a sense of well-being. Use Ohm Tuning Forks on tight muscles, joints, tendons, bones and tissue, and on reflex, trigger and acupuncture points.
Acupuncturists will find that Ohm Tuning Forks are an excellent choice for needle sensitive patients and children, and work well in conjunction with traditional needling techniques.


Save & purchase a the range of the Ohm Sound Healing Tuning Forks as larger sets:

Basic Set
* All 6 Ohm Tuning Forks. *Round Activator *Book & DVD Set:

Complete Set
*All 6 Ohm Forks plus extra Mid Ohm Fork for bilateral treatment *All 3 Activators. *Book & DVD set *There’s No Place Like Ohm Vol 1 CD. *Ohm Treatment Chart:

Music CD’s

Vibrational Healing Music CD

The vibrational rate or frequency at which every life form resonates is what gives it its own unique personality. Composer Marjorie de Muynck (pronounced 'de Monk') organically combines ambient sounds of the Earth from a surprising array of sources, from the lovely syncopated rhythms of crickets and cicadas to the warm and prolific drone of honeybees.
As our planet orbits the sun, a measurable vibration known as the Ohm (Om) frequency permeates every living organism. On Vibrational Healing Music, Marjorie offers you a therapeutic healing journey in her signature tuning of Ohm, known for its ability to soothe, balance, and rejuvenate.

In The Key of Earth CD

In the Key of Earth is a celebration of our planet as a living organism, with its pulse, breath, rhythms and cycles – resplendent and musical. In this ambient recording, Marjorie bends and reinvents the boundaries between sound and music through seldom heard harmonics created with acoustic instruments. Ohm is the fundamental tone upon which all effects are built, chosen because Earth is our fundamental place of life. Featured instruments include bass, baritone saxophone, Native American flute, Brazilian berimbau, vocals, Ohm Crystal Bowl and four octaves of Ohm Tuning Forks.

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 1 CD

Listening to "There's No Place Like Ohm" is Musical Medicine; it is immediately relaxing, a beautiful Sound Odyssey that allows you to resonate and journey with the Om tone like never before. Many chant the Om mantra, however, this CD was created without human voice, in the Musical Key of Ohm (OM), and focuses instead on the voices heard in nature through wind instruments and animals sounding. Listen to the heralding of the Armenian duduk, the haunting voice of the didgeridoo, the whisper of the Native American Flute, the whale's song.

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2 CD

In the midst of her own holistic and natural healing journey from cancer, Marjorie musically explores the restorative power of Ohm (OM), an earth tone, and the beautiful & healing effects of animal sounds. As a subtly textured wave of sound, the Ohm drone carries and lifts each featured instrument. This beautiful interweaving of natural and animal sounds creates an unhurried dialogue between wind and string instruments, and the earth sounds that inspired their voice.


Low Ohm Tuning Fork

The Low-Ohm Tuning Fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality with lovely overtones when activated, and is an excellent choice for working on the body, especially the lower body, as it is particularly grounding. Use alone or with the Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork to create an Ohm Octave, a beautiful healing music interval (see Ohm Octave Set below)




Ohm Octave Set

The Ohm Octave is a beautiful and healing musical interval, connecting us with the Earth, and furthering our understanding of Ohm. This set consists of the Mid-Ohm (136.1 Hz) and the Low-Ohm (68.05 Hz) Tuning Forks (both above), Activator, overview of Sound Healing, plus information about Octaves, Overtones and an Instructional Booklet.

These forks can be used:
* To help clear blockages and move stagnant energy.
* On tight muscles, bones, tissue, acupressure and reflex points for a healing and relaxing experience.
* While stretching or doing yoga to help enhance and deepen your pose.
* Therapeutically as a listening experience and by applying them to your body.
Because the Ohm tone is calming and grounding, the Ohm Tuning Forks are also suitable tools to use while meditating.


High Ohm Tuning Fork Set

The High Ohm Tuning Fork Set is ideal for use in the energetic field around the body. They are also recommended to help clear the energy of a particular space or room, making them ideal tools for home and professional use. Use the High Ohm Tuning Forks in your treatments or yoga session, and while relaxing. Package includes two High Frequency Ohm Tuning Forks (272.2 Hz & 544.4 Hz), plus information about the Rolling Technique, the Feng-Shui of Sound, and simple instructions for use.


Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork Kit

The Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork is an excellent sound tool for balancing the energetic fields or Chakras of your body, and for clearing Crystals. Package includes Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork (1088.8 Hz), Activator, and Instructions for Use.


Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork

Recent research indicates that low sound frequency enhances bone density in animals and humans. The results show that frequencies which lie between 25-150 hz have been instrumental in healing muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments, and helpful in relieving pain. In fact, researchers found that application of vibrational frequencies in this range helped to relieve pain in over 80 % of the participants with both acute and chronic pain. Ohm Therapeutics includes three Ohm frequencies within this range: the Mid Ohm, the Low Ohm, and the Osteo Ohm.
An exciting part of this research comes from studying the vibration of purring cats. Dr. Clinton Rubin researched and discovered that frequencies between 25 – 50 hz can increase bone density by as much as 20 %. The application of this frequency can heal broken bones and encourages bone regeneration.
The Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork (34 Hz) can be activated on a table top or practitioner activator. However, because of its length, we recommend using a Mallet to strike the weighted end to activate. Activating the Osteo Ohm with a Mallet provides a strong and clear sustain (see mallet next page).
Use Osteo Ohm Tuning Fork on the vertebrae of the spine and on the joints of the body to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and increase bone density.


Luna Tuning Fork Set

Our bodies are primarily water and are naturally responsive to lunar influences. Because of this relationship, the Mid and Low Luna 5th are excellent choices for treating conditions of fluid retention, sinus and lung congestion, arthritis and chronic joint pain, dispersing obstruction and stasis, freeing the Qi and activating the body's central energetic pathways.

Package includes Mid Luna Tuning Fork (210.42 hz), Low Luna Tuning Fork (105.21 hz), Instructions for Use.