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Kinesiology Supplies & other Inspirational Products for Wellbeing & Life Enhancement

Welcome to the Equilibrium Catalogue of Kinesiology Materials and other products for wellbeing and personal development.

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At any time feel free to request that a printed catalogue of Kinesiology Materials
be sent (in the post) to you. Email us at
info@kinesiologyshop.com with your address details. Or phone 03 9578 1229 (Australia Only).

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  • Intro Kinesiology: Books on Kinesiology for the public, for simple use in the home, for the beginning student.
  • General Kinesiology: Intermediate and more advanced books on Kinesiology.
  • Edu-K Materials: Materials relating to Edu-K, learning & coordination problems, brain integration etc.
  • Touch For Health, Three In One, Bio-Kinesiology: Materials on these three Kinesiology Modalities respectively.
  • Charts: Laminated Wall & Desks Charts in 4 sections: Page 1: Kinesiology Charts, Page 2: Natural Health Charts, Page 3: Anatomical Charts, Page 4: Anatomical Chart Books
  • Other Books: Books on Natural Health, Personal & Spiritual Development
  • Other Products: Page 1: Essences, Page 2: Kinesiology Accessories, Page 3: Testing Kits, Page 4: Sound Healing Tuning Forks, Page 5: Nutritional Medicine Books & DVD's, Page 6: Tri-Vortex Products, Page 7: Music
  • How To Order: Details of how to order by credit card, cheque or bank draft in Australian Dollars. It is recommended that one print a hard copy of this section (2 pages) before browsing the site.

Equilibrium is:

  • A mail order business that has been distributing Kinesiology materials in Australia and overseas for over 25 years. It has one of the largest ranges of kinesiology materials in the world.
  • A shop in Ormond, Melbourne for the past 18 years retailing books & charts in the natural health and personal development area, inspirational gifts, essences & oils, crystals and many other products.
    If visiting Melbourne please feel free to drop in a see one of the world's few broad ranged Kinesiology Shops at:
    523North Rd, Ormond. We are open 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday & 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.
    Call or email us for directions.

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