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NEURO TRAINING (previously Educating Alternatives)

Neuro-Training (NT) is a modality that has grown out of a process of integrating all the principles of other modalities and combining them with Kinesiology based techniques to create a totally new way of dealing with the challenges people meet in their lives. NT is based on a philosophical model - The Model of Universal Principles, as well as a practical working model - The Solution Oriented Neuro-Training Procedure. NT's initial purpose is to help educate through training the nervous system to be able to recuperate in the best possible way from the effects of the past. We call it our Ingenious Regeneration theme.

Our driving force is the need for Awareness, Action and Purpose to achieve any type of success. Our continuing research through the observation of human behaviour shows conclusively that most of our life is lived in 'The Stress Zone' (read 'high negative'). NT attempts to re-educate the person to have better Quantity, Quality, Focus and Purpose of energy in life to bring them into the high positives of life.

The courses are designed to cater for all walks of life. For the Kinesiologist and layperson, we have the systems integration workshops, 'Innate Systems', for establishing greater recuperation at a systemic level. We have the approach of training the individual to help him/herself with the 'Specific Skills' workshops. There is no prerequisite or need to learn kinesiology for these two groups of workshops.

Our Professional Training includes the Certificate of NT which includes a government recognised Cert IV in Kinesiology.

A Diploma of Neuro-Training and will develop in the near future an Advanced Diploma.

Neuro-Training is now being taught in Institutes in Australia, Italy, Norway, Spain and Germany and will soon spread to other countries.

To obtain full detailed descriptions on the Workshops, Presentations, Certificates and Diplomas, simply contact

Neuro-Training. 5 Ross St. Fernhill. NSW. 2519. 02 42844044. or at,


NEURO TRAINING INSTRUCTORS (previously Educating Alternatives)

Jenni Beasley 0416 706 004 Lilydale
Lyndy Saltmarsh
0421 607 948 Rye
Lyndy Saltmarsh 0421 607 948 Richmond
Rhonda Hall - Warragul Kinesiology 03 5623 1685 Warragul
Sue Willis 02 4441 6181 - 0419 100 143 Jervis Bay
Sue Willis 02 9428 3081 Lane Cove
Jenni Beasley 0416 706 004 Lismore
Nilva van Zeyl 0419 629 989 - 02 4869 4541 Moss Vale
Geraldine Gallagher 02 9955 1362, 0419 855 085 Cammeray
Valerie Walters 02 4284 1378 Wollongong
Daniel Koopu 07 5522 1314 - 07 5520 1000 Burleigh Heads
Dana Hookins 08 8270 8045 Flagstaff Hill


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