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The International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) founded by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe, provides students an internationally recognised Diploma course in kinesiology. Accredited colleges download up-to-date teaching materials and student assessment journals from the ICPKP web site,, for the student-centred, outcomes-orientated, competency-based programme.

Its foundation is 10 basic kinesiology units (BKP 101-110) which are VETAB approved Certificate level IV. This is followed by 14 separate areas of integrated learning (see http://icpkp.comSection?Action=View&Section_id=68&Story_id=1248 ) including anatomy and physiology, emotional and spiritual issues (the largest section of the course), integration and instinctual behaviours, joints, adrenals and flexibility, nutrition and exercise, holographic perceptions, pelvic diaphragm and girdle, trigger points, hypertonic muscle release, muscles learned regionally, business, finance and records, essences and metaphysical issues. ICPKP’s 60 unit PKP Certification Programme™ meets the requirements for the NZ Qualifications Authority’s NZ National Diploma in Kinesiology (level 7).

The PKP balancing protocol bring all your skills to your fingertips on over 300 fingermodes and allows the priority balancing issue to show at any given time. This open-ended synthesis enables the practitioner to easily access all other areas of learning. For Accredited Australian Colleges:



Bianca Jewell 0422 259 052 Eltham
Tootsje Kent Frost 03 8555 2787 - 0417 404 385 Cheltenham
Claire Freney - Mills 03 9882 7135 - 0420 968 883 Hawthorn
Kinesiology Connection 03 9819 6835 Hawthorn East
Jenne Burns 03 9796 8148 - 0417 012 975 Narre Warren Nth
Rowena Maine 03 8319 5622 - 0417 306 427 Oakleigh
Katha Jones 02 4648 0505 Oran Park Drive
Gavin Hyde 0411 441 773 Campbelltown
Parijat Wismer 02 6685 7991 Byron Bay
Danny Liddell 07 3261 5436 Brisbane
Susan Koschel 07 4128 4331 Hervey Bay
John Holodnak 08 9535 9195 Mandurah