50 Vials $166
DT2 Apexit root filling sealer
DT3 Bite registration
DT4 Carboxylate liquid
DT5 Carboxylate powder
DT6 Cavalite cavity lining
DT7 Coltosol temporary filling
DT8 Composite filling material
DT9 Core material for crowns
DT10 Cresophene root canal antiseptic
DT11 Crown impression putty
DT12 Dyract compound filling
DT13 Fissure sealant -Biz GMA
DT14 Fluoride varnish
DT15 Fuji II LC filling material
DT16 Glass Ionomer cement for crowns
DT17 I.R.M. temporary filling
DT18 Kalzinol temporary filling
DT19 Ledermix cement steroid and antibiotic
DT20 Lining material for fillings
DT21 Local anaesthetic: citanest with octapressin
DT22 Local anaesthetic: lignospan with adrenalin
DT23 Local anaesthetic: scandonest 3% plain
DT24 Microprime cavity lining
DT25 Mouth wash tablet
DT26 Orange oil
DT27 Periodontal nosode contains bacteria, blood, plaque and toxins from people with gingivitis and periodontal disease
DT28 Polishing paste
DT29 Polishing paste trade name: Minerva
DT30 Prime n bond dentine bonding agent
DT31 Root filling material
DT32 Surface anaesthetic
DT33 Syntac dentine bonding agent
DT34 Temporary cement for fittings
DT35 Temporary dressing material
DT36 Tubliseal root filling sealer
DT37 Zinc oxide liquid for resin
DT38 Zinc phosphate cement for crowns
DT39 GC Fuji Bond LC a commonly used dental bonding material
DT40 GC Fuji IX GP a composite resin used in place of amalgam
DT41 Tetric Cream a composite resin used in place of amalgam
DT42 Belle Glass used for inlays, onlays and crowns
DT43 Cercon core material for crowns and bridges
DT44 Cercon S porcelain that goes on top of DT 42
DT45 Cerpress ceramic crown material without metal, also used in inlays
DT46 Duceram Plus porcelain for crowns
DT47 Herculite filling material which is very strong and used for back teeth
DT48 Maxi Bond Metal precious metal alloy which goes under porcelain crowns
DT49 Presciano crown material, contains gold but no other metals
DT50 Solo Bond adhesive for fillings