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Code Component Type Source Origin Function
DE1 Carboxypeptidase enzyme cow pancreas peptides into other peptides and amino acids (protein digestion)
DE2 Chymotrypsin enzyme cow pancreas protein into peptides (protein digestion)
DE3 Deoxyribonuclease enzyme cow pancreas & small intestine converts deoxyribonucleic acid nucleotides(DNA) into pentoses and nitrogenous bases
DE4 Enterokinase enzyme pig small intestine converts inactive trypsinogen into active trypsin in small intestine (protein digestion)
DE5 Galactosidase / Lactase enzyme cow small intestine converts lactose into glucose and galactose
DE6 Lipase enzyme human small intestine converts fat into fatty acids and glycerol (fat digestion)
DE7 Lysozyme enzyme chicken egg white mouth (saliva), tears and sweat destroys bacteria and so helps prevent tooth decay
DE8 Maltase enzyme bakerís yeast small intestine converts maltose into glucose
DE9 Pepsinogen enzyme pig stomach converted by hydrochloric acid into pepsin (protein digestion)
DE10 Pepsin enzyme pig stomach converts proteins into peptides (protein digestion)
DE11 Peptidase enzyme pig small intestine peptides into amino acids (protein digestion)
DE12 Rennin enzyme calf stomach milk protein into casein which allows pepsin to act on it
DE13 Ribonuclease enzyme cow pancreas & small intestine converts ribonucleic acid (RNA) into pentoses and nitrogeous bases
DE14 Salivary Amylase / Ptyalin enzyme human mouth polysaccharides into maltose (disaccharide) (carbohydrate digestion)
DE15 Sucrase enzyme bacteria small intestine sucrose into glucose and fructose
DE16 Trypsin enzyme pig pancreas protein into peptides; activates procarboxypeptidase into carboxypeptidase (protein digestion)