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Code Component Non-Food Sources Possible Deficiency Effects PossibleToxic Effects
EL1 Actinium
EL2 Aluminium² aluminium cooking pans; aluminium foil; table salt & baking powder; aluminium cans; antacids; bleached flour; mains water treatment (aluminium sulphate); some food additives; deodorants; acid rain leaches aluminium out of the soil and into the ground water contact dermatitis; skeletal demineralisation; slow learning; interference with calcium and phosphorus metabolism
EL3 Antimony solders; compunds used in matches
EL4 Americum
EL5 Argentum Met / Silver dental amalgam; jewellery; E174; electrical components; silver compounds used in photography argyria (blue-grey/ashen grey darkening of the eyes, nose, throat, skin and nasal septum), kidney damage
EL6 Argon
EL7 Arsenicum Metallicum / Arsenic wood preservative; pesticide; drinking water in areas where arsenic deposits oedema of face and eyelids; generalised itching; sore mouth; inflammation of the eyes and nasal membranes; loss of appetite; nausea; vomiting; diarrhoea; dry skin; loss of hair and nails; carcinogenic
EL8 Astatine
EL9 Aurum Met / Gold dental work; jewellery; gold salts for treating rheumatoid arthritis mouth ulceration; itching; eczema; seborrheic dermatitis; alopecia; inflamed gums; gastritis; colititis; blood abnormalities; kidney damage (from the effect of gold salts)
EL10 Barium vomiting; colic; diarrhoea; slow irregular pulse; high blood pressure; convulsive tremors; muscular paralysis
EL11 Berkelium
EL12 Beryllium Metallicum light structural material; beryllium oxide is used in ceramics reduces stores of magnesium; reduces organ function; shortness of breath; coughing; lung inflammation; tinnitus; alcoholism
EL13 Bismuthum Metallicum / Bismuth peptic ulcer treatment; suppositories for haemorrhoids deterioration of mental ability; confusion; tremor; impaired co-ordination
EL14 Boron enamel and glass; light weight components arthritis
EL15 Bromium / Bromine fatigue; weakness; irritability; disturbed sleep; slow mental processes; poor memory
EL16 Cadmium cigarette fumes; galvanised iron; pesticides; plastics; fertilisers; tyres; plating; component in alloys and solders; PVC stabiliser, pigments, paints, pottery anaemia; kidney damage; probably carcinogenic; high blood pressure; lung damage; atherosclerosis; leg pain in children & adults; arthritis; Alzheimer’s
EL17 Calcarea Met / Calcium preparation of other metals; calcium oxide important in chemical industry reduction in peak bone mass; increased risk of osteoporosis in later life; nerve sensitivity; insomnia; chronic depression; synthesis and release of neurotransmitters depressed nerve function, drowsiness, extreme lethargy, calcium deposits, kidney stones
EL18 Californium
EL19 Carbon
EL20 Cerium
EL21 Cesium
EL22 Chlorinum / Chlorine manufacture of chemicals, plastics, paper, purification of water and sewage
EL23 Chromium² dental work; metal plating & anodising aluminium ; stainless steel; leather tanning; paints; dyes; explosives diabetes; hypoglycaemia; alcohol intolerance;irritability; weakness lung disease
EL24 Cobaltum Met / Cobalt dental work; alloys; cobalt compounds used in paints and varnishes anaemia goitre; hypothyroidism; heart failure; tremors; polycythemia
EL25 Cuprum Met  / Copper copper water pipes (particularly in soft water areas); some medicines; pesticides; fungicides; blood copper levels raised by the contraceptive pill; brake linings; wiring; some contraceptive devices; dental amalgam; coins rheumatoid arthritis; cardiovascular disease; impaired immune system; affects bone & blood formation in infants; possible role in cardiovascular disease; rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid arthritis; cardiovascular disease; gastrointestinal irritation(similar to deficiency signs)schizophrenia; cancer
EL26 Curium
EL27 Dysprosium
EL28 Einsteinum
EL29 Erbium
EL30 Europium
EL31 Fermium
EL32 Ferrum Metallicum / Iron metal for building; steel, toner for photocopiers and printers anaemia; fatigue; cracking at corner of mouth; recurrent mouth ulcers; sore tongue; poor hair growth; brittle nails; generalised itching abdominal pain; arthritis; loss of libido; damage to liver, heart and pancreas; people with certain neuro-degenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease and dementia show excessive accumulation of iron in the brain
EL33 Fluorine
EL34 Francium
EL35 Gadolinum
EL36 Gallium radionuclide scanning for malignant diseases
EL37 Germanium
EL38 Hafnium
EL39 Helium
EL40 Holmium
EL41 Hydrogen
EL42 Indium
EL43 Iodum / Iodine antiseptic goitre, reduced growth salivation, sneezing, conjunctivitis, headaches, laryngitis, bronchitis, skin rashes; low sperm count
EL44 Iridium
EL45 Krypton
EL46 Lanthanum
EL47 Lawrencium
EL48 Lithium
EL49 Lutetium
EL50 Magnesium alloys; batteries; glass; ceramics; fillers; flocculating agents; magnesium sulphate used in sugar refining muscle dysfunction; irritability & tension; fatigue; PMS; apathy muscle weakness; fatigue; sleepiness; hyper-excitabilty
EL51 Manganum / Manganese textile bleaching, glass manufacture, fertilisers, compounds used in unleaded petrol and pesticides, pottery glazes joint pains; dizziness; schizophrenia lethargy; involuntary movements; impairment of voluntary movements; changes in muscle tone
EL52 Mendelevium
EL53 Mercurius Vivus / Mercury dental amalgam; pesticides; fungicides; emissions from coal-burning power stations, contaminated fish, vaccines tremor; muscle instability; sensory disturbances; gastrointestinal symptoms; dermatitis; liver and kidney damage; anaemia; mental deterioration; blue line on gums; arthritis; MS; Alzheimer’s; cancer
EL54 Molybdenum compounds used in lubricants irritability; irregular heart beat; dental caries; male sexual impotence; cancer of the oesophagus, works as an antioxidant gout; increased urinary excretion of copper
EL55 Neodymium
EL56 Neon
EL57 Neptunium
EL58 Niccolum Met / Nickel stainless steel; water boiled in a kettle with an element; clasps; jewellery; spectacles; buckles; keys; coins; diesel fumes; can be in flour as a result of milling; a catalyst for hydrogenating vegetable oils may activate certain enzymes and play a role in stabilizing chromosomal material in cell nuclei, but at the moment no known diseases are associated with a nickel deficiency may be a factor in lung cancer; frontal headaches; vertigo; nausea; vomiting; chest pain; cough. Dermatitis from skin contact with nickel in sensitive people; prostate problems; carcinogenic
EL59 Niobium
EL60 Nitrogen
EL61 Nobelium
EL62 Osmium
EL63 Oxygen
EL64 Palladium² road dust from catalytic converters; dental work; electrical components
EL65 Phosphorus² food additives, dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, nuts debility; loss of appetite; weakness; bone pain; tingling sensations; tremor; irritability prevents absorption of iron, calcium, magnesium & zinc; diarrhoea; calcification of soft tissues
EL66 Platinum road dust from catalytic converters; high quality glassware compounds have anti-tumour activity
EL67 Plumbum Met / Lead leaded petrol fumes; old water pipes; leaded paint; lead plumbing; solder; improperly glazed pottery; cigarette ash; pewter; lead crystal ware loss of appetite; constipation; headache; weakness; blue or black line on gums; anaemia; irritability; vomiting; poor co-ordination; unsteady gait; visual disturbances; delirium; paralysis; kidney failure; mainly deposited in bones and teeth; leg pain in children; arthritis; tinnitus; seizures; schizophrenia; autism; cancer
EL68 Plutonium
EL69 Polonium
EL70 Potassium
EL71 Praseodymium
EL72 Promethium
EL73 Protactinum
EL74 Radium
EL75 Radon
EL76 Rhodium road dust from catalytic converters
EL77 Rhenium
EL78 Rubidium
EL79 Ruthenium
EL80 Samarium
EL81 Scandium
EL82 Selenium anti-dandruff shampoos; steel and glass additive possible links with some forms of cancer & development of coronary heart disease; premature ageing hair loss, nail changes and loss, fatigue, irritability, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, joint inflammation, “garlic breath”, dental caries; skin depigmentation; irritability
EL83 Silicon / Silica granite dust
EL84 Sodium muscle cramps; fatigue; nausea hypertension; fluid retention
EL85 Stannum Met / Tin dental amalgam; canning; solder in iron & copper pipes; compounds used in fungicides and glass coatings nausea; colic; headache; weakness; fever; muscle pain; joint pain; tinnitus
EL86 Strontium
EL87 Sulphur wood pulping, rubber vulcanisation, products for treating acne, dandruff, psoriasis etc., fungicide skin & hair problems
EL88 Tantalum Metallicum
EL89 Technetium
EL90 Tellurium
EL91 Terbium
EL92 Thallium Metallicum byproduct of zinc & lead production; optical lenses; jewellery; dyes; pigments; catalyst in organic synthesis; recreational drug contaminant polyneuritis; fatigue; weight loss; possibly reduced immunity; leg pain in adults; arthritis; MS; Alzheimer’s; pepolyneuritis; fatigue; weight loss; possibly reduced immunity; leg pain in adults; arthritis; MS; Alzheimer’s; people in wheelchairs
EL93 Thorium
EL94 Thulium
EL95 Titanium Metallicum dental work; surgical metal in hips etc.; jewellery; E171, mascara seizures
EL96 Tungsten
EL97 Uranium
EL98 Vanadium catalytic converters; chemical catalyst sugar cravings, inability to lose weight manic depression
EL99 Xenon
EL100 Ytterbium
EL101 Yttrium
EL102 Zincum Met / Zinc galvanised iron; brass; solder; die-casting; tyres; zinc oxide is used in paints, rubber, textiles and plastics persistent leg ulcers & pressure sores; red, greasy skin on face; skin problems, poor hair growth; dandruff; night blindness; brittle nails; white spots on nails impaired copper & iron absorption; gastro-intestinal disturbances; mask-like fixed expression; difficulty in walking; slurred speech; hand tremor; involuntary laughter
EL103 Zirconium