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Code Component E Number Function Typical Products Comments Code Component E Number Function Typical Products Comments
FE1 Tartrazine / FD & C Yellow No 5 / Food Yellow 4 / CI 19140 E102 colour soft drinks, ice cream, confectionery, fish fingers, cakes, biscuits prohibited in Norway and Austria FE32 Caffeine soft drinks, sports drinks, tea, coffee, cola drinks, pain relief drugs, tonics
FE2 Quinoline Yellow / Food Yellow 13 / CI 470005 E104 colour confectionery, soft drinks prohibited in Norway, USA, Australia and Japan FE33 Dimethyl Dicarbonate soft drinks
FE3 Sunset Yellow / Orange Yellow 5 / FD & C Yellow No. 6 / Food Yellow 3 / CI 15985 E110 colour confectionery, yoghurts, packet bread crumbs, jam prohibited in Norway, Sweden and Finland FE34 Lactose cows milk, goats milk, sheep’s milk, packet sauce, chocolate, antacid preparations in milk of all animals; some people are lactose intolerant
FE4 Carmosine / Azorubine / Food Red 3 / CI 14720 E122 colour confectionery, yoghurts, ices prohibited in Norway, Sweden, USA and Japan FE35 Vanillin flavour chocolate, cakes, desserts, yoghurt, perfume from coniferyl alcohol
FE5 Amaranth / FD & C Red 2 / Food Red 9 / CI 16185 E123 colour confectionery prohibited in Norway and USA; restricted use in France and Italy FE36 Wood Distillate flavour smoke flavour foods
FE6 Ponceau 4R / Cochineal Red / Food Red 7 / CI 16255 E124 colour confectionery prohibited in Norway and USA FE37 Curcumin E100 colour ice cream, confectionery, margarine from turmeric using methanol, hexane and acetone
FE7 Erythrosine / FD & C Red 3 / Food Red 14 / CI 45430 E127 colour glacé cherries, custard mix, tinned meat prohibited in Norway and USA FE38 Titanium Dioxide / Pigment White 6 / CI 77891 E171 colour confectionery, toothpaste, sunscreen, gelatine capsules for nutritional supplements, lipstick, foundation, mascara, paint pigment, printing ink, filler for paper and plastics
FE8 Red 2G E128 colour sausages, jams prohibited in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Australia FE39 Sodium Hydrogen Sulphite E222 preservative instant potato
FE9 Patent Blue V / Food Blue 5 / CI 42051 E131 colour scotch eggs FE40 Sodium Nitrite E250 preservative tinned meat products Also dyestuffs and corrosion inhibitor in industry
FE10 Indigo Carmine / Indigotine / FD & C Blue No 2 / Food Blue 1 / CI 73015 E132 colour confectionery prohibited in Norway FE41 Acetic Acid E260 acidity regulator chutney, cakes, cough tincture, rheumatic liniment, antiseptic skin applications, wart and corn ointment, fumes from silicone sealants curing occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues and is involved in fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism
FE11 Brilliant Blue FCF / FD & C Blue No 1 / CI 42090 E133 colour confectionery, tinned processed peas prohibited in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Germany FE42 Lactic Acid E270 acidulant meat extracts, pickled onions, margarine, cheese & onion roll, cleansing lotion, toning lotion, eye gel, shampoo, pre-shave lotion, vaginal douches, wart treatments, sports drinks, a chemical intermediate, in textile finishing and in leather tanning, manufacture of a bread additive occurs naturally in muscles during periods of physical exertion
FE12 Green S / Acid Brilliant Green BS / Lissamine Green / Food Green 4 / CI 44090 E142 colour confectionery, tinned peas, packet bread crumbs, mint jelly prohibited in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Canada and USA FE43 Ascorbic Acid / E300 antioxidant instant potato, soft drinks, mustard, bread usually chemically synthesized using glucose as the starting point
FE13 Black PN / Brilliant Black BN / Food Black 1 / CI 28440 E151 colour black currant cheese cake, brown sauce, chocolate mousse prohibited in Norway, Finland, Japan, Canada and USA Vitamin C
FE14 Brown FK / Chocolate Brown FK / E154 colour kippers, smoked mackerel, crisps, cooked ham prohibited in Austria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Holland FE44 Lecithin E322 antioxidant / emusifier cakes, confectionery, gravy granules, cakes, margarine, cereal bars, instant powdered products from eggs, vegetables and soya
FE15 Brown HT / Chocolate Brown HT / CI 20285 E155 colour chocolate flavour cakes prohibited in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Australia FE45 Phosphoric Acid E338 acidulant soft drinks, rust remover
FE16 Beta-Carotene E160a colour tinned soup, soft drinks, salad cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, margarine laboratory manufactured or extracted from carrots using hexane FE46 Alginic Acid E400 stabiliser ice cream, cheese, milk shakes, salad dressings, coating for fish and meat, stabilise fruit juice and foam on beer, medicines, dressing on textiles from seaweed
FE17 Potassium Sorbate E202 preservative soft drinks, cakes, ready prepared sandwiches, wine FE47 Sodium Alginate E401 stabiliser cakes, ice cream, cereal bars, stabilise fruit juice and foam on beer
FE18 Benzoic Acid E210 preservative jam, beer, salad cream, margarine, manufacture of sodium benzoate, alkyd resins, plasticizers, dyestuffs pharmaceuticals can temporarily inhibit function of digestive enzymes; may deplete glycine levels FE48 Carrageenan / Carrageen / Irish Moss E407 stabiliser salad dressings, ice cream, cakes, toothpaste, shaving cream
FE19 Sodium Benzoate E211 preservative soft drinks, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, body wash, shampoo, mouth wash FE49 Locust Bean Gum / Carob Gum E410 stabiliser ice cream, soft cheese, sausages
FE20 Sodium Metabisulphate E223 preservative lemon juice, pickles, orange squash, carton salad, alcohol, home brewing and wine making FE50 Guar Gum / Jaguar Gum / Guar Flour E412 ice cream, salad cream, mayonnaise, milk shakes
FE21 Malic Acid 296 preservative soft drinks, cereal bars, fruit pie fillings present naturally in fruit and vegetables FE51 Gum Acacia / Acacia Gum / Gum Arabic E414 stabiliser soft drinks, emulsifying and suspending agent in drugs, manufacture of plasters, as an adhesive from acacia tree
FE22 Butylated Hydroxyanisole / BHA E320 antioxidant confectionery, stock cubes, mayonnaise, mascara not permitted in food intended for young children in UK FE52 Xanthan Gum / Corn Sugar Gum E415 stabiliser soft drinks, mustard, salad dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, confectionery, hot chocolate drinks, cereal bars, moisturiser, cleansing lotion, foundation, toothpaste
FE23 Butylated Hydroxytoluene / BHT E321 antioxidant body wash, face wash cream, perfume, blusher, mascara, shaving cream, after shave not permitted in food intended for young children in UK FE53 Sorbitol / Sorbitol Syrup E412 (i) sweetener medicinal syrups and cough mixtures, low-calorie foods, toothpaste, manufacture of ascorbic acid, various surface active agents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, adhesives, polyurethane foams, etc naturally present in rowan berries
FE24 Citric Acid E330 acidity regulator soft drinks, instant potato, jams, jellies, mustard, confectionery, yoghurt, cereal bars, cheese & onion rolls, hair conditioner, shampoo, body wash, baby bath, cleanser, foundation, after shave, cough mixtures, cough lozenges, descaling cleaners naturally in citrus fruit and other ripe fruit, soft drinks. Manufactured by the action of Aspergillus Niger moulds on sugar FE54 Pectin E440 (a) stabiliser jam, jellies, biscuits, yoghurt, frozen desserts, salad dressings, dental adhesives, diarrhoea preparations, cosmetics from rind of citrus fruits and apples; naturally present in all plants
FE25 Sodium Citrate E331 sequestrant jams, jellies, soft drinks, confectionery, shampoo FE55 Sorbitan Monostearate E491 emulsifier dried yeast, cakes, desserts, liquid tea concentrates
FE26 Tartaric Acid E334 sequestrant cakes, baking powder, jams FE56 Carnauba Wax 903 confectionery, furniture polish and varnish, mascara
FE27 Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose E466 thickener ice cream, cakes, puddings, soft drinks, toothpaste, suspending and dispersing agent in drugs manufactured by treating cellulose from wood pulp with sodium hydroxide and then sodium monochloroacetate
FE28 Sodium Bicarbonate 500 raising agent biscuits, cakes, antacids
FE29 Monosodium Glutamate 621 flavour enhancer processed meat products, gravy powder, stock cubes, tinned soup, packet sauce, crisps prepared from natural or synthetic L-glutamic acid
FE30 Aspartame E951 artificial sweetener fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods
FE31 Saccharin artificial sweetener fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods, pot noodles, toothpaste