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Alternative Name
PH1401 Adenocarcinoma, prostate gland cancer that began in the cells that line the prostate and have glandular properties
PH1402 Adenomatoid tumour, epidydimis a small, circumscribed, benign tumour in the epididymis (tube where sperm mature)
PH1403 Adenomatoid tumour, a small, circumscribed, benign tumour of the spermatic chord (a structures that includes the vas deferens, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, and nerves)
Vas deferens
PH1404 Breast, gynecomastia an excessive development of the male mammary glands, even to the functional state
PH1405 Ductal carcinoma in breast, male a carcinoma derived from epithelium of ducts of the male breast
PH1406 Embryonal carcinoma a malignant neoplasm of the testis, composed of large cells with indistinct cellular borders
PH1407 Epididymis the duct in which sperm undergo maturation
PH1408 Fibroadenoma, prostate gland benign tumour of the prostate gland
PH1409 Hypertrophy, prostate gland enlarged prostate, nodular hyperplasia, prostate gland increase in size of inner zone of prostate; common in men over 50
PH1410 Leydig cell tumour, testis the most common nongerminal tumour of the testis, derived from the leydig cells; rarely malignant
PH1411 Penis the external male reproductive organ, containing a tube called the urethra, which carries semen and urine to the outside of the body
PH1412 Prostate gland a gland just below the bladder.; surrounds part of the urethra, the canal that empties the bladder, and produces a fluid that forms part of semen
PH1413 Prostate, senile a prostate showing deterioration that comes with age
PH1414 Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate gland, usually due to an infection
PH1415 Sarcoma, testicle a connective tissue cancer of the testicle
PH1416 Seminal vesicle glands that help produce semen
PH1478 Seminoma, testis a rapidly dividing cancer of the testicle which is thought to arise from primordial germ line cells while the individual is still an embryo and the testicle has not yet been sexually differentiated from the generic gonad
PH1418 Sperm spermatozoa mature male germ cells that fertilise the ovum
PH1419 Syphilis, gumma, testis late stage of syphilis
PH1420 Teratoma, testis a type of germ cell tumour that may contain several different types of tissue; not all teratomas are malignant
PH1421 Testis testicle the two egg-shaped glands found inside the scrotum that produce sperm and male hormones
PH1422 Testis, atrophic testicle showing signs of lessening of size of cells
PH1423 Testis, inhibition of spermiogenesis (hormone disorder) a reduction in production of sperm as a result of a hormone disorder
PH1424 Tuberculosis, testis and epididymis testis and epididymis showing signs of tubercular changes
PH1425 Vas Deferens deferent canal, deferent duct, spermatic duct, spermiduct, testicular duct, ductus deferens a coiled tube that carries the sperm out of the testes