PH 17: Skin - 26 vials - $92
Alternative Name
Code Name Alternative Name Description
PH1701 Abscess an enclosed collection of pus in tissues, organs, or confined spaces in the body; a sign of infection and is usually swollen and inflamed
PH1702 Basal cell carcinoma rodent ulcer, basaloma most common form of the 3 major skin cancers; arises from the basal cells, small round cells found in the lower part (or base) of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin
PH1703 Chondroid syringoma mixed tumour of skin a benign tumour of the sweat glands
PH1704 Eccrine spiradenoma a benign but usually painful skin tumour composed of two cell types derived from the sweat glands
PH1705 Epithelioma, skin an abnormal skin growth; may be benign or malignant
PH1706 Hair hair consists of dead, keratinised cells bonded together by extracellular proteins
PH1707 Hemangioma, cavernous & capillary a usually benign tumor made up of blood vessels; typically occurs as a purplish or reddish slightly elevated area of skin
PH1708 Herpes, skin skin showing the effect of the herpes virus
PH1709 Hidradenoma, clear cell eccrine acrospiroma, nodular hidradenoma a tumour derived from eccrine sweat glands, composed of glycogen-rich clear cells
PH1710 Insect bite with acanthosis insect bite with an increase in the thickness of one of the cell layers of the skin
PH1711 Kaposi's sarcoma cancer characterised by the abnormal growth of blood vessels that develop into skin lesions
PH1712 Keratoacanthoma a non-cancerous, rapidly growing skin tumor that usually occurs on sun-exposed areas of the skin and that can go away without treatment
PH1713 Lentigo, malignant a malignant small melanotic spot in the skin in which the formation of pigment is unrelated to exposure to sunlight
PH1714 Lichen planus a common skin disease with small, shiny, itchy spots, often accompanied by lesions in the mouth
PH1715 Meissner Corpuscle receptors for discriminating touch, located in the skin, especially the finger tips and palms
PH1716 Melanoma, malignant one of the 3 major forms of skin cancer, and potentially the most serious; a malignant tumour arising from the melanocytic system of the skin
PH1717 Mole, hairy pigmented an area on the skin (usually dark in color) that contains a cluster of melanocytes, with a hair follicle
PH1718 Nevus, blue a small blue or bluish black spot on the skin that is sharply circumscribed, rounded, and flat or slightly raised and is usually benign but often mistaken for a melanoma
PH1719 Papilloma, skin benign skin tumour
PH1720 Scalp with hair skin from the head with hair
PH1721 Sebaceous carcinoma carcinoma of the sebaceous glands, usually occurring as a slow-growing hard yellow nodule on the eyelid
PH1722 Skin, Negroid and Caucasian outermost covering of the body
PH1723 Skin with sweat gland outermost covering of the body with a sweat gland
PH1724 Squamous cell carcinoma one of the 3 major forms of skin cancer affecting the squamous cells (thin, flat cells that look like fish scales)
PH1725 Ulcer, granulating an ulcer forms when the surface cells die and are cast off; here healing tissue with a translucent, red, velvety appearance is present
PH1726 Ulcer, old chronic, healing a long-standing ulcer