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Alternative Name
PH301 Adenocarcinoma, mucinous, stomach cancer arising from glandular tissue in the stomach; the cancer cells produce mucin in significant amounts
PH302 Adenocarcinoma, stomach gastric cancer, gastric carcinoma, stomach cancer cancer arising from glandular tissue in the stomach
PH303 Barrett's disease with severe dysplasia, esophagus a condition in which the cells lining the lower part of the esophagus have changed or been replaced with many abnormal cells that could lead to cancer of the esophagus
PH304 Carcinoma, mucinous, stomach colloid carcinoma of stomach cancer that began in the tissues that line the stomach; the cancer cells secrete conspicuous quantities of mucin
PH305 Carcinoma, small intestine cancer that began in the tissues that line the small intestine
PH306 Celiac disease sprue, coeliac disease an inherited disease where the intestinal lining is inflamed in response to a protein known as gluten
PH307 Crohn's disease, small intestine inflammatory bowel disease, regional enteritis, ileitis; granulomatous ileocolitis inflammation and ulceration and thickening of wall as a result of a chronic autoimmune disease
PH308 Duodenum the first part of the small intestine connecting the stomach and the ileum
PH309 Enterititis, subacute inflammation of the small intestine, with characteristics between acute and chronic
PH310 Esophagus the muscular tube through which food passes from the throat to the stomach
PH311 Esophagus - viral changes and fungus (HIV positive) changes in the tissue of the esophagus brought about by viral and fungal infections in someone who is HIV positive
PH312 Esophagus, middle region eosophagus middle region of the tube connecting the pharynx and the stomach
PH313 Gastritis with helicobacter, stomach inflammation of the stomach with the bacterium helicobacter present
PH314 Gastritis, acute and chronic, stomach inflammation of the stomach, showing both acute and chronic changes
PH315 Gastritis, early hypertrophic inflammation of the stomach, showing early signs of increase in cell size
PH316 Herpes, esophagus the esophagus showing tissue changes as a result of infection with herpes
PH317 Ileum the last part of the small intestine
PH318 Jejunum portion of the small intestine that extends from the duodenum to the ileum
PH319 Leiomyosarcoma, small intestine a tumor of the muscles in the small intestine
PH320 Linitis plastica malignant infiltration of the gastric wall, usually involving the deep layers of the stomach
PH321 Peptic ulcer, chronic gastric ulcer of stomach an ulcer in the wall of the stomach or duodenum resulting from the action of the gastric juice on the mucous membrane
PH322 Polyp, inflamed, stomach an inflamed projecting growth in the stomach, usually benign
PH323 Pyloric sphincter pyloro-duodenal junction the junction between the stomach and the small intestine
PH324 Pylorus Pyloric region the region of the stomach that connects with the duodenum (first part of small intestine)
PH325 Stomach part of the digestive system; helps in the digestion of food by mixing it with digestive juices and churning it into a thin liquid
PH326 Stomach, cardiac region region surrounding the superior opening of the stomach
PH327 Stomach, fundic region the part of the stomach that is furthest away from its opening with the esophagus
PH328 Ulcer with candida, benign, stomach non-malignant ulcer showing presence of candida in stomach
PH329 Ulcer with repair, benign, esophagus non-malignant ulcer showing evidence of repair in esophagus
PH330 Ulcer, tuberculous, small intestine ulcer in stomach caused by tuberculosis
PH331 Ulcer, typhoid, small intestine ulcer in small intestine caused by typhoid