PH 7B: Vertebrae - 34vials - $123
The vertebral column, also known as backbone or spine, is a bony structure found in vertebrates. It is formed from individual bones called vertebrae (singular: vertebra).

In human anatomy, the vertebral column usually consists of 24 articulating vertebrae, and nine fused vertebrae in the sacrum and the coccyx. It is situated in the dorsal aspect of the torso, separated by intervertebral discs. It houses and protects the spinal cord in its spinal canal, and hence is commonly called the spine, or simply backbone.

This kit consists of 34 vials to include the 5th coccygeal vertebra which is occasionally present.

V 01 Cervical Vertebra 1/C1/Atlas

V 02 Cervical Vertebra 2 /C2/Axis

V 03 Cervical Vertebra 3/C3

V 04 Cervical Vertebra 4/C4

V 05 Cervical Vertebra 5/C5

V 06 Cervical Vertebra 6/C6

V 07 Cervical Vertebra 7/C7/Vertebra Prominens

V 08 Thoracic Vertebra 1/T1

V 09 Thoracic Vertebra 2/T2

V 10 Thoracic Vertebra 3/T3

V 11 Thoracic Vertebra 4/T4

V 12 Thoracic Vertebra 5/T5

V 13 Thoracic Vertebra 6/T6

V 14 Thoracic Vertebra 7/T7

V 15 Thoracic Vertebra 8/T8

V 16 Thoracic Vertebra 9/T9

V 17 Thoracic Vertebra 10/T10

V 18 Thoracic Vertebra 11/T11

V 19 Thoracic Vertebra 12/T12

V 20 Lumbar Vertebra 1/L1

V 21 Lumbar Vertebra 2/L2

V 22 Lumbar Vertebra 3/L3

V 23 Lumbar Vertebra 4/L4

V 24 Lumbar Vertebra 5/L5

V 25 Sacral Vertebra 1/S1

V 26 Sacral Vertebra 2 /S2

V 27 Sacral Vertebra 3/S3

V 28 Sacral Vertebra 4/S4

V 29 Sacral Vertebra 5/S5

V 30 Coccygeal Vertebra 1

V 31 Coccygeal Vertebra 2

V 32 Coccygeal Vertebra 3

V 33 Coccygeal Vertebra 4 (occasionally not present)

V 34 Coccygeal Vertebra 5 (very often not present)