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Alternative Name
PH901 Abscess, hemorrhage, cloudy swelling, kidney a localised collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue, with bleeding, swelling and cellular oedema
PH902 Angiomyolipoma hamartoma ( a mass resembling a tumour, but not a true tumour) in the kidney containing fat, muscle, vessels
PH903 Bladder organ in which urine collects before evacuation from the body
PH904 Cirrhosis, kidney chronic interstitial inflammation of the tissues of the kidney
PH905 Clear cell carcinoma, kidney adenocarcinoma of kidney, renal adenocarcinoma, hypernephroid carcinoma, hypernephroma, Grawitz's tumor a rare type of kidney cancer; can spread from the kidney to other organs, most commonly the bone, but also including the lungs, brain, and soft tissues of the body
PH906 Diabetic kidney kidney tissue showing signs of changes brought about by long-term diabetes
PH907 Interstitial cystitis, bladder a bladder condition caused by chronic inflammation leading to difficulties with urination
PH908 Inverted papilloma, bladder transitional cell papilloma, inverted type a benign tumour of the bladder
PH909 Kidney a pair of organs which function to filter the blood and control the level of some chemicals in the blood such as hydrogen, sodium, potassium, and phosphate; they eliminate waste in the form of urine
PH910 Kidney cortex one of the main functional parts of the kidney (outer zone)
PH911 Kidney medulla one of the main functional parts of the kidney (inner zone) containing the renal pyramids
PH912 Kidney, bleeding kidney tissue showing signs of bleeding
PH913 Kidney, cloudy swelling kidney tissue showing signs of cellular oedema
PH914 Kidney, post-hypertensive kidney tissue showing signs resulting from high blood pressure
PH915 Malacoplakia, bladder malakoplakia inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder characterised by the formation of soft granulomatous lesions
PH916 Nephritis, acute acute inflammation of the kidney
PH917 Nephritis, chronic chronic glomerulonephritis chronic inflammation of the kidney
PH918 Nephritis, subacute subacute glomerulonephritis inflammation of the kidney somewhere between acute and chronic
PH919 Papilloma, bladder a benign tumour often resembling a wart arising from cells lining the bladder
PH920 Pyelonephritis, chronic inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis, beginning in the interstitium and rapidly extending to involve the tubules, glomeruli and blood vessels, due to bacterial infection
PH921 Renal artery & vein the main artery and vein of the kidney
PH922 Renal atrophy, hydronephrotic abnormal enlargement of a kidney, which may be caused by blockage of the ureter (such as by a kidney stone) or chronic kidney disease that prevents urine from draining into the bladder
PH923 Renal cell carcinoma the most common form of kidney cancer which occurs when the cells lining the renal tubule undergo cancerous changes
PH924 Renal cortical necrosis, symmetrical dying tissue in the outer portion of the kidney
PH925 Renal failure a slow decline in kidney function over time; chronic renal failure may be caused by a number of disorders which include long-standing hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, lupus or sickle cell anaemia
PH926 Renal infarct, recent bland kidney showing area of recent tissue death due to a local lack of oxygen, but with no sign of infection
PH927 Transitional cell cancer, bladder cancer of the soft cuboidal cells of the bladder; these cells allow the bladder to stretch to collect urine
PH928 Tuberculosis, kidney kidney showing signs of tissue changes due to tuberculosis
PH929 Ureter the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder
PH930 Urethra the tube that carries urine from the bladder and out through the penis
PH931 Venous congestion, kidney overfilling and distention of the veins of the kidney with blood as a result of mechanical obstruction or right ventricular failure
PH932 Venous congestion, chronic, kidney chronic overfilling and distention of the veins of the kidney with blood as a result of mechanical obstruction or right ventricular failure
PH933 Wilm's tumour childhood cancer of the kidney